10 Mar 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 10 March 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Drop Off and Pick Up Times

Just a timely reminder to parents about drop off times in the morning and pick up times in the afternoons after school finishes. Students should be dropped off between 8.00am and 8.15am in the mornings when playground and traffic supervision is provided. At the moment we do have some students being dropped off very early in the mornings. If you are dropping off very early please change your arrangements so that students are not dropped off before 7.45am at the earliest. Similarly, please do not be regularly late dropping off in the mornings as students arriving late to class are very disruptive when teachers are trying to commence lessons promptly.

In the afternoons students should be picked up at 2.35pm when school finishes. In the interests of safety, students should not be left unsupervised in the playground after 2.35pm so please do not wait until buses leave to drive into the carpark to collect students at 2.50pm. You need to park nearby and walk down into the school grounds to collect students at 2.35pm. Students may go directly to an afterschool club that starts at 2.45pm but are not to wait unsupervised for afterschool activities that start later in the day such as 3.45pm or later. A parent or helper must wait with students in these circumstances. Your cooperation would be appreciated so that all students are safe and properly supervised at all times.

Student Leadership – Playground Mediators

As part of their leadership role in the school our Year 6 House Captains have been trained to be playground mediators. They participated in an afternoon workshop where they discussed leadership, behavior choices, the types of playground incidents that might occur and ways to resolve these incidents and conflicts. Students practised using the restorative questions to lead a discussion, to resolve a playground issue. Students were able to reflect and share their experience and new learning. Since this training many house captains have volunteered to act as playground mediators during one of their lunchtime breaks and have successfully helped to resolve minor issues that arise between younger students. House captains are still encouraged to seek the support of the teacher/adult on playground duty for more serious incidents that might occur.

Year 6 House Captains leading a restorative conference with younger students to resolve a playground issue.

Year 6 Exhibition

This term our Year 6 students have been enthusiastically engaged in the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry, for Exhibition. The Exhibition draws on all the things our students have learnt, the attitudes and behaviors they have developed, as well as the skills students have developed over their entire schooling experience – a real celebration of learning.

The Exhibition so far has involved the students in advocating for a Global Goal that they are personally connected to and passionate about through creative communication and art forms. With the support of mentors, guest presenters and experts, the students have been guided through their personal inquiries, collaborating to effectively communicate their message.

On 22 March, our students will have the opportunity to present their advocacy to their families and school community, encouraging and provoking us to make a difference.

Year 6s working with Mrs Saunders to plan their art work. Shreyan, Josetta, Kaila and Ruby. (Left)

Comi, Justin and Rufus meeting with their mentor, Mr Jones, for  support and direction. (Right)

Timmy, Edward and Clarence producing a musical masterpiece to provoke their audience. (Left)

Maya, Daniel, Elna and Hermine collaborating to create their mood board. (Right)

The Dance Kho workshop empowered our students to express themselves and their ideas through movement and dance. (Left)

Experimenting with dramatic art, the Year 6 students discovered that this art form can provoke emotion through facial expression and movement. (Right)

CIS Community Survey & CIS/IBO Reaccreditation Parent Coffee Morning

Thank you to those parents who attended the parent consultation workshop on Wednesday evening, 8 March as part of our CIS/IBO reaccrediation process. The workshop was an opportunity for parents to give feedback about current programs and and put forward ideas and suggestions about the future directions of the school. Along with the survey data, the views and information gathered through the workshop helps us to formulate our next school plan that we are developing as part of the reaccreditation process.

Green Week

Congratulations everyone for all your efforts and commitment to the environment and sustainability during Green Week!  More details and photos later in this newsletter.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Friday 10 March

Year 1 & 2 social 6.00pm-7.30pm

Exhibition Assembly

Monday 13 March

PTA General meeting 6.00pm   (all welcome)

Wednesday 15 March                                                                                                                                              

Year 1 Immunisation

Friday 17 March

ESF choral Concert 7.00pm QE2 stadium Causeway Bay

Wednesday 22 March

Year 6 Exhibition 6.15pm-8.00pm

Monday 27 March

Student Led Conferences 3-6pm

Tuesday 28 March

Student Led Conferences 8.30-4.30pm – No School for Students

Friday 31 March 

Last Day of Term 2 – School Closes at 12.00 noon

Year 1, 2 & 3 Excursions & Activities

Year 1 ‘Who We Are’

This week was a great start to the week for Year 1 students. They ventured to Clearwater Bay  beach to develop their social skills as part of their unit of inquiry ‘Who We Are’.

