2 May 2019

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 3 May

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Principal’s News

Dear parents

Sunsmart – wearing hats

Now that we are back for term 3, the summer term, can I remind parents that all students need to wear a ‘sunsmart’ hat for outdoor PE and at break and lunchtimes. Sunsmart hats include legionnaire style caps with a flap at the back that covers the neck or wide brimmed hats, but not baseball style caps. Students who do not have a hat at school will be directed to play in undercover/shaded areas only.


Eco Warrriors take action on End of year reports

The Eco warriors continue to take action to ensure we are continually moving to be a more environmentally sustainable school.  One of their recent efforts was to lobby me to further reduce the schools’ use of paper by not printing and issuing hard copy end of year reports. I have agreed to support their efforts, so at the end of this year all student reports will be available online through the Parent Gateway (as usual) but paper hard copies will only be issued at parent request. You will also be able to print a signed copy of the report from the Parent Gateway at home.


10 Year PYP Celebration – Parent Open morning/learning walk and morning tea

CWBS has been an IB School authorised to offer the Primary Years Programme for 10 years. We started the IB journey as a candidate school in 2006 and were first authorised in May 2009.  Since then we have gone from strength to strength with the school evolving and developing over the years.

To celebrate this milestone, we are planning to hold an open morning (with morning tea) for parents on Wednesday 15 May to celebrate the occasion and provide an opportunity for parents to come into the school and visit classrooms to get some real first hand insight into what it means to be a IB PYP school. An invitation to this event was emailed separately to parents this week with a link to RSVP. So please do come and join us for a learning walk to see your school. You can visit your own child’s classroom as well as a range of other year level classes and specialist areas.


ESF Primary Choral concert

The biannual ESF Primary Choral Concert was held on Thursday evening 4th April at the QE2 stadium at Wan Chai. It was a wonderful opportunity for our senior choir students to perform as part of a large choir, at a big venue in front of a very large and appreciative audience. 


Year 5 trip to Hay Nien Baptist Primary School

Over the last few years we have formed a close relationship with the Hay Nien Baptist School in Ma On Shan.  A couple of student exchange visits are held each year providing a fairly small  group of students from both schools with the opportunity to interact with each other and visit each other in our very different schools, one international and one local.   This provides our students with a different perspective of what school is like for some other students in Hong Kong.  This is a valuable learning experience for students, reinforcing to them how fortunate they are with many reasons for being grateful for their circumstances.  This year our second exchange visit on Friday May 3 is being expanded to include all 120 year 5 students, who will buddy up with a student/small group of students from Hay Nien as part of their book Week celebrations.  Our students will take a favourite English story with them to read and share with students at Hay Nien.


Year 5 trip to Chengdu – sister school visit

The Year 5 trip to visit our sister school in Chengdu in March, was again a huge success. Students were delighted by the language, cultural and social opportunities they experienced throughout the trip. Students particularly enjoyed meeting their buddies at their school, experiencing a whole school PE lesson and visiting their buddies homes to socialise and have dinner.  Seeing the pandas, visiting Wohu Temple, dancing in the People’s park and shopping at Jinli Street market were also very popular. A huge thank you to our 4 parent volunteers who accompanied us on the trip, Dayle Haigh-Smith , Patrick Yue, Benny Kwok and Frandy Chu.

Also a big thank you to Tina Tian and Edward Dong our two Chinese teachers who accompanied students on the trip along with myself.

Lisa Harris

Pandas relaxing and the Golden Panda

Socialising with our Buddies


Wohu Temple and People’s Park


Leave during May

On a more personal note, I will be having hip surgery on Friday of this week and will be on leave for the next 4 weeks until the end of May.  In my absence Ms Kathy Derrick who is currently Vice Principal (Years 4-6) will be acting Principal.  She will be supported  by Vice Principal Ms Lisa Harris.  Please contact  Kathy for years 4-6 and Lisa for years 1-3 if you need any assistance.

Best wishes

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Monday 6  to Friday 10 May            Book Week

Monday 6 May                                    Marcel & Sam visiting Music performers.

Tuesday 7 May                                   Bilingual World Story Bazaar 8.35-9.25am

Wednesday 8 May                              Visiting Author – Ellen Leou

Thursday 9 May                                  Book Swap

Friday 10 May                                     Book week parade.

