1 Feb 2019

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 1 February

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Principal’s News

CWBS Students participate in ESF running event

On Saturday the 20th of January, a group of students from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 attended a fun running event at KGV school along with many other ESF school students.  The children ran a distance of between 1000 to 2000 metres depending on their age group. All of our CWBS students did a great job, pacing themselves throughout the race and finding energy for a final sprint at the end.  Although there were no formal places awarded, it was exciting to see Florence come first in the year 6 girls race and Poppy and Brianna come 1st and 2nd respectively in the Year 5 girls race. Congratulations to all our CWBS runners for taking part and doing their very best.  Here are some comments from a few of the children who took part.

“The race was really hard and my heart was beating really fast. At the end my lungs were about to explode but I was proud that I had finished.”Carl 5R

“When I arrived I felt a little bit nervous but once I got there I tried to be braver.  When the race started I was nervous again. After the race I was tired but I felt better and was proud that I had completed the race.” Ina 4T

“When I got there I felt excited but as I was running through the race I realised that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.  I kept on running because I wanted to finish the race in at most 45 minutes. My record was 30 minutes but I ran it in 25 minutes which was really good.”  Owen 3C

“I felt that it was quite nice when you came down the last stretch and everyone was supporting you. I had a nice feeling that everyone was participating and trying their best.”  Florence 6A

A big thank you to Ms Climie and Ms Cadman for coordinating our team on the day.

Year 2 Learning Journeys – How we express ourselves

Year 2 students have been busy being creative in the recent unit of inquiry; how we express ourselves. Students inquired into how we can express our ideas, values and cultures through stories. Throughout the unit students developed their communication, self management and collaboration skills by inquiring together into a variety stories, they then used these stories to write their own scripts in groups. Parents and buddy classes were captivated by the students’ performances which were told through acting, Chinese, music, choral speaking, mime, dancing, technology and puppetry.


Misty Adoniou & learning to spell

Last week teachers, students and parents were extremely fortunate to have Professor Misty Adoniou from the University of Canberra share her research on planning, teaching and assessing spelling.  In both classes and in meetings with each year level team Misty modelled a word study approach to spelling and shared her research on the importance of students knowing strategies to spell instead of learning words by memorising word lists. Teachers inquired into using students spelling errors from their written work to help them assess and plan for spelling in conjunction with the CWBS spelling overview.

Over 80 parents attended the parent information evening, an excellent turn out, with lots of positive feedback received in relation to teaching students and supporting them to become confident spellers.  Please access the password protected area on the school website to view the video and read the slides of the parent evening. If you have trouble with accessing then please contact the office. The CWBS spelling overview is available on the school website. There will be more articles to follow in regards to supporting your students with strategies to support them in learning to spell at home in upcoming newsletters.

Misty Adoniou working with students on Spelling strategies.

 Parents attend “Learning to spell using a word study approach”

Student Council take action and rename the Football Roof

The student council has recently taken action by changing the name of the Football Roof! We decided to change the name to the Sky Ground to encourage us all to play a variety of games and activities in the area, rather than mostly football. We used our student voice to think of many different creative names, such as Astroground, Multisports Roof and many more! After a series of votes, we have decided on the name Sky Ground.

Year 6 Taster Day

108 very excited Y6 students made their way to KGV for a Taster Day on Tuesday January 22. Taster Day is an annual ESF event where all students attending an ESF Secondary School visit the school for a day. First impressions were; it’s a big school! There were multiple facilities – it was really easy to get lost. We were buddied up with a Y10 mentor for the day in groups of 3-4. The day was spent touring KGV and learning a little bit about how the school works. Our day was a fabulous experience and we can’t wait for next year.

Amelie So and Leo Kloth

CNY Banner

Thank you to Ms Yuen, Mrs Saunders and the following students for their creative CNY banner to celebrate the year of the pig.

Florence Williams, Willa Benady, Maggie Pratt, Bryan Jiang, Jennifer Li, Beth Bailey, Michael Lee, Riccine Lin, James Bevan, Mason Wilkinson, Sophia Yu, Stephanie Fang, Jessie Tan, Alfie Stevens, Henry Barnes, Kyle Lee, Chloe Robertson, Reia Kwan, Isabella Somerville, Harman Panjeta.

International Schools’ Assessment (ISA)

Students from Y4-6 at CWBS participate in the ISA assessments annually. The ISA results have been released for this year and all parents with a child in Y4-6, have received an email with instructions regarding this. On Wednesday of this week, approximately 30 parents attended an information coffee morning. It was great to see so many parents in attendance. If you would like to learn more about ISA, please click on the following link: ISA website.

Best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity to all families for the Year of the Pig!

