3 Apr 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 3 April

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents

An end of term message from the Principal for all students

As we reach the end of term and start a 2 week holiday break, I have recorded an end of term message for all students – please share this with your children.

Click on the picture for the video:

Year 4E & 4H  camp – 11-13 May

The Salvation Army Bradbury Camp on Cheung Chau have advised that all camps have been cancelled due to the current health crisis and the continuing suspension of classes by the Hong Kong Education Bureau.   We are currently arranging to get the monies paid back and will then refund payments to parents.

Distance learning update – Physical Education

It has been wonderful to hear stories of students doing physical activity during this difficult period. The equipment sign up that was offered by the school was very popular and thank you to those who have already returned equipment. Hopefully this is something we will be able to enact at some point next term. Please remember that your child’s daily distance learning will continue to be accessible and the following link has a number of different activities that can be tried out over the holiday period.  


Chinese learning

Students have also been working very hard this term to practise and improve their 

Chinese. Ms Wu has put together this video to showcase some of the learning of students in Year 1 (Group 4).  Thank you parents for positively supporting your children to learn Chinese at home.

Year 1 Chinese Distance Learning.mp4

Passion Projects – Opportunity for student led inquiry and action

Throughout this term, many students across CWBS have had the opportunity to inquire into something that they are passionate about, and to then present their learning to their teachers and classmates. There have been many wonderful presentations, showcasing a wide variety of interests. Today we would like to share with the CWBS community this outstanding example of a Passion Project, completed by one of our Year 6 students, Brianna Searle. Brianna has combined her passions – sports, animal welfare, nature, making a difference – to create a presentation that is truly inspirational. Click the image below to watch Brianna’s short video that shows her taking action by hiking the entire 50km Hong Kong Trail in one day. Great work, Brianna!

Click the image to watch Brianna’s video.

If you would like to make a donation to Brianna’s fundraising page, you can access it here.

The brighter side of distance learning – 

Last week we asked you to upload a photo of your child enjoying their favourite distance learning activity.  Here is the photo gallery of the photos sent in. Thanks to Mr Matt Dyer for initiating this project and putting it all together to share with the school community. 

Click on this link for the video: CWBS – Term 2 Distance Learning Highlights


Celebrating writing at CWBS 

This term we know our students have been busy writing. Here is an opportunity for us to share our writing with each other.

If you would like to share a piece of your writing that you have worked on during the term, or a new piece of writing then we would love to see your work.  You could share one of the following:

A creative story, nonfiction, comic or a poem. Please go to cahoot or click on the image below to find out how to share.

Easter holiday break ideas

If you are struggling for ideas for what to do over the break, given the current social distancing requirements, then here are lots of suggestions.  (courtesy of the Glenealy School PTA)


A final plea

Let’s all continue to work together as a school and Hong Kong community to help contain the Coronavirus outbreak which threatens to widen and spread further.  Please do continue to observe the Government’s social distancing requirements and not let our guard down over the holiday break so that we can all be back safe and healthy ready for next term…..and hopefully a return to school at some point during the term.

Best wishes…….have a safe and healthy holiday break.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Monday 20 April

First day of term 3 –  Distance learning will resume as EDB has continued the suspension of classes until further notice.

Mon 11- Wed 13 May                  

Year 4 camp at Cheung Chau cancelled.


Tutoring With Amy Mumford 

If you are looking for an experienced tutor for your child, I am a CWBS mother of 5 and would like to help. 
I am an experienced PGCE primary school teacher and private tutor, with an English MA degree from St Andrews university. I live in CWB. 
Please contact me on – 91869394  


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