18 Aug 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 18 August 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to the start of a new school year. We have had a very smooth start to the year with students very excited to be back in their new classes, with their new teacher and catching up with old friends and making new ones. There were also many parents who seemed just as excited about the start of school as their children! Our year 1 students are of course, very excited to be here for the first time and are settling in to BIG school extremely well. Our staggered start arrangements for Year 1 help to ensure that students make the adjustment to school and settle in more easily without being so tired and teary!

As in previous years we have quite a number of new students in Years 2-6 commencing at the school at the start of this year so we are very pleased to welcome them and their families to Clearwater Bay School. Some families have moved to live in the Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay area with students transferring from other ESF schools, other students are from other Hong Kong Schools and others are from all over the world. We hope your time at Clearwater Bay School will be both very positive and rewarding.

New Staff

We are also pleased to welcome two new teachers this year, Ms Deena Schwan (Year 1) and Ms Charlotte Sun (Chinese Language). We are also pleased to have Ms Vikki Rixon (Year 5) continuing with us until the mid term break covering for Ms Aisling Gormally who is on extended maternity leave. We also welcome two new Education Assistants including Ms Penny Hui (2M) and Ms Kate Li (6M) whilst Ms Stephanie Cameron will be taking over as the EA  role supporting Learning Support Class students following the departure to Singapore of Ms Winnie Layes.

This year we also welcome four new members of our admin and support team, Ms Karmen Wong (HR/ Finance Assistant), Ms Bonnie Siu (Resources), Ms Courtney Rhead (School Nurse – part time) and Mr CW Pak (Assistant Caretaker).

There have been no changes to the leadership team. Ms Kathy Derrick is Vice Principal responsible for the Early Childhood team (Years 1-3), Admissions and Individual Needs. Mr Brendan Keen is the Vice Principal responsible for the Primary Team Years 4 – 6), Chinese, Assessment & Reporting and Professional Learning. Ms Rachel Muldoon is the Literacy & Numeracy Coach for the primary team (Years 4-6) and oversees Maths & numeracy across the school. Ms Lisa Harris is the Literacy & Numeracy Coach for the Early Childhood team (Years 1-3) and oversees English and literacy across the school. I am also very pleased to be continuing in the principal’s role at CWBS and I look forward to a very positive and productive year for all students, staff and parents!  A staff list is included later in this newsletter

Parent Information Nights

Our beginning of the year, parent information nights are a great opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher and find out about the teaching and learning program for the term/year. Details are listed in Diary Dates above, with all parents most welcome to attend. Please note, this year due to the renovation of our school hall in term 1, Years 1,2,5 and 6 parents should go straight to their year level shared areas. Year 3 and Year 4 parents should go to the Multipurpose Room on the first floor.

We will also be holding a Specialist teachers parent information night the following week on Tuesday 5 September from 6.30pm in the Multipurpose Room on level 1. This session proved very popular with parents last year as it provides a good overview of the specialist programs that students take part in at school. You are also able to meet the specialist teachers and ask any questions you may have.

Student Information Sheet

We are sending home a Student Information Sheet for all students in Years 2-6 this week. This information sheet enables you to provide your child’s teacher with relevant information about your child. This will help the teacher to easily and quickly get to know your child and ensure they are better able to cater to their needs. Please complete the sheet and return it to your child’s teacher at school. If after completing the sheet you still feel that you need to discuss your child’s particular needs then please ring the teacher to discuss these or to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet with the teacher. Please note that Year 1 parents were sent this information sheet in their new enrolment pack prior to the end of last year.

CWBS 100 Nights Reading Challenge

Our very successful 100 Night Reading Challenge is on again this year. Last year most students successfully achieved the challenge of reading on 100 nights, with 87 even reaching the 300 nights mark! This was a fantastic achievement and involved reading almost every single night of the school year, including weekends. Please note that students are able to read any book in any language such as mother tongue language books or home readers from the Chinese language program. Reading these will also count as part of the reading time for each night.  Please encourage your child to participate and to keep reading throughout the year, so that even more students achieve the challenge this year.

