16 Jun 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 16 June 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

CWBS 25th Anniversary – Silver Week

Our 25th anniversary celebrations and activities went  very well this week. The highlight was our ‘Open Day’ on Wednesday afternoon when many ex students, staff and parents took the opportunity to come back and see the school. We have had a very hardworking team of ‘silverstars’ working to make the week a success. The historical timeline and display in the multipurpose room is fantastic and gives a great overview of the school and its development over the last 41 years from Boundary Junior school days in 1975 to the start of Clearwater Bay days in 1992 and on through the years to 2017. (see photos below) The display really is well worth a visit so please do try to find a few minutes (or an hour) to come and have a look either before or after school or when you are next in the school. We will leave the display up for a few weeks so as many people as possible have the opportunity to see it. Special thanks to Angela Barwell, Sue Jackson, Justine Taylor and Barbara Brock-Hollinshead for all their hard work, and to other staff who also assisted with the week.

Key School Priorities in 2016/17 – Progress Reports

Our key priorities for this year included Language, Mathematics, Transdisciplinary Learning and Information Technology.  We have worked very hard on these key school priorities and achieved a great deal.  Please see the report from each priority area elsewhere in this newsletter.

Reports and Class Placements for Next Year

Student reports for the second half of the year will be sent home in hard copy on Wednesday 28 June. You will also receive a letter with the report notifying you of your child’s class placement and teacher for next year.

New classes are formed each year to promote students social and emotional development. A key part of the Primary Years Programme is to develop students confidence, resilience and communication skills and forming new friendships certainly contributes in this regard. A great deal of time and thought is put into forming new classes with a range of factors considered including; friendships, academic ability, language, culture and  social interaction. Students are asked to nominate 5 friends with the undertaking that they will be placed with at least one of these friends.   Students may not always be placed with their very ‘best friend’ as this is sometimes a distraction for students. Even if not placed in the same class there are many opportunities for students to interact across classes in the year level during the day, both in school time and on the playground. Please note that due to the large numbers involved and complexity it is not possible to make changes once classes are formed.

Staff Leaving CWBS and New Staff for 2017/18

As usual at the end of the school year we do have several staff leaving, some relocating overseas and some moving to other jobs in Hong Kong. Two teachers three Education assistants and three members of the support staff are leaving at the end of this year. Ms Fatima Yam one of our teachers of Chinese is leaving after 10 years of service at CWBS to take up a new position at Anfield International School. Ms Himali Chainrai who is currently teaching Year 2 will be taking 12 months leave next year to undertake further study in the UK for her Masters.

Belinda Devenish ( Year 4 EA) is returning to Africa with her family and will be replaced by Ms Penny Hui. Winnie Layes-Tijang is relocating to Singapore with her family and will be replaced in the Learning Support Class by Ms Stephanie Cameron who has worked on Year 5 this year. Susanna Kwan, one of our longest serving members of staff is retiring. We thank her for her many years (24) of service to CWBS and wish her all the very best in her retirement. Ms Bonnie Yuen from Kennedy School will be taking over the School Resources position. Mr Ho our assistant caretaker is also retiring after 11 years at CWBS, with Mr CW Pak taking up the position. Ms Canbie Lam our HR/Finance Assistant is relocating to New York after 2 years at CWBS and Ms Ka Man Wong is replacing her. Estelle Licence one of our part time nurses this year has accepted a position at Kennedy School and this position is currently in the process of being filled. Karishma Lahori who joined us this year as an EA in Year 1W is also leaving for family reasons with this position also still in the process of being filled.

End of Year Music Concert

A reminder about our end of year music spectacular to be held next Tuesday 20 June from 6.30-7.30pm. Both the Junior and Senior Choirs and the Ukulele, Xylophone and Recorder groups will be performing.  All parents are most welcome to attend and enjoy the concert! Please note that if the weather intervenes we will advise all parents prior to the end of the school day if the event is to be rescheduled to the back up date of Thursday 22 June.

