30 Jun 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 30 June 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents,

End of Year Music Spectacular

Our decision to postpone the music concert from Tuesday evening to Thursday 23 June was a wise one. The weather was very good ensuring a very enjoyable concert. Congratulations to all students who performed on the night in the Junior and Senior Choirs and in the Ukulele, Xylophone and Recorder groups. The range of skills demonstrated in the singing and performing was very impressive. Special thanks to Ryan Brodersen our music teacher, Ka Man Lam our music education assistant, Kathryn Cox and Helen Reed for their work with the Junior Choir and to all those staff who assisted on the night to ensure that all the logistics of the concert ran smoothly.

Year 6 End of Year

Our Year 6 students have had a very big week with their graduation assembly, an end of year trip to go bowling and a great ‘Leavers’ dinner and party at Hebe Haven on Wednesday evening.

Our Year 6 graduation ceremony on Tuesday morning was a big success, with lots of celebration, sentiment and some sadness. Speeches, student reflections and videos of students past and present were a feature.

Parent Volunteer Morning Tea

It was great to see so many parents who were able to join us for morning tea last Thursday 23 June. This was to thank parents who have volunteered their time, effort and expertise during the year to support us in a whole range of ways. Thank you to all parents who did volunteer and support us during the year.  It certainly contributes to the range of opportunities and quality of education that we are able to provide students.

End of Year Farewells

It has been a long and busy year, though it does seem to have passed quickly!  We have had a great year with much learning and many achievements and successes. I would like to wish all students and their families all the very best for the summer and hope you have the opportunity for an enjoyable and restful holiday.

Best wishes to those students and families leaving us, including of course, all our Year 6 students and families. Many students have been at CWBS for all their primary schooling and many families have been with the school for much longer than that.  Best wishes for the future with new opportunities and challenges.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates     

Friday 30 June

Last Day of Term. School closes at 12.00 noon.

Wednesday 9 August – 11 August

Uniform Shop opens 9.00am-4.00pm

Monday 14 August – Tuesday 15 August

Uniform Shop opens 8.00am – 4.00pm

Monday 14 August

First Day of School for Students in Years 2-6.

Monday 14 August –Thursday 24 August 

Year 1 Staggered Start to Year.                                                                                                                   

Year 6 How We Express Ourselves

Y6 How we express ourselves


Wǒ men rú hé biǎo dá zì jǐ



Gè wèi jiā zhǎng,  lǎo shī hé tóng xué

Parents, Teachers, family and friends

For our exhibition this year,  we explored the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability. These 17 goals have been designed to integrate global ambitions on tackling poverty, reducing inequality, combating climate change, and protecting ecosystems including oceans, forests and biodiversity. It is an ambitious and universal agenda.  If everyone works together to support the 17 global goals then our world could be a much better place by 2030.

We hope that following news stories will inspire you to take action !

Pick Your Poison by Mikul Wyer

Fleeing Terror, Finding Hope by Jade Wood

Green Is The New Black by Ashley Zhang

Girl In A Man’s World by Kate Seaward

Why Are Children Getting Fatter ? By Madeleine Samuels

Plastic Seas Continue To Harm Sea Life by Teresa Yan

Number Of Strays Worldwide Tops 500 Million By Lois Hamilton

When Will Your Atmosphere Be Unlivable by Nathan Yue

The Super Power That Can Change the World by Edward Zhu

Please click on the attached link to read our thought provoking news stories!


Mrs.Deal and the Year 6 Teachers

Chinese Campus Radio Program

The Chinese Campus Radio Program has successfully come to an end. We appreciate the efforts and contributions from the students of Year 4, 5, 6 and staff members who have supported and taken part in this program.

This year, we have had 35 students participating in the program and they were all enthusiastic and eager to apply and communicate in Chinese outside the classroom. They took the initiative to participate in this new program, created their own scripts, proofread with their peers and the teacher, and practised constantly before coming to the real broadcast. Well done!

We look forward to seeing more students display their courage and confidence in speaking Chinese language in the near future!

You are the real Risk-takers!

你们真棒!Nǐ men zhēn bàng!

