2 Jun 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 2 June 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

Summer Works – School Hall

As mentioned in the newsletter previously, the hall is being refurbished over the summer break with the work continuing throughout term 1. The expected completion date is Christmas 2017, meaning we will not have the use of the school hall in Term 1 next year. This will obviously cause us some short-term inconvenience for major school and PTA events. As a result we will be unable to hold our usual assemblies (Year 1-3 and Year 4-6) or any PTA socials or Bingo nights in term 1. However, each year level will continue to host a weekly assembly of its own as currently happens this year. These are usually held in the year level shared learning space or the multipurpose room. These year level assemblies enable teachers to teach whole year level programs such as our social and emotional learning program ‘Friendly Schools’. Students and classes are also able to share work and recognize a range of student achievements at these assemblies.

End of Year Music Concert

Our end of year music spectacular is being held on Tuesday 20 June from 6.30-7.30pm. Both the Junior and Senior Choirs and the Ukulele, Xylophone and Recorder groups will be performing. All parents are most welcome to attend and enjoy the concert!

Parent Volunteer Morning Tea

We will be hosting our annual Parent Volunteer morning tea on Thursday 22 June from 10.15-11.15am to thank all parents who have volunteered and assisted us in some way this year. We are fortunate to have great support from parents who come to volunteer during the year, some of whom come for a specific event whilst others come on a regular basis each week. If you have volunteered in class or with an excursion or presented as a guest speaker or assisted in some other way this year you are invited to join us for morning tea. Invitations are being sent out shortly so please RSVP to assist us with numbers/catering if you are able to join us.

Language Celebration 2017

At CWBS we have more than 25 languages spoken by our student body. As an IB PYP school we actively seek ways to support our students’ mother tongue development. Our Japanese mother tongue speakers are fortunate to have four volunteer parents facilitating Japanese language lessons, for an hour, every second Friday after school. These students recently took part in a Language Celebration event held at Kowloon Junior School on 22 May.

Every year, ESF Language & Learning Centre organises a ‘Language Celebration Event’ among all ESF schools in Hong Kong. This year the celebration had a ‘Sports Day’ theme. There were four language groups represented at the event: Finnish, French, Korean and Japanese. Each language group introduced their sports culture and prepared performances as follows:

  • Finnish Group – Presentation about major sports and athletes from Finland. *The Finnish group is very small group but they founded the mother tongue language group
  • French Group – Sack race
  • Korean Group – K-POP cheer leader performance
  • Korean Group – Introduction of the traditional sports – “Throw 6 allows aiming into a bucket”
  • Japanese Group – Introduction of the traditional sports “Tug of War”
  • Japanese Group – Dram (Wadaiko) performance

A big thank you to our Japanese community who supported this event. The feedback from the students who attended has been very positive!

If you would like further information about raising a bilingual child, we highly recommend, Eowyn Crisfiled’s, website:  On raising bilingual children. Eowyn has led professional development at CWBS for teachers and parents.

Please find links below to some online resources to support mother tongue:

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates                                                                                                                             

Monday 5 June

Final PTA Meeting 5.15pm

Tuesday 6 June

Eco Warrior Beach Clean Up

Wednesday 7 June

Year 5 Coca-Cola Trip (5M&5G)

Thursday 8 June

Pie Day

Friday 9 June         

School CPD day – School Closed for Students

Monday 12 – Friday 16 June

Silver Week

Monday 12 June

Year 5 Coca-Cola Trip (5B)

Wednesday 14 June    

25th Anniversary ‘Open Day 1.30-5.30pm

Year 5 Coca-Cola Trip (5J)

Friday 16 June

Prospective Year 1 parent information session – 2018-19

Tuesday 20 June              

Music Concert 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 21 June 

School Council meeting 4.45pm

Thursday 22 June        

Parent Volunteer Thank You Morning Tea 10.15-11.15am

Chinese Take Home Books

Chinese take home books now available in Years 1 – 3

With the help of some hardworking parents, we now have Chinese take home books available for students in Years 1 – 3. We are encouraging students to borrow a Chinese book when they are borrowing their take home English books in class. We have a mixture of books with characters, pinyin and some with English to support. We understand that not all families will be able to support Chinese reading at home and as a result, this is optional for students and families. However, we are certainly encouraging students to borrow!  Please note, as this is a new system, we ask that you be patient as we develop this new initiative. We intend to expand the selection of books over the next school year. Please contact your child’s Chinese teacher if you have any questions.

In the future, we are looking at purchasing both fiction and non-fiction Chinese books for students in Years 4 – 6 and having books available on a regular basis.

A very big thank you to the parents that have helped set this up for the school.  Their ongoing support has been enormous for the Chinese programme which has really enhanced the quality of Chinese learning at CWBS.

News From Medical Room

Be Sun Safe

The weather is heating up and the sun is starting to shine. Please remind your child to be sun safe, apply sunscreen before coming to school and to wear their hats at all times while outdoors.

