4 Nov 2016

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 4 November 2016

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents

Welcome to New Students and Families

I would like to welcome the 4 new students and their families who commenced at Clearwater Bay on 1 November: Hector Benady (1C), Laura Yang (1G), Tiffany Lee (3J) and Aidan Leung (6R).

CIS Preliminary Evaluation Visit

We had our CIS Preliminary Evaluation visit from Monday to Thursday this week. The 2 CIS team members conducting the visit spoke to key staff involved in the different aspects of the school’s operations being reviewed including, purpose and direction, governance and leadership, curriculum, teaching and learning, student well-being, staffing, facilities and home school partnerships. They also spoke to the School Council and groups of students, staff and parents. We expect to receive their report before the end of term and will then commence the next stage of the accreditation process which is the self study leading up to the re-accreditation visit in March 2018. More details later.

Panda Road School, Chengdu Visit to CWBS

Thank you to those Year 6 students and families who have volunteered to host students from our sister school Panda Road School in Chengdu, who are visiting CWBS and Hong Kong next week. Students, staff and parents from Panda Road School will be visiting us from Wednesday 9 to Friday 11 November. As well as an overnight stay, students join in English, Art and PE classes with our Year 6 students on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning.

Our reciprocal visit to Panda Road School and Chengdu for Year 5 students is scheduled for later in the school year, in May 2017.  More details will be provided to all Year 5 students and parents next term.

Year 6 Beijing Trip

Yes it’s back! The Year 6 trip to Beijing which took place every year up until 2 years ago is now back on the agenda for this year. We will be sending details home to all Year 6 families next week of the proposed trip for May 2017.


Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 are excitedly looking forward to camp which is now only 2 weeks away. As well as class teachers, additional teachers also attend each camp to ensure a lower student staff ratio and to provide extra care and support. This year Mr Broderson and Ms Ryan will be attending the first Year 4 camp, with Mr Hayes and Ms Deal attending the second one. Mr Craig and Ms Barwell will be attending Year 5 camp and Ms Kroeker the Year 6 camp. As well, a member of the leadership team also typically attends each camp whenever possible. This year Ms Harris and Mr Kean will be attending the respective Year 4 camps, Ms Derrick will be attending Year 5 and Ms Muldoon and myself will be attending Year 6 camp. Mr Mead has also kindly agreed to attend the Year 5 camp in place of Ms Baddeley who is now very pregnant. Ms Baddeley will teach Mr Mead’s Year 3 class for the 3 days of camp.

Annual School Fair

A committed group of parents are working extremely hard to organize our annual fair to celebrate our 25th year. An ’International’ theme has been chosen to celebrate our rich cultural diversity evident throughout the school. The fair is a major school event in the annual calendar and easily the biggest community and fundraising event for the PTA.  All proceeds do support the school so please come along on Saturday from 1-5pm to enjoy and support this great event. There will be lots of food, stalls and entertainment as usual. I am sure the PTA would still welcome any last minute help so if you have not already volunteered and can assist for an hour or so on the day please contact the PTA office and let them know.

Funds raised by the fair this year will go to continuing to improve the playground amenity for students with extra shade umbrellas, seating, equipment (both sporting and construction) and games.  We also hope to buy Chinese readers, mother tongue books and more home readers. 

Year 5/6 Disco

Year 5 and 6 students enjoyed a Halloween themed disco last Friday evening. These social events are held regularly throughout the year by the PTA. There are also Year 1 / 2 and Year 3 / 4 socials planned for Term 2 so keep an eye on the newsletter and school calendar for these. Thank you to all those parents who assisted on the night, ensuring a safe and enjoyable evening for all.  Also to Ms Rachel Muldoon who represented the school and leadership team.


We celebrated ‘Diwali’ across the school recently with student presentations and dances at assemblies. Class 2H worked with Ms Chainrai to produce some wonderful rangoli drawings to celebrate this special event in the Hindu calendar for many of our students and families. chris1 

Chris Hamilton


Handwriting Competition Winners

Earlier this term, we ran a handwriting competition for all students from Year 2 – Year 6. We are happy to announce the winners. There are 2 winners each class, 1 for achievement and 1 for effort. We would like to thank everyone for taking part.





Catherine Liu

Amelie Millen


Claire Shao

Lola Bovenlander


Marcus Tam

Marcus Alberts


Abi Lowe

Emily Gibson


Rola Huang

Connie Gibson


Cameron Black

Ella Rutherford


Daisy Chen

Minni Kember-Cheah


Zadie King

Oliver Dawson


Zara Weston

Kyle Lee


Michael Yi

Henry Barnes


Megan Zhang

Mason Wilkinson


Kevin Lee

Gabriel Moore


Cynthia Mu

Jordan Eustace


Maria Bisco De Alvarenga

Elyna Gill


Ryan Keg

Alan Lok


Jimmy Chow

Adrian Cheung


Danielle Leung

Julien Layes


Edward Zhu

Lucas Yuen


Brian Yuen

Tobias Wong


Teresa Yan

Zach Linnitt

Diary Dates

Tuesday 8 November

Year 1 2017/18 Prospective Parent Information Session 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 9 November – Friday 11 November

Panda Road School, Chengdu Visit

Thursday 10 November

Parent Coffee Morning – The PYP ( IB Primary Years Program)  8.45am-10.00am

Girls Netball at KGV 2.00-4.00pm

Monday 14 November- Wednesday 16 November

Year 4L & 4C Camp at Cheung Chau

Monday 14 November – Friday 18 November

Year 6 Camp at Outward Bound, Sai Kung

Wednesday 16 November – Friday 18 November

Year 5 Camp at Pui O, Lantau

Friday 18 November

Year 1-3 Assembly (Year 3 hosting)

