4 Sep 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 4 September

Principal’s News Year 1 Admissions and Year 6 Transfer To Seconday School In 2021-22 Medical News PTA News Adverts Disclaimer

Principal’s News


Everyone at CWBS was delighted earlier this week to receive the news about students returning to school. I hope that your children are excited that they will soon be in school with their friends and teachers, and learning in their classrooms again. We were also pleased to connect with parents this week through our curriculum presentation on Wednesday evening. Thank you to our dedicated team of specialists for leading this well-attended session, and thank you to parents who joined us.  

Return to School

Following the announcements from EDB and internal discussions across ESF, the leadership team at CWBS are working on our Return to School plan at the moment. This important work is based on ESF’s approach to maintaining the safety of all our students and staff, whilst providing the best learning experiences we can at school. 

EDB guidance advises students returning to school in two phases, with the first phase beginning on 23rd September, prior to all students returning on 29th September. Once we complete the modelling and plans, and have these approved, we will then share full details with parents next week. We are very hopeful and excited to have students back with us, in school, soon. 

My Cultural Story Day






Today our students celebrated through their online lessons their cultural stories about who they are, where they are from and what is important to them and their family. Making these close connections to students assists teachers by providing a better understanding of each student as an individual in their class. It shows that every student’s story is important to tell and we have many wonderful and unique stories to tell. Understanding our students from different perspectives helps us to make positive and more meaningful interactions with students. 

PD Days – 5th October and 27th October 2020

As you will be aware, the decision has been taken that professional learning planned for the  ESF-wide PD day on the 5th October will take place outside of school hours. This means that the 5th October will be a learning day for students as usual. The same applies to our planned CWBS PD day on 27th October, which will also now be a learning day for students. 


Our school PTA provides invaluable support to our community in a range of ways. Each week, our PTA will update the community via the newsletter – please read this carefully and support the work of this important group if you can. If you would like to know more about how you can support the PTA, please contact cwbspta@cwbs.edu.hk 


The Primary Years Program ( PYP) is underpinned by 6 transdisciplinary themes around which learning is planned.

These are:

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How the world works
  • How we organise ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

These themes are selected because of their connection to the real world. They are described as transdisciplinary because they focus on issues that go across subject areas. The themes have global significance, for all students in all cultures and all places helping develop international mindedness. The themes are revisited throughout the students’ primary years so that when they leave school they have been immersed in broad-ranging, in-depth, articulated curriculum content.

The transdisciplinary themes help teachers develop a program of inquiry which is authentic and engaging allowing students to make connections with the real world. In Years 2-6 students cover all 6 themes. Year 1 students cover 5 themes to allow more time to explore conceptual understandings.

To see CWBS Program of Inquiry for 2020/2021 please click here

Parent Survey / Feedback

Next Friday, 11th September, a short survey will be sent to all parents seeking your feedback on the distance learning provision. We would be grateful if you could take the time to share your thoughts, as we greatly value feedback. In the meantime, should you have any ideas, suggestions, questions or concerns, do contact us. Please email either myself, or your child’s phase Vice Principal, using the contact details below:

Michael Dewey



Kathy Derrick

Vice Principal (Y1-3)


Matt Dyer

Vice Principal (Y4-6)



We look forward to welcoming the students back into school soon. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend.  

Michael Dewey


Year 1 Admissions and Year 6 Transfer To Seconday School In 2021-22

Year 1 Central Admissions for August 2021 – Siblings Born in 2016

A reminder that the central admissions process for application to ESF schools for a Y1 place in August 2021 opens today, Tuesday 1st September. The application period is open until 30th September 2020. 

All applications should be made following the ESF application process which is detailed on the ESF website

If you have any questions please contact either Ms Kathy Derrick (Vice Principal) (kathy.derrick@cwbs.edu.hk) or Ms Ellie Lo (Admissions Officer) (ellie.lo@cwbs.edu.hk

Please be advised any applications submitted after the above mentioned deadline will automatically be placed at the end of the waiting list.

Year 7 Secondary Transfer Information for CWBS 

For current Year 6 parents wishing to apply for a place at an ESF secondary school, please be reminded it is necessary to submit a Y6-Y7 transfer form on Gateway. The application period is from today, Tuesday 1st September, until 18th September 2020. Please note that the transfer form will be closed after the 18th September. 

Please be reminded that applications for secondary allocation are processed strictly according to the registered address on the Y7 transfer form. Parents should update their personal details, including any change of address, on Gateway before submitting the Y7 transfer application. Once the Y7 transfer form is submitted it cannot be changed. 

Please note, all newly joined Y6 students are guaranteed a Y7 place, but not necessarily for the school of zone. Further information can be found on the ESF website admissions overview page linked here.  

If you have any questions, please contact either Mr Matt Dyer (Vice Principal) (matt.dyer@cwbs.edu.hk) or Ms Ellie Lo (Admissions Officer) (ellie.lo@cwbs.edu.hk)

Medical News


Just a reminder the Student Health Service and School Dental Care service forms are due back to the school office by WEDNESDAY 9th SEPTEMBER 2020. Please check your email for the application forms and details. Late submissions will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school nurse at nurse@cwbs.edu.hk.

PTA News

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back. From next week we will open the office from 9am – 12pm on Mondays and Thursdays. Appointments must be made in advance. If you would like to visit the office on a Monday or Thursday for any stationery, or uniform please email us on cwbspta@cwbs.edu.hk  to book an appointment. Please ensure when visiting the office you are wearing a mask, have signed in at the main office, and have not brought your children with you.

If you haven’t managed to settle your PTA fees, please settle this at your earliest convenience. Please check your emails where you should see the invoice and reminders. PTA fees are as a matter of course sent to the primary contact on Gateway.

We are still in need of at least one parent for a number of classes throughout the school to be class contacts. It is an easy task where you pass on PTA information via a parent email group to support the school community. Please let us know if you could take on the role.

The PTA AGM which was scheduled for 16 September will be postponed to a later date due to the COVID-19 situation. We will inform parents when a new date is confirmed. 




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