Remember NO HAT, NO PLAY!! Regardless of the amount of cloud cover this rule applies and is back in force!


Chicken Pox

Please note there has recently been the occasional case of chickenpox among students. Early symptoms can be very mild and include a stomach ache, headache, loss of appetite and generally feeling unwell. A rash with blister like vesicles will then appear, this rash can sometimes be very mild.

We ask that you take extra vigilance re monitoring for these symptoms and keep students at home should they develop any of the above. Please also note that students with chickenpox should stay home for 7 days from diagnosis or until all vesicles have dried.

Please feel free to phone us should you have any queries

News From Library

Heifer Read to Feed Raising Donations

This week and for the next 4 weeks, students will be raising money in many different ways – Reading, Chores, Bake & Craft Sales, Washing Cars, etc. raising money for the villages of Baoshan Yunnan in China who are in need of our help..

Please support your children in making a real difference to the lives of these villages.

Many thanks,

Mrs Angela Barwell

Pie Day

The PTA  will be holding a Pie Day at lunchtime on Thursday 8 June. The pies come from the Hong Kong company Tai Tai pies and are hand made using good quality ingredients such as French butter, fresh vegetables and Australian beef. Each pie will come with a mini banana bread and there is a choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian. Please be reminded that there will be no hot lunches on  the 8 June

Masarang Foundation

To support the Masarang Foundation, we have some bags of Arenga palm sugar for sale from the school office. Sugar palms grow in mixed forests, even on poor and steep soil, with deep roots that prevent erosion. Sale of this product helps the Masarang Foundation and local people who work in a cooperative to produce the sugar.

Palm sugar has various health giving properties such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals and can be used as a diabetic sugar.

The price is $40 for a 250g bag.

Furniture For Sale

Furniture For Sale – All in good condition

  • Table: 1600mm (L) x 800mm (W)  Height is adjustable from 600mm to 900mm

1 table available HK$100


  • Children’s desk in various colours:

6 tables available $100 each

800mm (L) x 800mm (W)

Table top height is adjustable – Currently 4 tables at 520mm (H) and 2 tables at 650mm (H)

For enquiries, please contact Office Manager, Ada Chung at ada.chung@cwbs.edu.hk or 2358 3221.

Student Achievements

Four CWBS swimmers, Chiyu Lee (6R), Eugenie Ho (6M), Peony Lee (5B) and Ginny Yuen (4T) competed in Sai Kung Inter-Primary Schools Swimming Competition by HKSSF (Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation) on 25 May. It was an exciting competition with more than four hundred swimmers from 22 schools all over Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O area participating.

Despite our small group, we performed exceptionally well and achieved excellent results (one gold, three silvers and one group trophy).

Peony Lee won a gold in 50m Freestyle (Girls Grade C), setting a new record for Sai Kung at 30.49 seconds. At the 50m Backstroke (Girls Grade C), she broke the Sai Kung record at 36.66 seconds in the preliminary race and won a silver medal in the final. She was awarded an outstanding athlete certificate by HKSSF.

Eugenie Ho won a silver medal in 50m Butterfly ( Girls Grade B) at 41.91 seconds and was ranked 4th in her 100m Freestyle at 1 minute 20.76 seconds.

Chiyu Lee won a silver medal in 100m Freestyle (Boys Grade B) at 1 minute 14.44 seconds and was ranked 4th in 50m Breaststroke at 42.45 seconds.

Ginny Yuen, the youngest of all, competed with her great spirits and confidence in the respective events. She finished with excellent results in 50m Breaststroke (Girls Grade C) at 57.3 seconds and 50m Backstroke (Girls Grade C) at 51.48 seconds.

Our Girls’ Grade C group was ranked 5th out of all schools and was awarded a group trophy.

Chiyu, Eugenie and Peony were selected to represent Sai Kung in the HKSSF Inter-Area Swimming Competition for the entire Hong Kong in June. Good job everyone!

Florence Williams (4T) came first in the VRC open water swimming competition for 9-10 year old on Sunday 28 May, 2017. Well done, Florence!

Timmy Lortz (6J) and Alicia Lortz (1W) attended the Little Musical Philanthropists Competition 2017. Timmy attained 3rd place Piano OI Class in the final round while Alicia attained 1st place Piano OK Class in the final round. This year the purpose of the competition is to raise money for Autism Partnership Foundation. Well done, Timmy and Alicia!

On Thursday Amelia Pedersen (4L) came up with the idea of a bake sale to raise money. She mentioned it to her friends and Lili Koerber (4L) was very keen to help. They both baked, decorated and created all the signs for their little shop! Even though it was raining they didn’t let that stop them and sat out with a large golf umbrella!

They raised over $500 for Heifer. Well done, Amelia and Lili!




Ms. Hong will be holding baking classes during the summer and making the following  desserts: popsicle cake pops, ice cream cone cupcakes, beach ball cookies, campfire cupcakes, gone fishing brownies.

Please see attached enrolment form for more details or email Ms. Hong:  flourhk@hotmail.com




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