23 Jun 2017

PTA Newsletter – Friday 23 June 2017

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PTA News

It’s been a busy term for the PTA with Socials, Sausage Sizzles, Pie Day, Bingo and the Second-Hand Book Sale. A huge thank you to all the parent volunteers who have helped with these events and in other ways throughout the term and the school year. Without you, it would just not be possible.

The book sale last week raised over $6000 towards the climbing frame so we decided to hold another one today. Thank you to Hollie Arnulphy and Olivia Morley for organizing this. The Bingo Evening last Friday was a lot of fun and this week the PTA and parent organisers are busy with planning for the Year 6 Leavers events next week.

The PTA would like to sincerely thank all the class contacts who have filled a vital role liaising between the PTA and the class parents.  Your assistance in recruiting volunteers and helping with events is invaluable.

The PTA still has a lot of sorting out to do before the end of the school year so if you are free on Monday to help sort uniform, lost property or tidy up the office please drop in anytime during the school day!


27 June– Year 6 Bowling

28 June – Year 6 Leavers Party

28 June – Staff Appreciation Lunch (dishes needed, please see below)

A big thank you to Emma Linnitt who has done a wonderful job organizing the lunch for the last few years.

Hot Lunches

The August lunch order form from Tastee Gourmet will be available on the PTA website next week. If you wish to order lunch for your child in August, please submit the form and payment to the PTA office by Thursday 29 June. After the 29 June forms and payment should be sent directly to Tastee (details on the order form).

There will be two suppliers working at CWBS from August giving children and parents more choice. Our existing supplier, Tastee Gourmet, will continue to operate a hot lunch service. They will be improving the quality of their lunches by including more vegetables, removing the unhealthiest options, using free range eggs and swapping to better quality oil (coconut oil and olive oil). There will be a price increase to $32 per meal and the ordering will be done in the same way. Please note that from August there will be a fee for late submission of the lunch order to cover the company’s administrative costs.

A second supplier will offer hot lunches that can be ordered online directly with the company. These meals will be organic (where possible), using high quality produce from selected farmers and suppliers, imported (not from China) meat, free-range eggs, more vegetables and protein to carbohydrate, good quality oil (coconut /olive). The menus are developed and designed by a Michelin starred chef and are highly nutritious for children. These will be available in two portion sizes at $45 and $49 per meal.

Save Our Oceans School Fair –Saturday 4 November 2017

Thank you to those who have offered to help with the organisation. We do need someone to coordinate the class games/ stalls, one or two overall fair coordinators and someone to look after advance ticket and token sales. Please contact the PTA office if you are interested in getting involved – there are volunteers who will support you in your role so it doesn’t need to be too time-consuming. We do rely on volunteers to run the fair, which will be fundraising for new climbing equipment and safety flooring for the playground.

If you are able to donate a Silent Auction prize for the fundraising efforts, new toys, new clothing or gifts then please get in touch.

Online Forms and Payments

In our efforts to go paper-free the PTA is moving towards online invoicing to replace cheque and cash payments. Please be aware of this when you receive sign up forms after the summer holidays. The PTA office would like to link the online forms to invoicing and payment. If anyone has some expertise in this area and can advise on or help to set up an efficient (low cost) online payment option please contact the PTA office.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

The staff appreciation lunch will take place on Wednesday 28 June from 12 noon. Parents are asked to send in food that is ready to serve. Please contact the PTA if you can provide some food and we will put you in touch with Emma Linnitt who has kindly agreed to coordinate again this year.

When sending food into school please remember our “no nuts” policy.  Hot dishes should be delivered to the staff room as close to 12 noon as possible as we do not have facilities to cook or reheat food in school.  Other food can be dropped off in the PTA office from 8am.


The PTA shop sells all stationery on the Year 4-6 Stationery List. The prices are equivalent or lower than in most stationery shops and any profit will go towards the playground fundraising efforts. We will also be selling stationery packs, which include all stationery on the list with the exception of the book bag and pencil case. Stationery will be available from 9  August.

PTA Shop

As well as the stationery the PTA sells a variety of items, including, lined white boards for handwriting practice, recorders, hair ties, second hand uniform, tennis balls, mosquito repellent and second hand uniform. We also stock cards and wrapping paper.

We stock volume-limiting, foldable headphones which are great for holiday use.

Parents are always welcome to pop in for a cup of tea or coffee.

The shop will be open from Weds 9 Aug – Friday 11 August 10am – 2pm and every day for the first few weeks of term.

News From Medical Room

Medication collection!

If you have provided mediation at school for your child could you please arrange an adult to collect it from me on your child’s last day of school. If it is not collected it will be disposed of after the students have left school. For your child’s safety no medication will be sent home with students.  If this is a problem please do not hesitate to contact us.


Medication for Next Year

If in the next school year you wish for medication to be kept in the medical room for your child please ensure it is handed directly to the class teacher or nurse as soon as possible at the start of the year. It will need to be accompanied with the correct form which can be obtained from the school nurse, in hard copy or via email nurse@cwbs.edu.hk.

Examples of forms;

Action Plans are required to provide the nurse or first aid designated staff member with some guidance as to what circumstances you wish for your child to receive their medication. It also gives us an indication on the severity of their allergy, asthma or diabetes. They provide authority for medication to be given only ‘when required’ and not on a regular basis.

Allergy Action Plan – For allergies that require antihistamines or epi-pens available at school or on excursions.

Asthma Action Plan- For students suffering from asthma that require their reliever inhaler (salbutamol/Ventolin) from time to time.    

Diabetes Action Plan – For diabetic students ONLY and will need to be provided in conjunction with a long term medication authority form (complete with doctors signature) and an insulin sliding scale

Short Term Medication Authority – For any students requiring medication for an acute health problem such as pain relief for recent injury, ear drops for ear infection, acute asthma requiring Ventolin regularly before PE…….

Long Term Medication Authority- For students with a long term condition or illness that requires regular medication in school hours such as diabetes requiring insulin, ADHD requiring medication such as Ritalin- you will need to provide evidence such as a doctors signature on the form or a separate doctors letter indicating that the medication is required to be taken in school hours.




Ms. Hong will be holding baking classes during the summer and making the following  desserts: popsicle cake pops, ice cream cone cupcakes, beach ball cookies, campfire cupcakes, gone fishing brownies.

Please see attached enrolment form for more details or email Ms. Hong:  flourhk@hotmail.com





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