24 Mar 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 24 March 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Summer Works 2017 – Hall Renovations

Our school hall is undergoing a full renovation over the summer holiday break. This includes a total redesign so that it caters for the multiple purposes for which we want to use it, such as a theatre and performance space, gymnasium and multi purpose area. The design includes new retractable seating, new sound and lighting systems, an AV control room and padded wall panels for the gym and sound absorbing wall and ceiling paneling. These major works will mean that the hall is out of use for Term 1 as the 6 weeks summer holiday is insufficient time to complete the full redesign and renovation. I have put up the plans and graphics of the finished hall in the window next to the front office door so do come and have a look next time you are in the school.

Other summer works that will be completed over the holiday break include refurbishing the staffroom with a new kitchen and retrofitting the walls of the Year 1 shared area with ‘Autex’, the felt backed material that acts as a noticeboard and sound absorber. This material has proved very versatile in both the year 5 and 6 shared areas.

ESF Choral Concert

The biannual ESF primary choral concert was held at QE 2 stadium in Causeway Bay on Friday night. We had 44 members of our senior choir performing as part of the combined choir of 750 students. Mr Ryan Brodersen our music teacher also showcased his conducting skills by conducting two of the songs.

It was a great performance and a very enjoyable evening.  A big thank you to Mr Brodersen and Ms Lam for rehearsing students over the last few weeks in preparation for the big event and also to Ms Rachel Muldoon and Mr Brendan Kean for assisting on the day and evening.

Year 6 Exhibition

Congratulations to all Year 6 students for a wonderful exhibition on Wednesday evening.  All the preparation and hard work over the last few weeks certainly paid off and was clearly evident on the night.  Exhibition was really impressive, showcasing students’ learning of all the essential elements (knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and action) of the PYP over their years of primary school.  Students’ engagement and passion for the issue they had chosen to investigate was on display right from the introductory presentation, to the quality of research and findings presented about issues, through to the action taken in expressing a point of view or advocating for their chosen issue. Some groups of students gave drama, mime or puppetry performances, others gave soapbox speeches and others explained their research, findings and the actions needed for a more sustainable future. Congratulations and well done!

A big thank you to the Year 6 teachers and EAs as well as all the other specialist and class teachers who assisted with expertise for particular activities or art forms or who acted as mentors to support and guide each exhibition group with their chosen issue.

Student Led Conferences

Student led conferences are being held next week on Monday afternoon and all day on Tuesday. As a result the school will be closed for normal operations on Tuesday 28 March, with students only attending school for their conference. The conferences enable you to get a real insight into the learning that students have undertaken this year and the progress they have made towards achieving the goals they set at the 3-way conference in October. As well as the 15 minute conference various activities and learning stations will also be set up-up in the classrooms or shared areas for you to take part in with your child. Please allow at least 45 minutes in total according to the instructions provided by your child’s class or year level teachers.

Appointments to see specialist teachers are also possible if you wish to discuss any matter. They are already fully booked for Monday and Tuesday with over 50 appointments scheduled. If you do need to see one of them please contact them directly to schedule a meeting at another time. However, please bear in mind it is simply not possible for specialists to see every parent as both PE & Music teachers teach all 720 students and the Chinese language teachers teach 180 students.

International Schools Assessment (ISA)

Our results in the International Schools Assessment conducted in October for students in Years 4, 5 and 6 were again very strong as the table below indicates. Our mean scores are above the ISA mean scores in all but one case. Our results also compare very favourably with other ESF schools and place us above the ESF mean scores in most cases.

Please note that the scores in one strand such as Reading do progress from Year 4 to Year 5 to Year 6 but that they are not comparable across strands with the scores in other strands such as Mathematical literacy or Writing.

Our ‘value add’ or the improvement made between Year 4 and Year 6 also continues to be strong as it has in recent years. Although progress in narrative writing continues to be made between years it does not match the progress made by ISA schools overall this year.

Visitors and Volunteers

As part of the follow up from the recent CIS preparatory visit we are tightening up our procedures for visitors and volunteers who assist in the school to better ensure the safety of students. A new Volunteers Policy is being drafted which will include a Self Declaration form for volunteers relating to criminal history and sexual offences. The new policy and self declaration form will be introduced from the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. In the meantime, from the start of term 3 we are requiring all visitors and volunteers to report to the front office when they first come into the school so they can sign in and collect a visitor or volunteer lanyard/badge which must be worn at all times. These should be returned to the office when you sign out to leave the school.  Your cooperation with these new procedures in the interests of student safety would be appreciated.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates                                                                                                                             

Monday 27 March

Student Led Conferences 3-6pm

Tuesday 28 March

Student Led Conferences 8.30-4.30pm – No School for Students

Wednesday 29 March

Visiting Author – David Schwartz

Friday 31 March 

Crazy Socks Day

Last Day of Term 2 – School Closes at 12.00 noon

Monday 17 April

Easter Monday Public Holiday – School closed

Tuesday 18 April 

First Day of Term 3

Year 6 Exhibition

Our Year 6 students celebrated their learning journey through the presentation of their Exhibition on Wednesday night.