Parent Volunteer Morning Tea

Invitations to our annual Parent Volunteer morning tea next Thursday 22 June from 10.15-11.15am have now been sent out. If you did not receive one but should have or you would like to come anyway please RSVP to info@cwbs.edu.hk  to assist us with numbers/catering.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates                                                                                                                             

Friday 16 June

Prospective Year 1 parent information session – 2018-19

Tuesday 20 June              

Music Spectacular Concert 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 21 June 

School Council meeting 4.45pm

Thursday 22 June        

Parent Volunteer Thank You Morning Tea 10.15-11.15am

Friday 23 June

Year 1-3 Assembly (Year 1 hosting)

Tuesday 27 June

Year 6 Graduation Assembly 8.45-10.00am

Year 6 end of year bowling trip 11am-2.00pm

Wednesday 28 June

Year 6 end of year dinner Hebe Haven 5.00-7.30pm

Student reports and class placement letters sent home

Friday 30 June

Year 6 Guard of Honour – 11.50am in the playground

Last day of school for 16/17 – School closes at 12.00 noon

CWBS Yearbook 2016-2017

Language at CWBS

At Clearwater Bay School we believe that the development of Language is fundamental to our need to communicate.

Over the course of the year a team from across the school including specialist teachers have been working to develop Language priorities.

To enhance student learning of Language at CWBS there has been a focus on four key areas.

Scaffolding Literacy/Grammar

Misty Adoniou  joined us for two days to work with staff on planning and delivering effective lessons to develop grammar skills using quality literature. Staff feedback was very positive and has been sustained throughout the year. We are very fortunate that Misty will be joining us again in the next academic year.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening skills have been consolidated throughout the year and there have been some great examples of ways that this has developed. Year Six parents will remember the soapboxes from which students confidently advocated for their passion. Year two students developed their communication skills through their story based show and followed up with some interesting reflections on their learning.

Mother Tongue

Over the year Mother Tongue has been a priority. Eowyn Crisfield joined us for both a staff and a parent workshop in November. She is an expert in her field and gave us a lot to think about, both as educators and parents.

We have been thrilled with the number of parents who have given freely of their time to read stories in their mother tongue at lunchtimes in the library and supported the Bilingual Bizarre during Book Week. This is something that we would very much like to continue in the year ahead.

Lisa Harris and Sue Jackson

Mathematics at CWBS

This year mathematics has been a key focus on our school action plan.  Over three terms a team of teachers have worked with all staff and students on the three key areas that were selected for focus:

  • the development of Mathematics planning
  • the continued use of an inquiry approach to teaching Mathematics
  • the update and enhancement of Mathematics resources

In term one we were visited by Professor Peter Sullivan, who worked with staff, parents and students, focusing on the use of open-ended maths questions to further develop the inquiry approach used by children in their maths learning. He also spent time during his visit working with year teams to help develop planning documents to consolidate and implement the mathematical inquiry approach into their teaching and learning. An evening session with Peter allowed parents to experience first hand the types of mathematical inquiries and learning engagements that our students are involved in.

Following this, teachers have continued to review and develop maths planning documents to ensure that students receive many opportunities to use their thinking skills, existing knowledge and a range of maths skills to solve problems throughout the year.

Throughout the year a number of new resources have been purchased to support the teaching of the maths curriculum. Having practical apparatus can be very powerful to help develop children’s understanding of different concepts and support different learning styles.

2016-17 has been a successful year for the continued development of the way maths is planned, taught and learnt at CWBS. Mathematics will remain a focus during the next academic year and we look forward to continuing to make it a subject that allows children to experience challenges, success and fulfillment.

Transdisciplinary Learning at CWBS

The approaches to learning (ATL) skills have been the main focus of our transdisciplinary learning group this year. Through the IB programmes, students develop targeted skills that have relevance across the curriculum and that help them “learn how to learn”.

This year we have looked in detail at the ATL skills with teaching staff, educational assistants and of course the students. The teachers and EAs have engaged in professional development and a lesson study focus in term two, which have enhanced their proficiency in the teaching and assessing of the ATL skills. The ATL skills are displayed in classrooms and are referred to regularly in teaching and learning. They provide a solid foundation for learning independently and learning with others. These skills are organised into five key areas as follows: Research Skills, Communication Skills, Thinking Skills, Social Skills and Self-Management Skills. Each key area has a set of subskills. The skills and subskills provide a common language that students and teachers can use to reflect on and articulate on the process of learning.

