7 Feb 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 7 February

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents

Thank you for your understanding and patience whilst we all adjust to the new reality of suspended classes over the next 4 weeks.   It was a very hectic start to the week after the Lunar New Year holiday break and I am sure you felt a little overwhelmed with everything, including the number of emails from the school.   As things settle into more of a routine we do hope that the number and length of emails will reduce down to just one brief daily email from the teacher at 3.00pm updating you with the learning for the following day.

We are aware that each family’s circumstances will vary greatly, according to location (in or out of Hong Kong), level of supervision and support available at home at different times of day and access to IT equipment and services.  As a school we will continue to review and improve our approach to best meet the needs of students and families.  We also know that distance learning presents challenges for parents, and we appreciate all that you are doing at home to support your child’s learning. 

Face to face daily check ins & check outs

Teachers have really enjoyed being able to talk to students face to face through our daily check ins at 8.30-9.00am and check outs at 2.00-2.30pm.  The feedback I have from teachers is that it is the highlight of the day when they are busy working at home in isolation. Teachers are also regularly checking in online each day with their other year level team members and with their PYP Coordinator & Literacy/ Numeracy Coach and other members of the senior leadership team to ensure that the learning program is well planned and coordinated across the whole school incorporating both class teachers and specialist subject teachers.

Picking up resources

Our Friday resource collection arrangement seems to have worked quite well today so the plan at this stage is to do this every Friday morning at 9.00-10.00am and in the afternoon from 2.00-3.00pm so that parents can collect resources and change reading books if they wish.  Further details will be sent home by teachers in the regular daily emails next week.

Next week  – Seesaw

We have been working through the issues with making Seesaw, our electronic online portfolio, accessible to students at home so they can use  it just as they do at school. We will trial this with Year 2 early next week and then extend it to other classes if it works well. A separate email about how to access Seesaw from home by setting up an account using the student’s school email address will then be sent to you.  This will enable teachers to set some learning engagements on Seesaw so students can upload responses such as photos, videos or audio at home with teachers then able to provide feedback to students.

Support for students and parents

The current health crisis is certainly an anxious and stressful time for everyone so it is very important to look after both yourself and your children.  I have attached a guide from the Central Health Partners Child Development Team on ‘Supporting children through the health crisis’. This is quite a thoughtful guide with practical advice and strategies to support children and indeed, yourself!   You can view the guide here: https://tinyurl.com/r8ltrm8 

Please email or call me if you wish to discuss or provide feedback on any matter related to the current situation.   

Finally, do try to stay safe and healthy. 

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates


Monday 3 February – Friday 28 February                    Classes suspended

Monday 2 March                                                                        School resumes


Photos from the Chinese New Year Assembly 



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I am an experienced PGCE primary school teacher and private tutor, with an English MA degree from St Andrews university. I live in CWB. 
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