2 Dec 2016

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 2 December 2016

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents

Year 2 Shows and Parent Happenings

Each of our Year 2 classes has now staged their culminating performance for the ‘How we express ourselves’ unit of inquiry which explored how stories communicate culture, ideas and values in different ways. The shows were initially based on the story ‘The Gruffolo’s Child’ but were adapted and changed by each class so that each story and performance was quite different. It was wonderful to see students’ excitement in the days leading up to the performances and then their sense of achievement with the final shows being so successful and so well received by an appreciative audience of parents. Congratulations to the Year 2 Teachers, Education Assistants, Ms Doo (Chinese support), Mr Brodersen (music) and Ms Saunders (arts) for all the hard work in bringing the shows together so successfully.

Year 2A Show


Year 2A parents enjoying the show!


School Sports Days

Our Years 1-3 and Years 4-6 sports days have recently been held at HKUST. Years 1-3 was held on Thursday of last week and Years 4-6 on Wednesday of this week. Both carnivals were very successful. We were very lucky with the weather which turned out to be absolutely perfect after a grey and cloudy start. Students had an enjoyable and active time at each carnival participating in a range of athletic and novelty events. It was great to see so many parents attending to support their child on the day. A big thank you to Mr Andrew Craig our PE teacher for all his work in organising the two events.


Parent Information Night – Bilingualism & How To Help Your Child Become Bilingual.

We held a very interesting and successful parent information night on Monday evening 28 November. Eowyn Chrisfield, who is currently working at the University of Amsterdam gave a presentation on bilingualism and how parents can support their child to become bilingual. Many of our parents who attended were bilingual themselves and certainly want this for the children so the presentation was particularly relevant and informative. Eowyn explored the definition and latest research into bilingualism.  She also discussed and gave some insight about tips and challenges for parents in different language situations who wish to support their children to become bilingual/multilingual. We will make the slides from the presentation available on the parent page on the website shortly.

Christmas Music Concert

We look forward to our annual Christmas Music Concert which is being staged next Tuesday evening starting at 6.30pm. All parents and families are most welcome to attend. Students who are participating in the concert should arrive at 6pm. The concert will be followed at 7.15pm by Christmas drinks/hot chocolate and mince pies provided by the PTA.

End of Term 1

As this is the last newsletter for this term, may I thank all parents for their support and contribution to the school during the course of Term 1. It has been a busy and very successful term with parent support and involvement being a key part of this success.

Best wishes to all families for an enjoyable and restful holiday break over the Christmas/New Year period.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Tuesday 6 December

Christmas Concert 6.30pm-7.15pm

Tuesday 13 December

Last Day of Term 1 – School Closes at 12.00 noon

Monday 2 January

Public Holiday – School Closed

Tuesday 3 January

First Day of School – All Students

Chinese Learning Update

Year 1 Chinese Learning

Starting in Term 2, Year 1 students will be placed into 4 differentiated groups according to their Chinese language ability. During the first two weeks of Term 2, the students will be placed in trial classes to determine which grouping best matches their level of Chinese language. This may change in the first couple of weeks of the term as the Chinese teachers ensure students are placed in the correct class. The selection of students for each group will be based on benchmark assessments for speaking, listening, reading, writing as well as evidence of student learning from Term 1.  We are pleased to say that the standard of Chinese learning continues to grow and this year is no exception. The standard of Chinese learning for Year 1 is very high!  Parents will be notified in week three of Term 2 who their child’s new Chinese teacher will be for the rest of the school year. If you have any questions, please contact Vice Principal Mr. Brendan Kean at brendan.kean@cwbs.edu.hk.

Home learning

To access Chinese home learning for Years 2 – 6, please go to the Cahoot Chinese home page. On that page, parents and students will find a link to each year levels home learning under the year level tab (see below). For Year 1, Chinese home learning is sent home with the student.

Vocabulary Audio Recordings 

Please do not forget that parents and students can access audio recordings for the vocabulary for each unit for Years 2 – 6. Please take the time to listen to the recordings as they are a great way for parents to support their child’s Chinese learning at home. We are currently in the process of updating this for Year 1.