Learning Technology at CWBS

During the summer 2016 we upgraded our network to allow students and teachers access to faster, more reliable internet connection all around the school. Our Year 6 students began using brand new Macbooks and Chromebooks meaning all devices in school are currently less that 3 years old. Our replacement cycle is in place to ensure that all students and teachers have access to the latest technology.

We became the first school in Hong Kong to be certified as a Common Sense Digital Citizenship school and continue to develop our internet safety curriculum to ensure all students are equipped for the digital world in which they are growing. We will expand this programme next year, working more closely with parents to develop a community model of digital citizenship.

We purchased additional 3D printers, which enable students across a number of units of inquiry to design and make objects. We also purchased a class Virtual Reality kit to enable students to create and experience virtual worlds.

Our priorities for the next academic year include rolling out a new electronic portfolio system called Seesaw, which has been successfully trialled with our Year 1 students this year, and further developing our use of technology across the curriculum with all students.

Chinese at CWBS

Dumplings, or jiaozi in Mandarin, are a huge part of celebration in Chinese culture. Chinese New Year, family gatherings, birthday parties, doesn’t matter what occasion it is, dumplings are always there on the table. This Tuesday, as part of CWBS Silver Week celebrations, our Year 6 students made some delicious dumplings to celebrate CWBS 25th anniversary and their upcoming graduation. We were fortunate to have great support from many parents who came to volunteer during this event. A big thank you from all of us. The feedback from the students has been fantastic, some said it was the best Chinese class ever. Some of the student comments included:

最好的中文课!所有的妈妈都很会包饺子。Best Chinese lesson ever! All the parents are talented at making dumplings.

我吃了很多饺子! I like dumplings because I have never had them before.

饺子非常好吃! That was the spice of my life!

我喜欢包饺子,也喜欢吃很多饺子!I found a new favourite food!

Ms. Natasha Yuan

News From Medical Room

Medication collection!

If you have provided mediation at school for your child could you please arrange an adult to collect it from me on your child’s last day of school. If it is not collected it will be disposed of after the students have left school. For your child’s safety no medication will be sent home with students.  If this is a problem please do not hesitate to contact us.


Medication for Next Year

If in the next school year you wish for medication to be kept in the medical room for your child please ensure it is handed directly to the class teacher or nurse as soon as possible at the start of the year. It will need to be accompanied with the correct form which can be obtained from the school nurse, in hard copy or via email nurse@cwbs.edu.hk.

Examples of forms;

Action Plans are required to provide the nurse or first aid designated staff member with some guidance as to what circumstances you wish for your child to receive their medication. It also gives us an indication on the severity of their allergy, asthma or diabetes. They provide authority for medication to be given only ‘when required’ and not on a regular basis.

Allergy Action Plan – For allergies that require antihistamines or epi-pens available at school or on excursions.

Asthma Action Plan- For students suffering from asthma that require their reliever inhaler (salbutamol/Ventolin) from time to time.    

Diabetes Action Plan – For diabetic students ONLY and will need to be provided in conjunction with a long term medication authority form (complete with doctors signature) and an insulin sliding scale

Short Term Medication Authority – For any students requiring medication for an acute health problem such as pain relief for recent injury, ear drops for ear infection, acute asthma requiring Ventolin regularly before PE…….

Long Term Medication Authority- For students with a long term condition or illness that requires regular medication in school hours such as diabetes requiring insulin, ADHD requiring medication such as Ritalin- you will need to provide evidence such as a doctors signature on the form or a separate doctors letter indicating that the medication is required to be taken in school hours.

News From Library


Many students have been working hard with Bake Sales, reading many books, making and selling crafts, garage sales to mention just a few. The last day for donations to be given into the Library is Friday 23rd June. Thank you for supporting your children in helping with this charity.


We would like to sincerely thank the parents who have volunteered their time to reading their mother tongue stories to the children at lunchtime. We have celebrated and enjoyed many languages.  We look forward to carrying on in the new academic year.

We would also like to thank the Chinese parents who have spent most Friday mornings cataloguing and re organizing the resources in the Chinese section. Their voluntary work has really made a difference in promoting Mandarin in the children’s daily lives.