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Monday 11 February – First day of school after CNY break

Thursday 14 February – Year 5 Learning Journey 8.30-10.00am

Friday 15 February – PTA Sausage sizzle lunch

Friday 15 February –   Yrs 1-3 Assembly (Year 1 hosting) 1.50pm

Monday 18 February – Year 1 beach trip

Tuesday 19 February – Year 5 Chengdu Trip – parent meeting 6.30-7.15pm

Friday 22 February – Yrs 4-6 Assembly (Year 4 hosting)  1.50pm

Friday 22 February – PTA – Year 5 & 6 Social

Friday 1 March – IB coffee morning for parents


Message From The CWBS Office

This is a reminder to all parents about arriving late, picking up a child early and notifying the school of a student’s absence.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives at school after 8:30am, they must come to the office to sign in.

Early Pick Up

If you are picking up your child early, whether it’s for an appointment, family event or from the nurse, parents are required to go to the front office to sign their child out.

These procedures are in place to ensure that students’ attendance records are accurate and up to date.  Records often need to be cross checked for school bus, after school activities, and in emergency situations.


If your child is sick or attending other matters which will make them absent for the day, it is important that the parents inform the school by email ( info@cwbs.edu.hk ) or phone (2358 3221). Parents need to provide the reason for being absent (sick, family, tournament etc) and if the child is sick please let us know the symptoms. The school is required to notify the Health Department should we notice a pattern of certain illness.

Green News

Thank you to all families for your enthusiastic support of Green Week. You may have helped your child to make a trashion item, given a donation to our two chosen charities – HK Shark Foundation and the Masarang Foundation – thought about food packaging and meat consumption or helped the PTA with the Fruity Friday initiative. Every action you have taken, however big or small, helps to guide our children in good practises for the future. Please keep up the good work, even when Green Week is over.

Here are some photos of some of the Green Week activities and also some quotes from our amazing Eco-warriors.

Green week was amazing! Thank you to all the parents and students who raised money for charity. You did a great job! – Attarva 4L

I enjoyed the day when everybody brought no plastic packaging. If we could do that once a week, we could make a big difference. – Esme 3C

Something I enjoyed about Green Week was the meat free day because I love vegetables more than meat and I was happy to see most of year 3 had vegetables. – Pui Sze 3M

We tried a new picnic idea even though the weather was a little cold and we had to walk to the park area. The buddies and teddies were a good idea and the event was well executed. – Liam 4T

Thank you to everyone for helping during Green Week including Andrea Richie from the Hong Kong Shark Foundation. We hope that both charities will use the money wisely. – Mason 6C

My favourite part of green week is Trashion because making the costumes was fun. – Seren 3S

I thank everyone who participated in Green Week and we would love you to join Eco-Warriors next year. – Yubin 6M

I think that Green Week is probably one of my favourite parts of the year because the whole school tries to be eco-friendly. – Nandana 5J

I loved the Shark-fin presentation during Green Week because it told us lots of information about sharks. – Roger 4L

I liked the talk by Andrea Richie because it was inspiring and had lots of ways we could help. – Minnie 6H

Green week is great because it encourages everyone to go ‘eco’ at school and hopefully at home. – Ella 6A

I loved the picnic on Monday because we can have fun in nature. – Shellie 4R.

We tried a new thing (the picnic) which was a success! – Poppy 5B

My favourite part of green week was the talk by Andrea about shark fins because she spread a lot of awareness about the dangers of shark fin soup – Brianna 5K


HKUST Beach Clean Up

For Green Week, students living in the HKUST campus went to a nearby beach and collected 20-30 bags of trash.
I believe this was a very meaningful activity for the community and CWBS and am grateful that Green Week gave us a good motivation. We are discussing making this an annul Green Week activity in the community. – Jean (Jun’s mum 4R)
List of CWBS participants:

Jun Lee 4R, Christopher Kim 4L, Yujun Lim 5B, Yejun Lim 1C, Dawson Wang 4E, Praneel Mukherjee 2D, Michael Lee 6S, Albert Lee 3C, Maija Lee 1S, Tom Xiang 5B, Tal Mukhopadhyay 5J, Abhijay Srivastava 4E

Student Achievements 

Florence Williams (6A) came 1st overall in the 3K Sun Life Resolution run on the 27.01.19. Also, she came 1st in the ESF 3K competition on the 26.01.19. She also won her age group at the ESF KGV cross country competition on the 19.01.19. 

Poppy, Brianna and Mikah ran in the Sun Life Resolution Run today (Sunday 27th January). The race was 3km and the girls decided to run it as a team and entered the school cup competition. All of their times were added together and they came in 1st place. 



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