Monday 21 November – Wednesday 23 November

Year 4W & 4T Camp at Cheung Chau

Tuesday 22 November

Year 2B Performance and Parent Happening 9.15am

Wednesday 23 November

Year 2H Performance and Parent Happening 9.15am

Thursday 24 November

Year 1-3 Sports Day at HKUST track 9.00am-1.00pm

Friday 25 November

Year 2C Performance and Parent Happening 1.30pm

Tuesday 29 November

Year 2A Performance and Parent Happening 9.15am

Wednesday 30 November

Year 4-6 Sports Day at HKUST 9.00am-1.00pm

News From Library


Every year, Clearwater Bay School participate in the Hong Kong Young Writers Award Competition celebrating young writers, with some students at CWBS notably winning awards. An information meeting at school for all interested Year 4-6 students was held recently giving details of the competition. If any Year 4-6 students who missed this meeting wish to participate, please come and see Mrs. Barwell or Mrs. Harris for information. Further details are on our presentation slide on the Cahoot Library Page. Please note that all individual entries have to go through the school. The Student advice drop in sessions will be held on 10 & 23 November.

Competition official website – http://www.hkywa.com/

News From Medical Room


Welcome back to term 1, I trust all mid-term breaks went well.

Year 4, 5 & 6 camps are rapidly approaching and I would like to remind you of the following.


Gateway is where we access all the medical information about your child to use as reference, especially during camp.

  • Please ensure ALL information is correct, specific and up-to-date.
  • Please remember to be clear about any food allergies and ensure your child knows what they can and cannot eat.
  • Please be reminded that the ‘emergency contact’ will only be used if the parents cannot be contacted. It is therefore important that this number is a number of a close relative, helper or trusted friend and NOT your own number repeated.


A teacher or myself will be stationed at a table in the playground the morning of camps to receive medication your child requires whilst on camp. Please make note of the following;

  • The medication needs to be in its original packaging clearly labeled in English with the following:
    • Child full Name
    • Class
    • Name of medication
    • Required dose & times
  • Please ensure any medication sent in needs to be accompanied by its delivery device such as a measured teaspoon, syringe (for oral administration) or spacer (for inhalers) to ensure accurate dose is administered.
  • Do not bring in medication ‘just in case’. The teachers cannot decided whether your child does or does not require the medication (allergies and asthma are an exception)
  • If your child suffers from a mild-severe allergy and has required an antihistamine for this in the past please bring this in.
  • If your child requires medication for an acute illness such as antibiotics for a chest infection please seriously consider if your child should be attending camp.

Mother Tongue Story Sessions

At Clearwater Bay School we are fortunate with the range of nationalities that our community represents.

To support out students in their mother tongue, we will be running monthly story reading sessions in a variety of languages. If you are free on a Thursday during lunch time 12:20-1:00pm and would be interested in reading a story to students in your home language, please click on the link below to register.

Thank you to those people who have already signed up. We will be in contact with you soon.


Mrs Harris and Mrs Barwell.

Click here to register

Child Protection Policy

Child Welfare at CWBS

The following article has been prompted by the CIS visit that took place this week and is related to child protection. CIS Standard E2 states: The school has documented and implemented effective written policies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children who are students at the school. 

As a school community, the safety and protection of the students in our care is our first and foremost priority. We believe that it is every child’s right to live in conditions that promote the optimum development of their intellectual, physical, emotional and social well-being. At CWBS all staff have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of students under the ESF Child Protection Policy.

The policy outlines the guidelines and procedures that are in place across the Foundation, it is available on our school website.

I am the child protection officer for CWBS. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kathy Derrick

Vice Principal

New Schemes to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

Clearwater Bay School was successful in applying to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to be included in two schemes.

These were:

  • Greening School Subsidy Scheme in which we were awarded $5000 for a garden plot project and $2000 for a greening activity.
  • One Person, One Flower and Planting Herbs in School scheme. We have had 165 seedlings delivered to school and we are hoping to involve some children in Year 3 in planting and monitoring the growth of these seedlings.

We are looking forward to involving the children in these schemes and submitting an activity record to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Chinese Phrase


Winter Clothes Drive

Winter Clothes Drive from Christian Action

If anyone has any winter clothes that are in good condition and would like to donate them to refugees in Hong Kong, please send them into school to Ms Taylor or Ms Gormally by Friday 11 November.

Girls’ Football Tournament

Girls’ Football Tournament at Peak School


This year’s girls’ football team is getting a reputation as a team that warms slowly, but finishes hot. Another four goal haul for our super striker. What is that called again? And a solid defensive display by our central defender. Our CWBS team of 6, played 3 games, in a tournament organised by ex CWBS PE teacher Mr Irwin, on Saturday 29 October, at Peak School. The first 2 teams we played were Quarry Bay and Kennedy. They played well and beat us convincingly. Quarry Bay first team has now beaten us twice in two different tournaments. We did manage to score a goal against Kennedy, which set us up for our final game. We beat Quarry Bay second team by scoring 5 goals.

The girls in the team were Mara Williams (6M), Claudia Brunner (5M), Dhani Cadman (5G), Sadie Casey (5M), Saga Steindorsdottir (4C) and Rou Zhou (5J). Our coach was Mr Li.

Thanks to our supportive parents, and to Mr Hamilton and Mr McCann, who came to cheer us on the day.

Student Achievements

Anthony Ip (1W) and Hailey Yeung (1G) show their kindness for the children from Syria by taking part in the Walk For Syria organised by World Vision on Saturday 29 October, 2016. They managed to finish a 4K walk up hill. Well done, Anthony and Hailey!






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