3 Mar 2017

PTA Newsletter – Friday 3 March 2017

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PTA News

Following problems with the zippers on the school bags, we have now received the first delivery of school bags back from the supplier. These have new, better quality zippers. If you have a school bag with a broken zipper please bring it back to the PTA office and we will exchange it for you.

Aston Wilson, the uniform supplier, met with us last week. We gave feedback about the winter fleece, PE trousers and hats. Some parents have reported that the zips on the fleece jackets don’t wear well so Aston Wilson have agreed to change the zip. They will also repair zips free of charge in the first year after purchase (you would need to present a receipt) or for a charge of $50 for fleeces more than a year old. They suggested that parents wait for warmer weather before sending fleeces for repair, as it will take approximately two weeks. Aston Wilson agreed to look at the stitching and design of the PE trousers to try and improve the knee area of the garment which is prone to ripping. For the hats, Aston Wilson will produce a sample with an area for children’s name to be written on the underside of the brim. Hats are a problem when it comes to lost property so we would like names to be easier to see. For security and safety names can’t be on the outside of the hat where they would be clearly visible for anyone to read and call the child by name, as children do wear their hats outside of school.

Bingo night took place last Friday and it was a lot of fun. A big thank you to Tara Delaney for being the MC and to all the parents who volunteered.

Next week is Green Week and we know the children are excited about all the activities. On the 10 March, Fruity Friday will take place. The PTA will donate some money to buy fruit for the children to try during their morning snack. Thank you to those who have volunteered to help with this – we need two volunteers per class to shop for, wash, cut and deliver fruit so if you’d like to be involved then please email the PTA office or get in touch with your class contact.


Quite a few buses have been arriving at school well before 8am. School and PTA staff have reminded the bus companies that this is not acceptable. Staff are not on duty until 8am so there is no-one to take care of any children who are dropped off at school earlier.

General Meeting

The PTA General Meeting will take place on Monday 13 March at 6:00 pm. This meeting provides parents with the chance to understand what is going on with the PTA and to share their views on agenda items. As part of the meeting Chris Hamilton and Brendan Kean will run a focus group on the future direction of CWBS. This will be an opportunity for parents to give feedback on current CWBS programmes and share their views and suggestions on the future of the school.

If you are interested in being on the committee then please email the PTA office and come along to the meeting. If you are interested in being actively involved in supporting the school then the PTA Committee is a great way to do this – the Committee meets about 7 times per year.  Refreshments will be served at the meeting so do RSVP by emailing the PTA office.

Events in March & April

10 March – Fruity Friday, Morning Snack!

10 March – Year 1 & 2 Social – Mad Hatter’s Pizza Party, 6 – 7:30pm

13 March – PTA General Meeting, 6pm

28 April – Year 3 & 4 Social, 6 – 7:30pm

PTA Shop

The PTA sells a variety of items, including stationery, lined white boards for handwriting practice, recorders, hair ties, second hand uniform, tennis balls, mosquito repellent, second hand uniform and second hand books and DVDs. We also stock cards and wrapping paper.

We’re accepting any second hand books or DVDs you’d like to donate, please drop them off at the PTA office.



Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer. For more information, please see the attached brochure and enrollment formTo reserve a place or arrange for a trial class, please email Ms. Hong at flourhk@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/flourhk

Watch the Junior Bakers in action: https://youtu.be/vOUuKWhIXms



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