As a reminder, the ‘100 Night Reading Challenge’ aims to encourage and support students of all ages to read every day. Your role as a parent is to be involved by listening to students read or by reading to them for a minimum period of time each night. This is 10 minutes for years 1-3 and 15 minutes for Years 4-6.  You must also sign off on each night’s reading.  All the details are in the front of the Reading Challenge booklet that will be sent home with every child.  Each Year level will advise you when they are commencing the challenge.  Please note that for Year 1 students this will likely be much later in Term1. The challenge will be supported with stickers, certificates and an end of year prize for avid readers. Happy reading together!!

My Cultural Story Day (Formerly International Day)

This year we are moving our International Day from Book Week in Term 3 to the beginning of the year as we think this will better support our focus at the start of the year on students getting to know each other. This year International Day is being renamed as My Cultural Story Day and will be held the week after next in week 3 on Tuesday 29 August. The day will focus on each child’s cultural background and experience. We will be sending home a ‘Cultural Story’ sheet next week so that students can come to school ready to share their cultural stories on the Tuesday.  We will also continue with the option of dressing in national costume or colours and sharing cultural foods for snack/lunch.  We would also love to hear from any parents who would like to come in and share cultural information or read a story in their mother tongue.  Further details will be provided by each year level in the next week.

Parent Volunteers

Last year we introduced a new policy and procedures for parent volunteers to ensure student safety and protection.  As part of this new policy, from the beginning of this year we are requiring all parent volunteers who work with students to complete a Self Declaration Form relating to their criminal record. This is a once only, with an update needed only if circumstances change. This Self Declaration form will be emailed to all parents next week. Please print, complete and return to the front office prior to commencing volunteer work in classes this year. Hard copies are also available from the front office.  To recap other procedures, parent volunteers need to sign in/out at the front desk on arrival and also wear a visitor badge/lanyard at all times to identify themselves whilst on school premises. Thank you for your support and cooperation with these precautionary measures designed to ensure a happy, safe learning environment for all.

Updating Your Contact Details

It is very important each year that all parents log in to their Parent Gateway account to update family, medical and emergency contact details.  Parents of new students have already been advised of their log in details for the ESF Parent Gateway.  Returning parents can continue to use the same log in from last year.  Please call the office on 23583221 or email info@cwbs.edu.hk if you have any queries or need assistance.

Please login to Gateway via: https://cwbs.tg.esf.edu.hk/login.php?CurPage=/

E-notice with Typhoon & Red or Black Storm Warning Message:

When you log in to Gateway you will also see an e-notice about emergency contacts in case of typhoon or red or black storm warning, please read this and ensure that the contact and pick up details for your child are correct so that we can provide appropriate care for your child should such an event occur.

Years 1 and Year 7 Enrolment Applications for the 2018/19 school year

A reminder to parents that applications for Year 1 placement (born 2013) or for non ESF students for Year 7 (born in 2007) for admission in August 2018 should be submitted during the month of September. The ESF Online application form can be found on the ESF website.  Please note that siblings do need to apply via the central online application process.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Maggie Cho, Admissions Secretary, at maggie.cho@cwbs.edu.hk  for any further queries.

CWBS Year 6 Students Transferring to Secondary School in 2018/19

An email will sent to Year 6 parents next week outlining the application process for Year 6 students transferring to secondary school in 2018/19.  Please submit the request for Year 7 application on Gateway from Monday 4 September – Friday 15 September 2015. The Year 7 transfer form will be available at 9.00am on Monday 4 September.

Before and After school, Drop off and Pick up arrangements

Students should arrive at school in the morning between 8.00am and 8.20am.  Arriving very early is a concern as no teacher supervision is provided in the playground before 8.00am.  At 8.00am, Year  4, 5 & 6 students are to go up to the roof /football roof to play and line up.  Students in Years 1, 2, 3 stay and line up on the main playground.  If it is wet weather in the morning a bell/announcement will be made at 8.00am to send students directly to class.