The students learnt new games in mixed class groups to help with building new friendships across the year level. A variety of playground games were taught so that they can play them during snack and lunch times. “What’s the Time Mr Wolf” in Mandarin, Tunnel Ball, Stuck in the Mud and Hopscotch were enjoyed by all the children.

Thank you to the many parents who joined and supported the Year 1 teachers and students.


Year 2 ‘ How We Organise Ourselves’

Yesterday Year 2 students were very excited to head out and about around Hong Kong Island to put their learning from their current unit of inquiry into action.

Students have worked hard collaboratively in the last few weeks learning about transport systems around Hong Kong. They used their planned maps in their small  groups to make their way around Hong Kong using a range of transport. Thank you to all the parents and staff who made this day hugely successful.


Year 3 ‘Sharing the Planet’

During the last 6 weeks, Year 3 students have been inquiring into how people’s choices can help sustain the earth’s resources. Through lots of thinking and comprehending of rich stories such as The Lorax and The Kapok Tree students have made connections with how they can help sustain resources. The photos show some of their action taken at home as a result of the inquiry.

News From Library

CWBS Visiting Authors

We are looking forward to welcoming the following authors to our school over the next few months!

Wednesday 29 March : David Schwartz- author and speaker celebrating reading with maths.

Tuesday 9 May : Matt Cooper- author of his latest book ‘ The Last Gibbon ‘ advocating endangered animals.

Mother Tongue Story Reading Sessions in the Library 2017

Last Friday, stories were read in Hindi and Chinese. We are getting a great turn out with the upper and junior years and the children are really enjoying the variety of stories being read. Thank you again to the many parents who have signed up to support these sessions.

Please check on the information tab on cahoot for upcoming story reading sessions on Fridays.

If you are interested in reading a story in your own language to our students then please contact Mrs Barwell (angela.barwell@cwbs.edu.hk) or Mrs Harris (lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk).

News From Medical Room

Visual Screening

The vision screening with Optometrist Suzan Salnikow, BSc MCOptom took place at Clearwater Bay School on 7 and 8 March 2017. Please check your child’s diary for the screening report and receipt.


Please remember to inform the School Nurse if your child is absent due to illness. Many childhood illnesses such as chicken pox, HFMD, Scarlett fever, conjunctivitis are highly contagious and have recommended exclusion periods from school to protect all students. Please note exclusion periods as below. These are important and based on Department of Health guidelines.

** Please remind your child to sign in at the office if they arrive at school after 0830hrs and remember to sign them out if they leave before the end of the school day.

Green Week

Thank you everyone who participated in the Green Week. Here are some images from our Green Week activities!

(Left to Right):

  • 2H wrote a green poem
  • Meat free Monday
  • Environmental art in the playground
  • Playing a recycling game
  • Mr. Hamilton in the dark for No Power Hour
  • Enjoying the nature

ESF 50th Anniversary Primary Concert

In 2017 ESF celebrates 50 years of excellence in education. From January through December 2017, a series of special events will be held. Some events will be open to the public, allowing us to celebrate more widely whilst others will be for our ESF family of schools.

The upcoming ESF 50th Anniversary Primary Concert will be open to the public.

Details of the Concert:

Date: Friday, 17 March 2017
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium
Ticket price: Standard $280; Senior & Student Concessionary $220

Public sales of tickets are already available through URBTIX (URBTIX ticketing link:  http://www.urbtix.hk/internet/en_US/eventDetail/31684)

Student Achievements

Elizabeth Kwan (1C) has won a silver medal ( 25m freestyle competition) in the Standford Swimming School 2017 swimming competition on 31 January, 2017. She was one of the contestants among 32 other swimmers to achieve the time of 36.62 seconds. Well done, Elizabeth!



Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer. For more information, please see the attached brochure and enrollment formTo reserve a place or arrange for a trial class, please email Ms. Hong at flourhk@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/flourhk

Watch the Junior Bakers in action: https://youtu.be/vOUuKWhIXms 


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