As you know holiday reading is highly beneficial to retain the progress the students have made during the year. Please find attached lists and links to some recommended book choices.

Student’s Take Action to Save Endangered Species

Elephant Ivory Protest

Last Tuesday 6th June, a group of year six students took part in a gathering at LegCo to support the ban of poaching elephant ivory. These students took part in advocating for this issue with other community members, demonstrating that when people join together they can make their voice heard. The students were involved in presenting messages from other primary students to government officials, showing that people of all ages can make a difference. The students waved placards, joined in shouting slogans to the opposing side and took part in television and radio interviews. They showed courage and passion as they delivered the message to support the ban for elephant ivory poaching.

Lara McConnochie 6R, Daniel Norman 6J, Hermine Huber 6J, Monique Wong, Elna Hyttinen 6M were vocal in their support of this issue. They were joined by past student Belen Fung now at KGV who began her interest in this issue during her Year 6 Exhibition.

Shark Finning Protest

On Saturday the 10th of June, 6 students from CWBS joined 60 other people at a protest against the sale of shark fin soup at Maxim’s Palace restaurant at City Hall in Central.  The students donned shark costumes, minus the fins and shouted slogans asking Maxim’s to stop selling unsustainable shark fin soup in their restaurants.  Reports of the protest reached an international audience with photos and video footage appearing in the news across Asia and Europe. Thank you to the following students who stood up for animal rights:  Jade Liu 6C, Aidan Searle 6C, Dhani Cadman 5G, Josh Liu 3M, Tom Hockings 3M and Brianna Searle 3W.

It was also pleasing to see ex-students Meara Johnson and Marnie Hockings, now in Year 7 at KGV, also joining the protest.  These girls began their shark finning journey during their Year 6 Exhibition, where they were a part of a successful petition to Cathay Pacific to stop the carrying of shark fin cargo.

Congratulations to all our shark heroes.

ESF Aquathon Event 2017

This term 22 athletes from Year 4, 5 and 6 have been taking part in our Aquathon training sessions on Thursdays after school. This has required students to swim 250 metres followed by running a distance of 1km.  All of our 22 squad members have worked exceptionally hard to improve their times, showing commitment and participating enthusiastically. On Saturday the 10th June two teams of 6 students were selected from our squad to represent Clearwater Bay School in the ESF International School Aquathon event held at KGV school. These dedicated students competed against 27 other teams from different international schools in the scorching heat. They swam their hearts out and stayed strong during the run, even managing a final sprint as they approached the finishing line.

Congratulations to Team 1 who came in a remarkable 5th place: Thomas Chan 6M, Blue Wong 6R, Aidan Leung 6R, Sadie Casey 5M, Emily Fisher 5J and Claudia Brunner 5M

Congratulations to Team 2 who came in a well-deserved 18th place: Jade Wood 6C, Hitomi Mao 4W, Chloe Chan 4L, Thomas King 5B, Bink Nieuwland 5B and Oliver Fisher 4C 

Special thank you to our reserve, Jasmine Wood 5B and to Maxime Laurens 6C who unfortunately had to drop out due to illness at the very last minute. We would also like to acknowledge and thank the rest of the squad who trained during the term: Kaila Jordan 6R, Liam Jordan 6C, George Beer 6M, Chiyu Lee 6R, Eugenie Ho 6M, Peony Lee 5B,  Florence Williams 4T, Ian Chan 5M

Here are some comments from our Aquathon students:

“At first I was nervous, but then when I actually started racing it was fun!”  Hitomi Mao

“After the race I felt really proud of myself because I broke my own record and I knew I had done my very best”  Bink Nieuwland

“At the start of the race I felt nervous, but during the race I pulled myself together and tried my hardest.”  Claudia Brunner

“It seems hard when you start racing but you feel great at the end. I was proud of my time of 9 minutes” Thomas Chan

CWBS Summer Music Spectacular

Eco Warriors Beach Clean Up

CWBS Eco-warriors joined forces with the environmental club from the Australian International school to clean a beach close to school. We were supported in our work by the Plastic Free Seas Charity. The children did an amazing job on a very hot day and managed to fill many huge rubbish bags.

