21 Apr 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 21 April 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Welcome Back to Term 3.

I hope all families enjoyed the break and all students are refreshed and ready to go with school and some exciting new learning this term. Term 3 is always busy with lots of special activities on the calendar as shown in the diary dates for this newsletter. We welcome some new students this week including  Vicky Chow (1C), Carl Chan (3W) and Joshlyn Leung (3W) as well as Owen Wong (5G ) who will be joining us on 4 May.

Planning for Next Year – 2017/18

The leadership team held a planning day on Wednesday of this week to finalise some of the planning for this term as well as start the planning for next year. To assist us with enrolment/admissions and planning classes for next year it would be very helpful if parents who are leaving the school at the end of the year could advise us of that as soon as practical. Please let Maggie Cho our School Admissions Officer, or myself know by email. There is also an official ESF notification form, available on our website or from Maggie, to advise ESF of student withdrawal and to discontinue fee payments. Notice of at least one month must be given.

Year 5 Trip to Chengdu & ESF Year 6 Trip to Beijing

Ms Kathy Derrick (Vice Principal), Ms Jennifer Doo (Chinese team) and Ms Natasha Yuan (Chinese team) are leading the Year 5 trip to Chengdu to visit our sister school, Panda Road School. A big thank you to the 4 parent volunteers, Nicole Cromwell, Qiong Liu, Edward Chow and Alexander Thomas who are also accompanying the group of 18 students on the trip. I went last year and it was a fabulous trip that students (and adults) found enjoyable and very worthwhile! I hope this year’s trip is equally successful!

The ESF Year 6 trip to Beijing is also fast approaching. It is being held from 15-19 May. Mr Ross McCann and Ms Tina Tian are accompanying our group of 11 students on this trip along with students and staff from other ESF primary schools.

Year 4 Chinese Classes

Year 4 Chinese classes have been inquiring into the topic “Food”. Students have not only learnt the key text, written Chinese characters, sentences and paragraphs, but also participated in a variety of activities. Students have been able to experience and share their ideas with peers. First of all, students made and tasted drinks in class. Secondly they went to the HKUST canteen to experience local food. Lastly they made dumplings, with the most exciting part being to taste their hand made dumplings. Everything was made from scratch, students mixed the flour and water, then made the dough.They cut the garlic chives by themselves. Then mixed the meat, garlic chives, oil, garlic, ginger, leek, soy sauce and salt together. Finally they used the rolling pin to make their own dumplings. Delicious!!! Students absolutely loved their hand made dumplings. Students are not only learning Chinese characters but also learning the skills of making yummy food. A big thank you to all the parents who helped with these special activities.  (Ms Tina Tian – Chinese teacher)

16th Annual Chinese Articulation Conference – Workshop Presentation

Ms Natasha Yuan, one of our Chinese language teachers presented a workshop at the recent Chinese Articulation conference held in Shanghai over the Easter weekend. The workshop was titled ‘Make inquiry visible in the Chinese Second Language classroom’. The main focus was on learning Chinese using an inquiry model. The presentation shared practices that help students learn Chinese radicals, pinyin and grammar through an inquiry approach. The presentation also showcased a range of learning engagements that help students learn through a second language.   The presentation was very well received by teachers from all over Asia. Congratulations Natasha.

Crazy Sock Day

The Year 6 Quality Education Group, Anya Saha (6C), Calista Verkade (6J), Alison Mok (6J) and Rachel Mak (6J) ran a crazy sock day on the last day of term 2 to raise money for the Changing Young Lives Foundation. This action, taken as a result of the Exhibition raised just over $8000 for the foundation and will be used to purchase school resources for under privileged children in Hong Kong. The Quality Education Group presented the cheque to the charity at assembly this Friday. Thank you to everyone who contributed and congratulations to these Year 6 students whose action will make a big difference to other children’s lives in Hong Kong.

Visitors and Volunteers

As mentioned in the newsletter at the end of last term we are tightening up our procedures for visitors and volunteers who assist in the school to better ensure the safety of students. From the start of this term all visitors and volunteers must report to the front office when they first come into the school to sign in and collect a visitor or volunteer lanyard/badge which must be worn at all times. These should be returned to the office when you sign out to leave the school.