News From The Medical Room

 nurse1Student Health Service and School Dental Care Service

Application forms have been sent home this week. Please ensure these forms are returned to the Medical Room by Monday 5 December 2016 if you wish to enroll your child for this service.

Health and Wellbeing

In order to monitor illness throughout the school can you please inform me, the school nurse if your child is unwell or has been to see a doctor in regards to a virus or infection.


Food Drive


CWBS Healthy Eating Policy Coffee Morning



Student Achievements

Huge congratulation to all the Year 6 girls who competed in the ICHK HLY Netball Tournament on Monday 28 November and were placed 3rd overall. All girls played enthusiastically and had great sportsmanship throughout the day!


William Marjoram (3BH) recently took part in a piano competition and achieved a pleasing result. Well done, William!



Congratulations Emily Fisher (5J), Claudia Brunner (5M) and Sadie Casey (5M)!

On Sunday 20 November, Claudia Brunner (5M), Sadie Casey (5M) and Emily Fisher (5J) entered an adventure race called TeamFear  in Discovery Bay. We had not done it before, but knew it was going to be a challenge. It was around 8km long and we did not know what we had to do until we got there. The race started by running uphill through a stream over boulders and rocks with pools. It was narrow and slippery at first, but then it got wider, so we ran up the middle straight through the water and got to the front, which was a good start. The next part was trail running. It was quite slippery and uneven, but we picked up the pace because at the top of the hill everyone was stopping to eat, but we ate as we ran. Then we had to go down a lot of small steep steps. That was tricky. Next came a memory test which we found quite easy, so we could move onto the cycling part fast. We had to cycle up a really steep hill but then we got to go down it, which was very fun. After the bikes we had to run across the beach to the rocks. We could see the team ahead of us then. We had to run through the forest and come out onto the beach again where there was an obstacle course, which lead to the pier. We had to jump off the pier into the sea all at the same time. Then we had to swim 50 meters and climb up a rope ladder from the sea and sprint to the finish. We had to cross the finish line altogether. We all had a great time and came 2nd in the U10 Girls in 2 hours 18 minutes.

Written By Emily Fisher (5J)


Maria Bisco De Alvarenga (5J) attended the 3rd Hong Kong Youth Piano Competition on 19 November and got the 4th prize from 31 competitors of her group. Well done, Maria!

luke1 img_7724


“Hands On Handwriting”

New courses for January 2017 at CWBS: Term 2 academic year 2016/17hoh1

Monday Workshops:      2:45 – 3:45 pm

Years 2-4 :          ‘Building Handwriting Confidence’  (letter formation/ joining/spacing and layout ).

Students will continue to reinforce the basic skills with individual guidance in developing neat handwriting and presentation. Each student will have an HOH booklet for home practice. Lots of ‘Hands On’ practical work with different media, textured surfaces and a variety of sensory experiences to encourage everyone to write confidently.

Wednesday Workshops :  2:45 – 3:45 pm

Years 3 – 6:           ‘Handwriting and Journaling.’

Students will create handwritten and illustrated journal pages to showcase neat, cursive writing, and /or clear printing, combined with their own creative writing input. Some fun elements with printing and designing to challenge the imagination.

Includes revision of essential skills and, for more confident students, writing with calligraphy pens.

Starting: January -March 2017 TBC but in line with CWBS calendar

Workshop courses run for 9 weeks: Course fees $2,700

For all enquiries and to reserve a place please contact Mrs Rose Godfrey:

Email: roseofengland88@gmail.com         Phone: 90177533


Festive Snowman Baking Workshop

Let’s have some Christmas fun and bake/decorate 4 snowmen cake pop/cupcakes.

Date:      Saturday, 10th December
Time:     10:00AM-12:00PM
Cost:      $480/child (includes baking supplies for in class, take home box and recipe)
Venue:   Hayfever Studio (The Flower Market) 1/F, 62 Flower Market Road, Mongkok

Contact:  info@flourgirl.org or www.facebook.com/flourhk


Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer. For more information, please see the attached brochure and enrollment formTo reserve a place or arrange for a trial class, please email Ms. Hong at flourhk@hotmail.com

Watch the Junior Bakers in action: https://youtu.be/vOUuKWhIXms




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