                                                             Year 1 & Year 6 from 8.40am-8.55am

                                                             Year 2 & Year 4 from 9.00-9.15am

                                                             Year 3 & Year 5 from 9.20-9.35am


Monday 6th May                                 PTA meeting 5.15pm

Wednesday 8 May                              School Council meeting 4.45pm

Monday 13 May                                  Public Holiday – School closed

Wednesday 15 May                            Parent open morning & morning tea  8.45-10.45am

Friday 17 May                                     Years 1-3 Assembly – Year 2 hosting

Friday 17 May                                     Year 3 & 4 Social 6.00-7.30pm

Nurse’s News

Library News

Book Week  6th May – 10th May 2019

THEME: Student Agency

MONDAY 6th May

Sam and Marcel  Y1-Y6

The much loved Sam and Marcel return to CWBS again and kick off the Book Week activities with song and rap.

The students engage in the well loved activity of the ‘Name the story’ in the jar in the Library

Home Learning (Friday 3 May) – Students to write their own short stories for the inclusion into the LRC Library Authors Corner.

Possible Class Activities – Most favourite Picture Books  (Lower School)Top 10 Favourite Book Shelf (Upper School) (Instructions to follow)

Students to donate unwanted childrens books to Ms. Leung & Mrs. Barwell for tokens to use in the Book Swap on Thursday.



To celebrate the students mother tongue within the school, we will be holding the Biingual World Story Bazaar where children and parent volunteers read stories in their mother tongue language and English.  If you would like to join us and read a story in your native language with your child – please contact our Librarian – Angela Barwell email: angela.barwell@cwbs.edu.hk

Y5 & Y6 BATTLE OF THE BOOKS STUDENTS V TEACHERS COMPETITION  HALL . There will be a furious ‘contest’ between the BOB Club students who have read selected books and have to test their knowledge and do battle to achieve supremacy over the teachers.  Y4-Y6 will be watching the contest.



Ellen Leou is our Book Week author visiting CWBS explaining the process of storytelling and story writing.  Books can be purchased at discounted rate. Order forms to be distributed first week of Term 3.



Children will be reading for 20 minutes at school for the charity Heifer Int HK.

SCHOOL BOOK SWAP 9.00am-2.30pm

We will be thinking of our environment again this year –  reusing, recycling.

Students will be choosing from donated books.  Please ask your child if they have a book they would like to give in and swap for another book.

FRIDAY 10th May


Year 6 – Year 1   8.40am – 8.55am

Year 4 – Year 2 9.00am – 9.15am

Year 5 – Year 3 9.20am – 9.35am

Over the last couple of weeks, children have been asked to think about a book character and find either clothes and/or props to reflect the character of the book.  All children will be in the parade.

Parents are welcome to join and watch the parade from 8:40 – 9:35

Battle of The Books
This week the Battle of the Books semi final competitions were held around Hong Kong! The CWBS team included (Angela Shi, Megan Zhang, Florence Williams, Rachel Lee, Maggie Pratt, Leo Kloth, Jennifer Li, Maya Yan, Hitomi Mao, Daisy Chen, Riccine Lin & Adrian Wan) who travelled to Shatin and fought a hard battle against Shatin Junior, American International, Beacon Hill, Japanese International & Yew Chung International. The CWBS showed great teamwork and were exemplary ambassadors for the school.
Congratulations goes to the winners who were Japanese International who will go onto the final in two weeks. 

Student Achievements 

Bryan Jiang (6A) joined the 2019 ISI Glacier Open & Basic Challenge at Saturday, April 27th. He won a first place medal for Solo Program and another first place for Solo Compulsories Alpha. 
Emily IP (4T) has represented CWBS and won the Champion today in the “Sai Kung Area Inter-Primary Schools Badminton Competition”Girl Single.  

Claire Zheng (2W) who won a Grand Prize at the 10th Hong Kong “Little Go/Chess Master” Competition, held on May 1. Here is Claire receiving her award.  

Chloe Chan (6H) attended the 2019-2020 Age Group Long Course Swimming Competition organized by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association on 27 April and she came 1st in the Girls 9-10 100m breaststroke event. 
Praneel Mukherjee (2D) and his brother Rohin took part in a beach clean up drive yesterday. In the university, the parents have initiated a drive for the clean up- it happens every last Sunday of the month.





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