5 Jun 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 5 June

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Principal’s News

Dear parents

Return to school

It is wonderful to finally have students back at school, even if only every second day at this stage. We have had a very smooth return to school over the last two weeks which is no doubt a result of the great deal of planning and preparation that went into being ready to welcome students back to school.  The Senior Leadership Team worked hard over the previous two weeks to ensure that all ESF, Hong Kong Education Bureau and Centre for Health Protection requirements and guidelines were met so that children could safely return to school. Teachers also returned to work one day a week over those previous two weeks and were all back on Friday 22nd May for a planning day to set up classrooms ready for students’ return to school.


End of Year reporting

We will be issuing an end of year written report as usual.   This report covers Terms 2 and 3  will report on student learning, achievement and progress during the period of distance learning.   The report format is slightly modified, with a reduced number of outcomes but still includes teacher comments for English, Maths, Unit of Inquiry and a General Comment to conclude. Reports will be released on Cahoot on Monday 22nd June.

We are also conducting learning conferences next week. The format for these in Years 1-5 will involve students sharing their learning from the period of distance learning with their parents and the teacher. They will take place online using zoom. If possible please ensure your child’s name is the participant name before joining the meeting. For Year 6 students their learning conference will be their Exhibition presentation and will also be hosted online.  If you have not already done so please contact the school office at 2358 3221 


CWBS on Facebook

We have recently revamped and updated our school facebook site with current events and happenings from across the school.  Please visit the site and at this link.


We will keep updating the page with regular posts each week.


Staffing News

The bulk of our staffing recruitment for next year  was  conducted prior to Chinese New Year.

  • Mr Michael Dewey was appointed as the new Principal
  • Ms Helen Read was appointed as Literacy & Numeracy Coach/PYP Coordinator Years 4-6 replacing Ms Wendy Egan who is returning to Australia with her family.
  • Ms Janine Hudson was appointed as our new Teacher Librarian replacing Ms Angela Barwell who is returning to the UK. Ms Hudson is an experienced teacher librarian who has worked in schools in Australia.
  • Ms Nicole Stroud was appointed as Learning Support teacher (previously on temporary contract)
  • Ms Nazish Malvalala was appointed as a class teacher to fill the class teacher role previously occupied by Ms Helen Read.
  • Ms Aisling Gormally will also be returning to a class teacher role next year.

Since CNY we have made 4 further appointments to fill vacancies as they arose, including:

  • Ms Irene Lau has been appointed as a Chinese teacher to replace Ms Tina Tian who is taking up the Head of Chinese position at Sha Tin Junior School
  • Ms Rhena Bowie has been appointed to a class teacher role replacing Ms Mikayla Black who is moving to Glenealy School after 6 years at CWBS. Ms Bowie previously taught in IB schools in the Middle East and Africa.
  • Ms Samantha Ko who joined us at the start of this term as a new full time classroom Education Assistant working with 5L and 5K replacing Ms Arabella Lambe.
  • Ms Makino Wang has been appointed as a Chinese Education assistant for next year to replace Ms Jo Shan who is returning to Hangzhou, China next year.
  • Ms Alina Wasi has been appointed as a new classroom Education Assistant for next year replacing Ms Penny Hui who is leaving to undertake full-time study.

We also currently have another class EA position for next year advertised and will make an appointment before the end of the school year.


Summer works 2020

The new shade structure on the roof has been completed. We are now just waiting for final Building Department approval and an Occupancy Certificate so we can start using this area.The contract for our summer works program has been let and includes:

  • Refurbishing the front of the Year 1 & 2 classrooms and adding extra display panels on side walls and support columns within these classrooms
  • Creating a new, enlarged and more functional nurse’s first aid room,
  • Moving the meeting room and office storage within the office area.

We have also used the opportunity of the PTA moving to the ESF online Uniform supplier to rearrange and make better use of some other rooms and spaces as follows.

  • Create a new meeting room and small group student withdrawal room in the previous site staff office on the first floor.
  • Create a new site staff office and lunchroom in the previous assistant caretakers quarters.
  • Create a new storage room in the previous uniform shop


Annual levy

With all the disruption and suspension of classes this year due to the social unrest and coronavirus not all the activities and excursions/trips that were planned for the different units of inquiry have taken place. As a result every year level still has quite a substantial amount of unspent funds. This remaining balance of the annual levy collected for this year will be rolled forward to next year, as usual for students in Years 1-5.  This will result in a much smaller levy that you will need to pay next year.  Please see the chart below for full details of the levy collected, expenditure and rollover amount to next year for each year level. 

Year 6 families and other families leaving at the end of this year are able to obtain a refund of the remaining balance. The office will send a google format next week to parents to arrange for the refund. 


Chris Hamilton


Library News 

We still have an outstanding amount of borrowed Library books at home. Please could all parents support their children in making sure they return their borrowed Library books as soon as possible.  It would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks.

Student Achievements

Kasper Wu (6B) has received the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) Grand Honours for being among highest scorers in the 2019-20 CTY Talent Search. Kasper is currently a member of the CTY.

In order to get his grand honours award, Kasper took the SCAT. According to the letter claimed, Kasper scored at the advanced CTY level in both Verbal and Quantitative(Math) subtests, among the highest of the tens of thousands of bright students from around the world who tested with CTY this year.

Here are some words from Kasper:

“ I am so happy to receive the awards from CTY. This is one of the wonderful news during the time of COVID-19 when I was learning at home. I will be proud of myself and explore different scopes of knowledge at my best in future.” – Kasper Wu (6B)


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