The Exhibition came under the Transdisciplinary Theme of ‘How We Express Ourselves’ with the student’s inquiries focusing on the central idea of ‘our passions can be creatively and effectively communicated in a variety of ways to influence others.’

The parents and families of the Year 6 students were presented with thought provoking and emotion filled speeches, a range of dramatic and musical items as well as engaging and interactive displays.

Through the Exhibition the Year 6 students demonstrated the attributes of the Learner Profile, along with their understanding of the five elements of the PYP (knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and action).

Many thanks to all involved; students, volunteers, parents, teachers and EAs.

Logo designed by Anya Saha (6C).

News From Library

CWBS Visiting Author

Wednesday 29 March : David Schwartz- author and speaker celebrating reading with maths. Bringing maths alive!

Book Week

Senior Choir Performance

Last Friday, the Senior Choir performed in Queen Elizabeth stadium filled with over 2000 people. We joined the choirs from other ESF schools to sing 12 songs with 750 students to fill the stadium with our singing and dancing in songs from musicals, jazz standards, and even two songs specially composed for the 50th Anniversary of ESF. Students showed their hard work and dedication to learn all of these songs and came away with a memory that will last a lifetime.

Crazy Socks Day

We are the CWBS Y6 Quality Education group. We are supporting a charity called Changing Young Lives Foundation. This charity supports children who do not receive a quality education like we do. To raise money for Changing Young Lives Foundation to purchase resources like textbooks and stationery, we are going to have a ‘Crazy Sock Day’.  On Friday 31 March, students are encouraged to wear their craziest socks to school with their school uniform to help support this charity. Certificates will be given to students with the craziest socks. If you want your child to participate (and even maybe win!), then please send your child in their craziest socks and make sure they bring in $20 for a donation. Thank you for reading and please participate!

Remember to wear your craziest socks!


The Quality Education Group.

Calista (6J), Rachel (6J), Anya (6C) & Alison (6J)

Cross Country Race at Discovery College

We had the final cross country race for the school year at Discovery College on Saturday 11 March. With Discovery Bay being a bit of a challenge to get to from Clearwater Bay, we had a smaller representation than previously with about 18 runners on the day. However, the students from Year 3-6 ran very well and met the challenge of running a very long distance. There were even a few stairs in the race that the runners needed to navigate!

We had some notable finishers with Poppy Worthington (3W) and Florence Williams (4T) winning the Under 8s and Under 9s race respectively. This is Poppy and Florence’s 3rd win in a row for CWBS this year which is truly an amazing effort. Claudia Brunner (5M) finished a very close 4th in the Under 10s.

Well done to all of our runners. We are hoping to build on this success for next year!


Healthy Eating at CWBS

Student Achievements

After weeks of high intensity training, Peony Lee (5B) competed in five events at Hong Kong Age Group Swimming Champions Race 2017.  The race was held twice a year and was one of the most important swim races in Hong Kong. It took place at Shing Mun Valley Swimming Pool on 11 and 12 March. LeSports TV Hong Kong did a live broadcasting for the whole race via its online channel.  On the two intensely competitive days, Peony proved herself to be among the top performing Hong Kong swimmers at her age with incredible results as follows:

1) 100 Meter Freestyle ( Girls 10 years and under ) –  1 minute 06.81 seconds

2) 100 Meter IM ( Girls 10 years and under )  – 1 minute 17.16 seconds

3) 50 Meter Butterfly ( Girls 10 years and under ) – 33.93 seconds

4) 50 Meter Freestyle  ( Girls 10 years and under ) – 30.52 seconds (Bronze Medal)

5) 100 Meter Butterfly ( Girls 10 years and under ) – 1 minute 15.42 seconds

She enjoys her swimming and will continue to work hard for even better results. Well done, Peony!


Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer. For more information, please see the attached brochure and enrollment formTo reserve a place or arrange for a trial class, please email Ms. Hong at flourhk@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/flourhk

Watch the Junior Bakers in action: https://youtu.be/vOUuKWhIXms 



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