2 Feb 2018

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 2 February

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Parent information evening – supporting student’s Writing
Dr Misty Adoniou, Associate Professor of language and literacy at the University of Canberra in Australia conducted a parent information evening on Tuesday 29th January about supporting students’ writing development at both home and school. The session was very well attended and the feedback from those who attended was very positive.

The workshop highlighted the importance of quality books and literature in developing students vocabulary, language understanding (eg grammar) and hence their writing (as well as reading skills). The key message for parents is to read good books to students at home. This means not only listening to your child read their book at their reading level but also reading some quality story/book/literature that is beyond their reading level, to them on a regular basis through into the upper primary years. Don’t stop when you or they judge they can read their own books or chapter books. Keep reading good literature to older students as this continues to benefit their learning of language and their writing development.

Using rich texts and quality literature to scaffold students writing development is the job of skilled teachers at school. This week on Monday and Tuesday, Misty worked with teachers in all year level teams, assisting them to identify important language patterns and structures in keys texts used in Units of Inquiry and then to scaffold learning engagements to improve students writing. For example, Year 3 teachers were looking at language structures in the key texts to be used in their ‘How the World Works inquiry’ and then how to use these to improve the way students write explanations as part of their scientific inquiries.

Year 1 Admissions
We completed the main round of interviews for Year 1 admissions interviews for 2018/19 this week. This involved 160 interviews over seven days with three sessions of eight students a day. All parents were also interviewed by me or Mr Kean, Vice Principal. Offers of a place will be emailed out on February 14th. This year we included the relevant class teacher from Abacus Kindergarten on the interview panels of their students. This proved to be very successful as it provided a greater level of knowledge and insight into students and their overall development.

Green Week
Green Week was a big success last week with the feature activities each day helping to raise environmental awareness and promote sustainability at school and home! A big thank you to Ms Justine Taylor for all her efforts in organizing the week!

Elephant Ivory Ban
Ms Cadman and a group of students and parents attended the vote in LEGCO to ban Ivory sales in Hong Kong on Wednesday afternoon. The successful vote to ban the trade in Hong Kong comes after several years of CWBS students playing an active role in advocating and lobbying for this issue. Over the years many Year 6 exhibition groups have taken action on this issue and several students were able to address LEGCO earlier this year.

Congratulations to everyone for their action to support this issue over the last five years. It does show that students really can ‘make a difference’!

Please see the following link for news about this issue and CWBS students’ involvement including the banner taken to LEGCO and the video clip of students addressing LEGCO earlier this year.

School Council Meeting
The school Council met on Wednesday evening with the key items discussed being:
• ISA assessment data
• Report of the Audit conducted in Term 1, presented by the ESF Chief Auditor
Finance, Staffing and Facilities reports were also tabled and discussed.

Chinese New Year assembly and dress up day
An assembly to celebrate Chinese New Year will be held on Wednesday 14th February on the main playground from 9.00 – 10.00am. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate festive Chinese clothing to celebrate CNY and the Year of the Dog. Parents are most welcome to attend.

Best wishes,

Chris Hamilton

Diary Dates

Friday 2 February

Year 4-6 assembly (Year 6 hosting)

Friday 2 February

Year 3 & 4 Social 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Mon 5 & Tues 6 February

School photos

Wednesday 7 February

Year 5 Learning Journey

Thursday 8 February

Theatre Club ‘Scheherezade’ performance 6.30-8.00pm

Friday 9 February

Year 4 Learning Journey

Friday 9 February

Years 1-3 Assembly (Year 3 hosting) 1.50pm

Wednesday 14 February

CNY Assembly 9.00-10.00am

Thursday 15 February

CPD Day – School closed for Students

Fri 16 to Sun 25 Feb

Mid term break – CNY

Monday 26 February

First day of school after mid term break

Wednesday 28 February

Year 5 Chengdu Trip – parent information meeting 6.30pm

Learning Technology

Every child should have brought home a copy of the ‘Be Internet Awesome’ pledge. Hopefully you have been able to share the pledge as a family and have it displayed in a prominent place! If you would like more copies of the pledge, you can pick them up in the school office.

Family Media Agreements
Research shows that children benefit from having clear rules and boundaries when accessing technology at home. At CWBS, we follow our ‘Be Internet Awesome’ guidelines, and we have created a downloadable ‘Family Media Agreement’ for parents and students to use at home. Some of our older students will be using these at school. To download the agreement, please click the link below…

Family Media Agreement

For more information about how we use technology at Clearwater Bay School, please check the updated website pages under ‘Learning at CWBS’.

Green Week

 We had lots of exciting activities happening during Green Week; from Nude Food day on Monday, to Fruity Friday and Trashion shows. Many classes enjoyed walking in nature and created art or poetry based on the experience. Lots of us committed to reducing our use of plastic straws by signing our giant straws. Thank you to all parents and staff for supporting the children to have an excellent week.

