Environment & Sustainability

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Environment & Sustainability


The Environmental team continued to lead and promote sustainability across the school.They found new ways of promoting environmental initiatives through the curriculum and were able to share many of them on Cahoot.  


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.37.18 am copyThe Micro Garden

The micro-gardeners, led by Mr Mead continued to develop the school garden and increase the range of produce grown.  With updated plant beds and increased output, harvests were sold to the wider school community.  Also, the Year 1 children focused on making the school a greener place and were able to add plants to the garden area.   



Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.36.30 am copyThe Eco-Warriors

The Eco-Warriors worked hard to spread their message by presenting in assemblies and working throughout the school all through the year.  They tried especially hard to reduce the amount of paper and electricity being used, and were also able to help the school raise just over $42,000 to help support the Masarang Foundation.  


Green Week

Green week provided the opportunity for the whole school community to focus on a number of important environmental issues such as our use of power, the plight of the Hainan gibbons as well as the problems generated in the Earth’s oceans by all the plastic we throw away.  A group of Year 6 children also helped to raise funds to purchase a glass recycling bin, so Clearwater Bay now has a fantastic range of recycling resources.