A new Volunteers Policy is also being drafted which will include a Self Declaration form for volunteers relating to criminal history and sexual offences. The new policy and self-declaration form will be introduced from the beginning of the 2017-18 school year.

Your cooperation with these new procedures in the interests of student safety would be appreciated.


Chris Hamilton

Diary Dates                                                                                                                             

Sunday 23 – Wednesday 26 April 

Year 5 Chengdu Trip – Visit Panda Road School

Monday 24 April

PTA Meeting 5.45pm

Friday 28 April

Year 1-3 Assembly- Year 2 Hosting

ESF Celebration of Dance at KJS 6.00pm

Year 4 St. John’s Cathedral and Hindu Temple Trip

Monday 1 May 

Labour Day Public Holiday- School Closed

Tuesday 2 May

CWBS CPD Day (disaggregated day)- School Closed

Wednesday 3 May

Buddha’s Birthday Public Holiday- School Closed

Friday 5 May

Year 4-6 Assembly (Year 4 Hosting)

Year 3 Parent Happening

Monday 8 – Friday 12 May

Book Week

Monday 15 – Friday 19 May

Year 6 Beijing Trip

News From Medical Room


The Department of Health is offering the combined diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis (reduced dose) and inactivated poliovirus vaccine (dTaP-IPV) to our Year 6 students on Wednesday 24 May 2017. Information and consent/refusal forms will be sent home on Monday 24 April 2017.


Please remember to inform the School Nurse if your child is absent due to illness. Many childhood illnesses such as chicken pox, HFMD, Scarlett fever, conjunctivitis are highly contagious and have recommended exclusion periods from school to protect all students. Please note exclusion periods as below. These are important and based on Department of Health guidelines.

** Please remind your child to sign in at the office if they arrive at school after 0830hrs and remember to sign them out if they leave before the end of the school day.

News From Library

David Schwartz Author Visit

In the last week of Term 2, CWBS enjoyed the presentation of David Schwartz our visiting author. David inspired the children with his stories and literature about maths.

Book Week

Book Week is just around the corner. Please review the week’s schedule.

Masarang Foundation

Another way to support the Masarang Foundation

To support the Masarang Foundation, we have some bags of Arenga palm sugar for sale from the school office. Sugar palms grow in mixed forests, even on poor and steep soil, with deep roots that prevent erosion. Sale of this product helps the Masarang Foundation and local people who work in a cooperative to produce the sugar.

Palm sugar has various health giving properties such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals and can be used as a diabetic sugar.

The price is $40 for a 250g bag.

International Day

As an internationally minded community, it is the Student Council’s honor to celebrate International Day on 10 May 2017, during our Book Week celebrations. The aim of the day is to help develop our students as open – minded, global citizens and to celebrate the diverse cultures represented in our school.

The children will be learning about different cultures throughout the day, such as saying hello in different languages, hearing stories from different cultures at our bilingual story bazaar and listening to some traditional music.

To celebrate our day, children are invited to come into school dressed in the colors of their country’s flag, traditional dress or in a way that represents their culture.

We are also inviting parents and carers to bring in food from different cultures during snack time.

We would also like to invite members from our community to share their culture with the school community.This could be in the form of a small presentation, playing a traditional instrument or even traditional dance.

In the morning from 8:35 – 9:25am, we will also hold the annual Bi-lingual Bazaar. Parents are invited to share story books from their culture with students. Please contact Mrs Barwell via her email: barwella1@student.cwbs.edu.hk, if you can help.

Student Council

Student Achievements

Chi Chi Yuen (3BH) won the 2nd runner up in the HKYPAF The 4th Hong Kong International Youth Performance Art Festival 2016. Well done, Chi Chi!

Poppy Worthington (3W) won the 2009 Girls Hong Kong Aquathon Novice Series Race 1 on Sunday 9 April 2017. It was so close and she sprinted at the end to overtake the competitor in front and to win the race. Well done, Poppy!




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