2 Nov 2018

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 2 November

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Principal’s News

Dear parents and carers


As camp rapidly approaches so the level of excitement amongst students in years 4-6 rises.  All our camps our held in the same week, commencing Monday 12-16th November.  Scheduling them all together helps reduce the disruption caused in school when they are spread out over several weeks.   Our camps are also deliberately chosen and planned so that they build on the experiences of the previous year and further develop the social and emotional skills and maturity of students as they progress through primary school.  Camps are attended by class teachers with support from one member of the school leadership team and other specialist teachers.  I am looking forward to attending the Year 5 camp this year, particularly teaching students to put up a tent and how to surf.

Girls football

Our CWBS girls football team played their first round robin competition against several other ESF school teams on Saturday morning at Peak School.  For many of our girls in year 4 and 5, who are new to soccer, it was their first time playing a competitive match.  Our girls tried very hard and enjoyed all 3 games against much older, bigger and more experienced competition.  The team have two more competitions coming up later this term. A big thank you to Ms Alyson Hamilton for coaching the girls each week at school as well as  in competitions.

Year 2 theatre trip

Last Friday Year 2 students travelled to the theatre in Wan Chai to see the stage production of ‘Dear Zoo’.  The production based on the popular children’s book by Rod Campbell was enjoyed by all students and staff, including myself!  The performance should inspire some wonderful writing back at school as well as provide a great model and scaffold for script writing as part of the upcoming ‘how we express ourselves’ unit of inquiry.

Staff CPD

Our recent staff CPD day on Monday 22nd October was very informative and worthwhile, focusing on mental health, student friendships and wellbeing.  The importance of student friendships, particularly reciprocal friendships was emphasized.  Developing reciprocal friendships requires proximity and time which can often be problematic for many children who lead very busy, timetabled lives leaving very little time to socialise and just play with friends.

The CPD day was largely based on the work of psychologist Michael Thompson and his book titled ‘Best Friends, Worst Enemies – Understanding the social lives of children”.  This is a book written for parents, not just teachers and one that I would recommend all parents read. It is easy to read, provides numerous case studies and has a fantastic chapter at the end about ‘what parents can do’.   We have ordered a couple of copies for our school library so that parents may borrow them to read.  I will let you know when they are available but the book can also be ordered online for about HK$120-150.

End of the short weeks!

This most recent CPD day brings to an end the seemingly long line of short weeks and various interruptions to the school year so far.  We have certainly noticed the impact at school, with teachers trying to fit in everything in short weeks, so no doubt you have at home too.   A combination of factors including public holidays during the week, a couple of CPD days and perhaps the final kicker, losing two unexpected days due to Typhoon Mangkut all contributed to this issue.

Please be assured we do look very carefully at the scheduling of CPD days (ESF have 5 of these for schools each year) and try as much as possible to schedule them so as to minimize their impact and disruption to school operations and student learning.

You might be relieved to know that there are no more shortened weeks until the next public holiday in April 2019!!

ESF Fun Run

After the success of last year’s 50th anniversary Fun run, ESF is planning to hold a similar community event again this year. This event will be held on Saturday 26th January at the Science Park and the Pak Shek Kok Promenade.   It features a range of runs from a 1 km family event right up to a 10km fun fun.  Further information about the event and registration which is now open is available at the following link.    Official Event webpage https://hkrun.esf.edu.hk/en


Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Saturday 3 November                         School Fair 1.00-5.00pm

Tuesday 6 November                          Year 1 2019-20 prospective parent information evening

Weds 7 and Thurs 8 November          School Photos

Friday 9 November                              Year 1-3 Assembly.  Year 1 hosting.

Mon 12- Weds 14 November               Year 4 camp (4T & 4R) Bradbury Camp, Cheung Chau

Mon 12 – Fri 16 November                  Year 6 camp.  Outward Bound, Sai Kung

Weds 14 – Fri 16 November                 Year 4 Camp (4L & 4E) Bradbury camp, Cheung Chau

Weds 14 – Fri 16 November                Year 5 camp.  Treasure Island, Pui O, Lantau.

Message From The CWBS Office

This is a reminder to all parents about arriving late, picking up a child early and notifying the school of a student’s absence.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives at school after 8:30am, they must come to the office to sign in.

Early Pick Up

If you are picking up your child early, whether it’s for an appointment, family event or from the nurse, parents are required to go to the front office to sign their child out.

These procedures are in place to ensure that students’ attendance records are accurate and up to date.  Records often need to be cross checked for school bus, after school activities, and in emergency situations.


If your child is sick or attending other matters which will make them absent for the day, it is important that the parents inform the school by email ( info@cwbs.edu.hk ) or phone (2358 3221). Parents need to provide the reason for being absent (sick, family, tournament etc) and if the child is sick please let us know the symptoms. The school is required to notify the Health Department should we notice a pattern of certain illness.

Medical News

Library News

A meeting was held this week for students wishing to enter the Hong Kong Young Writers Award 2019 Competition, which celebrates creative writing of students in Hong Kong.  This competition is for any students who are ‘budding’ authors or illustrators.
The theme of the competition is:  NEW TALES OF THE MING TREASURE VOYAGES
If your child missed the meeting please ask them to come and see us in the LRC (Library).  More details are on the website link:  https://www.hkywa.com/
and the on Cahoot Library Page.

Typhoon Relief Day

On Tuesday, October 30 CWBS held a Typhoon Relief Day to support our community. Thank you very much for your generous support. We raised over $13, 700. The donation will be used by Feeding Hong Kong to provide emergency supplies as well as support for longer-term recovery programs, enabling residents to recover and rebuild.

Mikayla Black

Mixed Netball Tournamnet

On Tuesday the Lions and Sharks went to Kellett School for a mixed netball tournament. The Lions had their first match against Kowloon Junior School and played an amazing game that they won. After that, the sharks played Kellett A team and the Lions went back to the 2nd court for the next match. This time they were against Kellett B team and unluckily lost but it was a great game and was super fun. Then both teams had a break and discussed team tactics. After our break we all headed out onto the court again and played another fantastic game. Sadly both teams lost but we all played well. Sharks then won the next two games and the lions lost again but played ‘fantastically’ said Miss Bryant. At the end of the tournament we all gathered around the court to watch the finals which was very exciting. It was a fantastic experience to participate in this awesome tournament and we hope there will be another one soon!

By: Beth Bailey and Fenella Millen.

Student Achievements

Emily Ip (4T) has been participating in Badminton competitions these past weeks in China and only last Wednesday (31 October) she participated in the HK Wide Primary School badminton competition. Representing CWBS, Emily did a fantastic job earning herself a medal.
During the ‘half term holiday’ Francesca Pompeo (6H), Rainie Wong (6H) and Heather Tai (6H) had selected toys, books and clothes to donate and joined the Autumn Garage Sale at HKUST. They worked very hard and raised HK$1,710.00 that they will donate to Heifer on behalf of 6H. They donated the unsold items to Po Leung Kuk, which is a charity in charge of collecting, sorting and distributing to people in need all over Hong Kong. The girls are excited to donate the money to kick start the Heifer-read-to-feed project that will be launched in the new year.



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