After school parents collecting Year 1 students should wait outside the University gate until it is opened at 2.35pm.  Year 1 students will be brought out by their Year 6 buddies and the teachers to meet you in the area immediately in front of the Year 1 classrooms.  If you also have older children please arrange with them to meet you there too and leave by the University gate.  Other parents collecting students in Years 2-6 should wait under the shade sail or in the undercover area for students to come downstairs and come across the playground to meet you.  Please do not come onto the playground or over to the stairs to meet children as we are trying to keep this area clear so all students can come out to their bus lines and/or easily see and find their parents.  Please discuss pick up arrangements with your child and make a designated spot for them to come to you.

A reminder that there is no parent parking at school when you are dropping off your child in the morning or collecting him or her in the afternoon. You can drive in and drop off in the morning, though please do not get out of your car as this really slows down and holds up the flow of traffic causing it to bank up back out onto the main road. There is no parking or pick up in the car park in the afternoon at all as we have 23 buses that must access the car park to pick up all the children. You may park in the car park next to the Caltex petrol station or in the university.  Please be aware that there is also no parking on Ngan Ying Road and that the police have advised us that anyone parking on the street will be issued with a parking infringement notice. They are very keen to ensure that the street does not become blocked with illegally parked cars so that buses can access the university bus station.

Finally a reminder that school finishes for the day at 2.35pm so please ensure your child is picked up promptly at this time.  If due to a one off circumstance or emergency you are unable to collect your child on time a phone call to the front office so we are aware of the situation would be appreciated.  As no supervision is provided after school students should not be left waiting around on school grounds to be collected later than 2.35pm or for after school activities that do not start immediately.  Please note that waiting for the buses to leave by 2.50pm before coming into the car park to collect children is not acceptable. Your cooperation would be appreciated and will ensure the safety and well being of all students.

Kind Regards

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Friday 25 August

End of Staggered Start – First full day for all Year 1 Students

Tuesday 29 August 

My Cultural Story Day (formally International Day)

Wednesday 30 August

Years 4-6 – Parent Information Night 6.30pm -7.30pm

Thursday 31 August

Years 1-3 – Parent Information Night 6.30pm -7.30pm

Friday 1 September

Year 6 LEGCO Trip

Monday 4 September 

Year 6 LEGCO Trip

Tuesday 5 September

Specialist Teachers Years 1-6 – Parent Information Night 6.30pm-7.30pm

Friday 8 September

PTA Sausage Sizzle Lunch

New Staff List

Chinese Grouping Update

The Chinese teachers are finalising groupings in Year 2-6 for the Chinese program. You will be notified in week 3 as to which grouping your child will be in and who their teacher will be for this year. As we have over 30 new students from Year 2-6, it takes time to ensure we place students in their appropriate groupings according to their level of learning. The teachers have used benchmark assessments, student work and observations as the basis for deciding on a student’s level. From our assessments over the last couple of years, we can see that the level of Chinese proficiency has increased across the school. This is very exciting for our Chinese program as it means the standard continues to increase. Year 1 students will stay in their own classroom for Chinese lessons for Term 1 and will move to a grouping system based on their language ability in Term 2.

Primary Years Program (PYP) at CWBS

PYP prepares students to become active, caring, lifelong learners who demonstrate respect for themselves and others and have the capacity to participate in the world around them. It focuses on the development of the whole child as an inquirer, both within and beyond the classroom. The PYP nurtures independent learning skills, encouraging every student to take responsibility for their learning. The programme incorporates local and global issues into the curriculum, asking students to look at six related, transdisciplinary themes and to consider the links between them. The themes are:

  • Who We Are
  • Where We Are in Place and Time
  • How the World Works
  • Sharing the Planet
  • How We Express Ourselves
  • How We Organise Ourselves

Take a moment to view our school Programme of Inquiry (POI) in the display case by the PTA office.