Ms Fatima Yam

任老师 (Rén lǎo shī)

News From Medical Room

Medication collection!

If you have provided mediation at school for your child could you please arrange an adult to collect it from me on your child’s last day of school. If it is not collected it will be disposed of after the students have left school. For your child’s safety no medication will be sent home with students.  If this is a problem please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stay safe and have a great summer holiday!


News From Library


Congratulations go to the whole school for raising over $80,000 for the villages of Baoshan in the province of Yunnan in China but in particular the students of  Class 4W who raised a considerable amount as one class.


We would like to acknowledge and thank our Library parent volunteers who have religiously spent mornings coming in to assist in the organisation and arrangement of the Library resources. We are truly appreciative of their time and support. Thank you!


We have celebrated many cultures and languages this academic year and would like to increase our language section of the Library. We would appreciate your support and assistance. If you are visiting the country of your mother tongue, we would appreciate it if you would select and purchase a small number of picture books / popular chapter books in your mother tongue on our behalf. We would reimburse you immediately on presentation of receipt. Many thanks in advance for supporting us in the Library.


As you know holiday reading is highly beneficial to retain the progress the students have made during the year. Please find attached lists and links to some recommended book choices.

Talk by Markus Pukonen-Routes of Change

Year 4 and 6C were lucky to have a talk by Markus Pukonen, a Canadian adventurer who has challenged himself to circumnavigate the globe without using motorised transportation. That means he can’t use planes, trains, cars or motorbikes and even lots of water transport are not available to him. He entertained the children by showing them his journey so far, when he had used a sail boat, paddle board, bike, skis and even a pogo stick!

Markus is keen to highlight our ecological footprint, as well as showing that we can all make a difference by our actions.

Please follow Marcus, and even consider supporting him financially at http://routesofchange.org/

Justine Taylor 
Environmental Coordinator

PTA Information

The PTA shop will be open on Thursday 10 August and Friday 11 August from 9am – 2pm. The PTA sells second hand uniform, all stationery on the Year 4-6 Stationery List, book bags and bags as well as headphones, mosquito repellent bands, cards and second hand books. The CWBS school bags are now back in stock and can be purchased for $250.

For those wishing to order hot lunches in August please download the form from the website and send it directly to Tastee Gourmet. Please note that there will be no not lunches for Year One in August. Order details for the new lunch supplier will be available on the website by August.

Furniture For Sale

Furniture For Sale – All in good condition


  • Children’s desk in various colours:

6 tables available $100 each

800mm (L) x 800mm (W)

Table top height is adjustable – Currently 4 tables at 520mm (H) and 2 tables at 650mm (H)

For enquiries, please contact Office Manager, Ada Chung at ada.chung@cwbs.edu.hk or 2358 3221.

Student Achievements

On 18 June, Hayleigh Gresham (5M) attended her first solo ballet competition, Fouette 2017. She took a lot of time to prepare and effort to make it succeed. She was nervous while waiting, when it was her turn, she leaped onto the stage and tried my very best. She could not get the timing right in the beginning, she took a deep breathe and flashed back the advice her teacher had given her and danced till to the end! Her expression, confidence and strength led her to win the first prize. Well done, Hayleigh!

Alfie Stevens (4L) and Archie McConnochie (4W) went for a swim event in Deep Water Bay a couple of weeks ago and they took it in themselves to clean up the beach! Good job Alfie and Archie!

Estella Lau (2C) participated in the ESF Annual Gymnastics Tournament 2017 Hawk Level Group F on Sunday 18 June and came home with one silver medal and a cup for the first time! The tournament was held at South Island School early in the morning and the pouring rain did not seem to affect Estella’s high spirit as she was really looking forward to some good fun. Competition was fierce and she managed to keep her performance and was awarded 1st runner-up in the floor event and 2nd runner-up in the individual all-around section. It was a real treat to see her grow and share her joy on Father’s day!

Amélie Millen (2H) also competed in this fantastic event. She was a brave Risk Taker, had a wonderful time and was awarded 2nd runner up in the bar, vault and floor events and overall first runner-up in her age group. A proud moment for both Amélie and her family!






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