29 Jun 2018

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 29 June

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Principal’s News

Dear parents

Summer Music Spectacular

Our end of year music spectacular on Tuesday 19th June was a big success with five different musical groups performing.  Well done to all students in the Recorder, Xylophone and Eukelele groups as well as to both the Junior and Senior choirs.  A big thank you to Mr Ryan Brodersen our music teacher a for all his work organizing and rehearsing students for the concert.  Also to Ms Kathyn Cox and Ms Helen Read for their work with the Junior Choir and to Ms Carmen Lam our Music Education Assistant for her support and to all other staff who assisted on the night.

Year 6 Graduation and end of year activities

The Year 6 graduation was a feature of this last week of school.  The ceremony was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate student’s learning and development through their years of primary schooling at CWBS.  It was great to see so many parents attending and helping students to mark and celebrate the end of their primary schooling as they move on to secondary school next year.  We certainly wish them all well for next year!

As an end of year activity, Year 6 students also went ten pin bowling after the graduation and then celebrated with a Year 6 leavers party that included dinner and a disco at Hebe Haven Yacht club on Wednesday evening.


2017-18 – The year that was!

It has been a very successful year for CWBS with many notable highlights ranging from individual student learning and achievements to year level events such as parent learning journeys and camps to whole school events such as assemblies and sports carnivals.

On a completely different level we were also very proud as a school to receive full IB and CIS reaccreditation for another five years after 18 months of hard work reviewing our existing programs and practice against their international standards.

Finally, I would like to take this last opportunity to thank all parents for their engagement and support throughout the year and I look forward to another successful year next year.

Do have a wonderful summer holiday, I hope you find to time to relax and enjoy family.

Best Wishes


Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Diary Dates

Monday 13 August             First day of school in 2018-19




Learning Technology

Chromebook Purchases

At the student conferences, many parents asked about purchasing devices for their children to use at home.

One of our suppliers ASL is offering a special price on the brand new Lenovo Chromebooks for students & families of CWBS. We have ordered the Lenovo 300e model for our students to use next year and the most exciting feature of this Chromebook is that the screen is designed to be written on with a regular HB pencil!

ASL are preparing an order form for CWBS families, which is available to download <<here>>

If you would like more details, please contact me at matt.hayes@cwbs.edu.hk

Green News

Earlier this term, the CWBS Eco-warriors were involved in a clothing drive to support the NGO, Redress.
Redress is a pioneering NGO dedicated to reducing textile waste in the fashion industry. Through their dynamic programmes they work directly with the next generation of fashion designers to promote a new future for sustainable fashion, whilst educating industry professionals and the public.
Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world – impacting everything from our land and water to the air we breathe. In Hong Kong alone the equivalent of over 15,000 garments end up in landfill every hour!
Textiles are almost 100% recyclable – Your donations helped divert your clothes from becoming landfill!
The total weight of CWBS’ donations to date is: 165.08kg
They are still counting…..
This is where CWBS’ donations were distributed:
Redress 5.6%
Christian Action 33.4%
Friends of the Earth 32.4%
Pathfinders 1.7%
Crossroads 6%
Po Leung Kuk 2.6%
Lizzie Bee 0.5%
Shoe donation 1%
Material Recycled 14.4%
Bags for reuse 0.5%
Landfill 1.7% (rubbish within donations, non-recyclable materials not in good enough condition for reuse e.g. shoes, PVC jackets)
Congratulations on a wonderful achievement!

People’s choices can help sustain the Earth’s natural resources. The pillow is made of plastic bags. Ms. Alice knitted the pillow. This is for people who have no homes. The other art work is made of magazine and newspaper and paint. In the world l wrote a important message for people to stop throwing plastic. The bird and the butterfly art work is made of magazine and some plastic and it is covered with newspaper. The last art work is a truffula tree. There is a message for people who cut down trees and to save our trees.