Current Units of Inquiry at CWBS

Year 1

How We Organise Ourselves

Central Idea: Communities have systems that are shared and meet the needs of people

Year 2

Who We Are

Awareness of our characteristics and interests informs our learning development

Year 3

Who We Are

The choices people make their health and lifestyle

Year 4

How We Organise Ourselves

Spaces and facilities in communities determine how people use them

Year 5

How We Express Ourselves

Media has the power to influence thinking and behaviour

Year 6

Where We Are in Place and Time

Inventions evolve when needs and opportunities stimulate creativity

Save the date PYP Coffee Morning Wednesday November 1 2017  facilitated by PYP Coordinators Lisa Harris and Rachel Muldoon

Library News

Book Bags at Clearwater Bay School



The Book Bag is necessary to protect our books, diaries and paper information from leaking water bottles, lunch boxes & rain etc – therefore, we kindly ask you to ensure that your child brings their Book Bag to school daily.  The CWBS Book Bag will be available in September from the PTA.  An alternative WATERPROOF (plastic) zip lock bag as example below is acceptable.

Many thanks for your support!

library1    library2

News From Medical Room

 nurse1Medication at school

To ensure the safety of your child and the other students at CWBS, medication must not be sent into school in your child’s bag but instead should be brought in by an adult. If your child suffers from asthma or allergies and the doctor has recommended medication to be available to your child at school please contact us via nurse@cwbs.edu.hk and we will assist you in completing the necessary documentation for that medicine to be available for your child.

For short term medication requirements such as medicated eye or ear drops for acute illness or injury please complete the ‘Short term medication form’ available on the CBWS website and provide it with the medication to the school nurse when required.



Please be aware that Clearwater Bay is a “nut free school”. We have quite few students that are severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, therefore we ask you to please be considerate to these children and do not send foods containing nuts or nut products to school.

Foods mostly that contain peanuts or tree nuts include: Peanut butter, nutella (or like spreads), Cereal bars, Cakes, biscuits, dressings, satay sauces, Chinese, Thai or Indonesian dishes.

Please read packet labels carefully as recipes do change or may be hidden as nut oils, ground nuts, earth nuts or/and monkey nuts.


If your child is absent from school please inform the office or myself by emailing info@cwbs.edu.hk or nurse@cwbs.edu.hk stating reason for their absence and expected return to school date if known so we can update our records and advise you of recommended exclusion periods from school if necessary.

Parent Volunteers Required

We are in need of parent volunteers to assist with creating classroom resources. You would be helping to cut, paste, thread and assemble various resources. These are valuable learning tools for our students.

If you are able to assist on Monday August 28 from 8:20am – 12:20pm (you don’t need to stay for the whole time) please email Rachel Muldoon (rachel.muldoon@cwbs.edu.hk) by Wednesday August 23.

Thank you

Year 5’s Inquiries

Calling for Parent/Community Volunteers/ Guest Speakers

As part of the inquiry process, students are encouraged to access primary resources in order to find out first hand information about their unit of inquiry. The Year 5 students are inquiring into media and the power to influence thinking and behaviour. We are looking for parents or community members that are involved or work in the advertising and marketing sector to come and share their knowledge and expertise with the students.

Please email Rachel Muldoon ( rachel.muldoon@cwbs.edu.hk )if you work or have connections with someone who works in this area, and would be willing to share your expertise by next week.

Thank you very much!

Recycling at Clearwater Bay School

Here at Clearwater Bay School we have a positive commitment to the environment. There are two recycling facilities in our car park that parents can use (please do not send recycling with children) The clothing bank supports Friends of the Earth and the glass recycling is maintained by Green glass Hong Kong. Please remember to wash out bottles and remove the tops before placing them in the bank.

Thank you for your support.

Justine Taylor

Environmental Coordinator



Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer.Please click HERE for the enrollment form and HERE for the brochureTo reserve a place or arrange for a trial class, please email Ms. Hong at www.facebook.com/flourhk or flourhk@hotmail.com

Watch the Junior Bakers in action:  https://youtu.be/rKd9vdE_L78


Note: Tuesday & Friday slots are full.

Wednesday’s afternoon slots are still available.


Clearwater Bay School (CWBS) reserves the right to accept or reject any advertisement submitted for CWBS publications and on its websites. However, CWBS does not attempt to investigate or verify advertisements appearing in CWBS´s publications and on its websites. The appearance of advertising in CWBS´s publications and on its websites in no way implies endorsement or approval by CWBS of any advertising claims or of the advertiser, its product, or services. CWBS disclaims any liability whatsoever in connection with advertising appearing in CWBS´s publications and on its websites.