ESF Cross Country Run

We had almost 70 students from Years 3 – 6 participate in the ESF cross country run at KGV last Saturday morning. It was a fantastic morning with every students who set out to run finishing the race. This is a great achievement considering it was the first time many students had run this distance. Although there were no awards for finishers, I would like to acknowledge several individual achievements (top 3 results):

Year 3 girls – Rachel Xing 1st
Year 3 boys – Alex Fisher 2nd
Year 4 girls – Poppy Worthington 1st
Year 4 girls – Brianna Searle 3rd
Year 5 girls – Florence Williams 1st
Year 5 girls – Ella Loiteron 2nd
Year 6 girls – Sadie Casey 2nd
Year 6 girls – Claudia Brunner 3rd
Year 6 boys – Bink Nieuland 1st

Overall, it was incredibly pleasing to see so many runners turning up for the event. For those that are interested, there is another running event at Discover College on Saturday March 10 for Years 3-6. We will be sending a select group of students to attend this event. Please see the email sent to all Year 3 -6 parents on 31 January if you would like your child to trial for the event on Thursday February 8 after school from 2:45pm – 4:15pm.

This exciting day was a precursor to the upcoming Year 6 Exhibition unit, where the students can choose a Global Goal to advocate for through a variety of ways.

Year 6 Agents of Change Conference

Last Thursday 25th January, the Year 6 students were fortunate enough to visit a variety of non-government organisations (NGO) speakers at Kowloon Junior School in preparation for their upcoming exhibition.

Dr. Merrin Pearse (a sustainability strategist) started the morning with an enthusiastic introduction to how ONE person can make a difference in small ways. Students were encouraged to get M.A.D (Make A Difference) through noticing things and taking action by simply asking questions to challenge the ways things were done.

The day allowed the students to listen to three different NGO speakers that they were interested in to find further information about. The speakers spoke to the students about how their organisation makes a difference, which of the Global Goals for sustainable development that they were working towards and the different ways students can support.

This exciting day was a precursor to the upcoming Year 6 Exhibition unit, where the students can choose a Global Goal to advocate for through a variety of ways.

Hong Kong Writers Award

Thank you to all students who have worked hard on a piece of writing or drawing artwork for the 2018 HK Young writers award.
The successful student entries that have been submitted for Clearwater Bay school are:


Year 3
Jason Lu
Rishi Butani

Year 5
Khrish Butani

Year 6
Hayleigh Gresham
Jian Karthikeyan
Adele Li
Kyra Wan
Erik Xu
Hayley Chan
Alice Zhu

Cover Art

Year 4
Siya Kambli
Poppy Worthington
Elaine Sun
Rachel Lee

Ivory Trade Ban

CWBS Student show their support as Hong Kong Legislature Bans the Ivory Trade

14 CWBS students and their parents gathered at the public protest area at LegCo on Wednesday 31st January. They were there to show their support for the passing of a bill to ban the ivory trade in Hong Kong.

Lawmakers came out to meet with our students and the other supporters of the Ivory Ban and photographs were taken by the press. The students chanted slogans whilst holding our banner which contained over 300 signatures from CWBS students and staff.

Some students then went into LegCo to watch the debate. A few hours later the vote took place and the lawmakers of Hong Kong voted to ban the ivory trade.

Thank you very much to all students and parents involved in this event and also to all those who signed our banner. We would also like to say thank you to Alex Hofford who works with WildAid. Over the past few years, Alex has given presentations to many CWBS students and as a result of this many children have worked hard to raise awareness of the unnecessary killing of the African elephant for their ivory. More recently, students have become involved at government level, by protesting, presenting artwork and also delivering passionate speeches at a Bills committee last September. It is most encouraging to see CWBS’ long term commitment to a cause paying off with such a momentous decision this week.

If your child is interested in taking part in more action to protect animals, please see below:


Here are some details about of an opportunity for your child to take part in a Shark Fin Protest organised by WildAid Hong Kong at Maxim’s Restaurant next weekend. If you and your child are interested in this event you can find more information on the WildAid Hong Kong Facebook page where you can also sign up to take part.

Shark Fin Protest at Maxim’s Restaurant (HKU) Public · Event · by WildAid Hong Kong 野生救援

When: 10 February at 11:00–13:00
Where: 4/F, Chong Yuet Ming Amenities Centre, The University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam

Students’ Achievements

Well done to Sophia in 5J for her participation in a charity performance on Dec 10 at The Laguna Mall. The donation will go to Evangel Children’s Home.


Yujun Lim (4T) and Christopher Kim (3M) participated in 2018 Cross-Strait Youth Gold Cup Taekwondo competition – subcategory of pattern competition. Both Yujun and Christopher won the 2nd-place award in their age category.

Christopher Kim 3M

Yujun Lim 4T


The ESF 50th Anniversary Carnival is the finale in the series of 50th anniversary celebrations. Join us to enjoy the student performances, exciting game stalls, sports activities and international cuisines! It is going to be a wonderful family event on a Saturday afternoon!

Order your tickets HERE.

Adult: HK$120 | Child: HK$60 (free of charge for children 0-3 years old)

Tickets are inclusive of one refreshment set, all games, activities and performances.




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