By Hidemi Yanagi

Shark Fin Heroes of CWBS

On Friday the 15th of June, 16 students from CWBS came to the shark fin protest at Maxim’s Headquarters. We put on shark costumes and held up signs to persuade Maxims to stop selling shark fin in their restaurants.  We were chanting slogans in Cantonese and English. We handed out lots of leaflets to people passing by. Lots of journalists were taking photos and it felt really good to be protesting and helping sharks.

Whatever you do, please say no to shark fin soup and protect our oceans.   SOS – Save our Sharks!

By Ollie Dawson 4T

Library News


Global Summer Reading at CWBS

Summer time is around the corner – there is nothing better than settling down with a great novel!  Below are some websites to entice you to explore awarded authors around the world. We look forward to seeing you all in the new academic year in our new Library.  Exciting times.


Red Dot Awards


Panda Awards


Bangkok Awards


Hong Kong Battle of the Books


Hong Kong Golden Dragon Awards


South Asia Book Awards


Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives

Chinese book booklist


2014-15 十本好讀 Recommended Chinese Books


Chinese e-books




The Newbury Medal Awards


The Caldecott Medal Awards


Reading Rockets



The Children’s Book Council of Australia – 2018 Shortlist


The Children’s Book Council of Australia – 2018 Notable


New Zealand Book Awards



Kate Greenaway Medal Shortlist 2018


Scottish Booktrust Reading lists


For UK book reviews, interviews, activities and reading suggestions…


UK Booklist


For non-fiction, including searching books by Dewey Decimal system, with multimedia…


For listening to books read by well-known actors…


For videos, stories, games, animals and more…



The InCAS (Interactive Computerised Assessment System) is administered by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University and was taken by students at the end of Year 6. The assessment compares each student’s performance in Mathematics (General and Mental Arithmetic), Reading andSpelling with that of an average child of the same age. High scores were attained in the InCAS assessments, as the following graph shows:

We had over a large percentage of students in each area working above their chronological age (C.A.) with General Mathematics at 79.2%, Mental arithmetic at 78.3%, Reading at 83.3% and Spelling at 84.2%. Alongside that, we had many students 2 years and above their chronological age in each area. Overall, these are outstanding results for CWBS which has been a consistent trend in recent years. A fantastic achievement from our students.

This assessment is taken by all ESF Year 6 students at the end of Term 3. Parents can access their child’s individual results on Gateway under ‘Assessment’.


Barbara’s Farewell message

I’m feeling very emotional and sentimental as I say goodbye to Clearwater Bay School after 24 years. When I arrived at CWBS in 1994 there was no internet, my mobile phone was the size of a small house brick and Fax machines were the latest technology. Hong Kong was a British colony and Queen Elizabeth’s head was on coins and stamps. How time has flown at school through the Handover, the Millennium, SARS and Bird Flu. So many years gone so quickly!  When I first came to CWBS I was told that the children were a delight to teach and that has proved to be so very true. I feel extremely privileged to have taught so many wonderful children and to have witnessed them making progress with their learning. I think most of all I have enjoyed laughing and having fun together with them. I have also been lucky to work alongside fantastic parents who are always extremely supportive. I shall miss my many fabulous colleagues, some of whom I have worked alongside for many years. I will never forget what an honour it has been to work with such talented people. I am looking forward now to a new adventure, as a Primary NET teacher at St Stephen’s Preparatory School in Stanley. My learning journey continues.

Barbara Brock-Hollinshead (3BH)

Students’ Achievements

Erik Xu (6J) made an app on NASA which has just been accepted by apple. This is the first time that his app is accepted, We celebrated with his family after receiving an email from Apple. The parents comment “We highly appreciate the course offered by the school which has opened a door for Erik to explore in this exciting area.”

Ava Jang (5G) Donated her hair to charity
Emily Blackshaw (3W) participated in her 2nd gymnastics tournament last Saturday, winning 2 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold medal
Ben Blackshaw (2C) nailed his first gymnastics tournament last weekend, winning 2 gold medals in the under 7’s competition.
Likhit Vakati (2B) competed in 3 of the Group D Chess competitions, coming third place in the April, second in May and second in June. According to his parents he only learnt to play chess at the start of February this year.




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