When we returned to school, children from both schools worked together to record their reactions to the rubbish they saw and ideas for how to make a difference in the future. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • I was surprised by just how much rubbish was on the beach. It made me feel sad.
  • Just say no to straws in your drinks.
  • I was happy to be able to make a difference.
  • Help to save the oceans! Take a stand!
  • Bring your own containers if you want to take food home from a restaurant.
  • Use less plastic; then we wouldn’t have to clean it up. It’s simple.
  • I was upset to hear about all the sea creatures eating the rubbish because they think it’s food.
  • Don’t always buy new stuff. Make things or be happy with the things you already have.

Well done to everyone involved and a big thank you to the parents who supported us.

Justine Taylor

Sustainability Coordinator

Masarang Foundation

To support the Masarang Foundation, we have some bags of Arenga palm sugar for sale from the school office. Sugar palms grow in mixed forests, even on poor and steep soil, with deep roots that prevent erosion. Sale of this product helps the Masarang Foundation and local people who work in a cooperative to produce the sugar.

Palm sugar has various health giving properties such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals and can be used as a diabetic sugar.

The price is $40 for a 250g bag.

Job Opening – PTA Administrator

Kerena and Kate will be leaving at the end of term so we are looking for two PTA Administrators to start in August on a job share basis. The administrator role includes organising and managing the PTA office, working with parents, teachers and children and helping to organise our fundraising events. Please click here for the job description. The deadline for applications is June 22nd.

Furniture For Sale

Furniture For Sale – All in good condition


  • Children’s desk in various colours:

6 tables available $100 each

800mm (L) x 800mm (W)

Table top height is adjustable – Currently 4 tables at 520mm (H) and 2 tables at 650mm (H)

For enquiries, please contact Office Manager, Ada Chung at ada.chung@cwbs.edu.hk or 2358 3221.

Student Achievements

On 27 May, I had an Irish dancing competition. My family came along to see me. I competed in 8 dances and I won lots of medals and trophies. I won 2 trophies, 6 medals, 1 teddy and a book! One trophy was for winning the overall champion in my age group; one was for being the most promising. I was so happy and I like Irish dancing because it is a fun activity. It gets to make new friends and learn new things!

By Neve Cooper (2B)

Following their excellent performance in Sai Kung Primary Schools Swimming Competition on 25 May, Chiyu Lee (6R), Eugenie Ho (6M) and Peony Lee (5B) were selected to represent Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O Area to compete in HKSSF All Hong Kong Inter-Areas Swimming Competition.

The competition took place at Kowloon Park Swimming Pool on 10 June and was considered one of the important swimming meets for primary schools in Hong Kong. Over 700 selected swimmers, including some of the best junior swimmers, from all over Hong Kong competed in this meet.

Our CWBS students did an incredibly good job in their respective event. Chiyu Lee finished 100m freestyle in 1 min 12.87 secs and was ranked 10th out of 30 swimmers in Boys Grade B group.

Under the enormous competitive pressure from many excellent swimmers in her event, Eugenie Ho got an excellent result of 41.04 secs in 50m Butterfly (Girls Grade B Group), improving from her time of 41.91 secs at the Sai Kung meet.

Peony Lee was a strong swimmer in Girls Grade C group. She won a gold in 50m freestyle (31.41 secs) and a silver in 50m back (36.96 secs). In 4x50m freestyle relay, Peony was assigned to be the lead swimmer for Sai Kung team. Sai Kung team won a silver out of 15 area teams in the relay. With the contribution from Peony, Sai Kung scored the highest out of the 15 competing areas in Girls Grade C Group and was awarded the Group Trophy. Well done Chiyu, Eugenie and Peony!

Emma Curran, Reia Kwan, Yerim Kim and Ava Jang of 4L braved the scorching heat last Sunday to hold a Bake and Slime Sale in Sai Kung Square. Having spent the week baking and slime making they managed to raise over $2400 for the Heifer Read to Feed programme. Great effort girls, well done! 



Ms. Hong will be holding baking classes during the summer and making the following  desserts: popsicle cake pops, ice cream cone cupcakes, beach ball cookies, campfire cupcakes, gone fishing brownies.

Please see attached enrolment form for more details or email Ms. Hong:  flourhk@hotmail.com






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