9 Nov 2018

PTA Newsletter – Friday 9 November

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Think Green Fair

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with preparation, during the fair and clearing up afterwards.  Thanks also to all the students and parents who came along and supported the event.  Many people contribute to the success of the fair: parents and students prepare their class tasks and run them on the day, class contacts are an essential part of the communication process and school staff clear classrooms and shared areas and help with the massive clean up operation afterwards, ensuring the school is ready for students on Monday morning.

We would also like to thank all the vendors (logos displayed at the end of this newsletter) and everyone who donated items for the silent auction, toy shop & new goods, white elephant, book shop, Kids’ Cafe and Cookie/Cupcake Decoration.

Final thanks to Leapfrog Kindergarten, Renaissance College, Abacus Kindergarten, KGV and Hebe Haven Yacht Club for loaning us equipment and Cena for organising the bar licence.

The clean up operation after the fair has been vastly helped by KGV who are collecting adult clothing for charity, WIS for collecting the adult fiction books, and a charitable project called ‘Nurture’ which will take all the unsold children’s books to the Phillipines to help set up libraries in disadvantaged provinces.

The fair accounts have yet to be finalised but we are delighted to announce a fair profit of approximately $235,000.  As promised, all class tasks have been reviewed and the winners are:

4R – wins cupcakes for running probably the hardest task of the day, manning the gates, with cheerfulness and efficiency.

6H – wins cupcakes for running the Kids’ Cafe, ensuring it was well stocked with goods to sell and well manned for the entire time it was open.

4T – wins cupcakes for awesome multi-tasking while running the bar, supervising the two Rumple shows and providing pulled pork for the bar snack.

Provision of the prizes will be arranged with the class teachers.


This year the student council chose to donate 5% of the fair profits to Hong Kong Clean Up. The donation will be arranged as soon as the accounts are final.  The rest of the money will be spent on three sets of blocks for outdoor play:


Thanks to all the students who created artwork for the poster competition.  Ella Delaney was the winner and her design was printed on the banner above the stage.  The runner up was Seren Lewis with the following design.  All the posters have been displayed around school.


Taekwondo Lessons – Special Offer for Term Two

Master Jesse Chow is offering a very good deal on Taekwondo classes at CWBS in term two.  Classes take place on Wednesdays at 2:45pm and 3:45pm.

The 2:45pm classes are being offered at $800 (actual value $2600) and the 3:45pm class at $400 (actual value $1,300) for the term.  Note the terms and conditions:  only available in term two to students who have not signed up before.  Five places available for the 2:45pm class and ten places available for the 3:45pm class.  Please contact the PTA Office to sign up.


Newspaper Required

The school uses a lot of newspaper for artwork but has run out.  If you have any clean newspapers you no longer need, please send them to school and ask your child to deliver them to the art room.


Box of Hope

Every year students are invited to bring in a parcel for Box of Hope.  This time, Year 5 students are running the show.  They have distributed box stickers and run a stall in the playground to show students how to make up a box.  Thank you Year 5 for your help and enthusiasm. The PTA have some small new toys that the students can collect from the PTA office to put in their Boxes of Hope.

Boxes can be brought into school between Monday 12th and Monday 19th November.  Box of Hope will collect all the boxes from CWBS on 20th November at 9am.  Any boxes dropped off after the collection will be returned to students.

All the information you need to prepare a box is included on the stickers but you can also check out their website at http://boxofhope.org/home/main/en/


PTA Events in November & December

Next Friday, 16th November, the PTA will run a Pop Up sale of  new toys and goods in preparation for Christmas. 2.45pm. Come and grab a bargain.

12th – 16th November – school camps for Years 4, 5 & 6.  Check your lunch orders and cancel in good time if you ordered for days your child will be on camp.  Please also inform your bus mum when your child will be on camp.

12th – 19th November – Box of Hope (see paragraph above)

23rd November, 6:00 – 7:30pm – Year 2 Social with Big Ben

30th November, 6:00 – 7:45pm – Year 5 and Year 6 Disco

11th December – Winter Concert with refreshments from the PTA and collection for Operation Santa Claus

12th December – Staff appreciation lunch – put the date in your diary and look out for information soon!

14th December – no hot lunches, school ends at 12:00


Organisers are already working on the next two year group social events later this month. Sign up will be via a Google form which will be sent by email from info@cwbs.edu.hk and also displayed on the PTA Facebook group.

We have had feedback that the buttons on our registration forms are displayed in Chinese. The forms are created in English – how they display depends on the user’s device settings.

We have had the same feedback about PayPal.  You can change the language setting on PayPal by clicking on this character, which is displayed somewhere on the screen, often in the bottom corner:





Christmas Baking Workshop – Parent & Child

Parents can spend the morning with their children to bake, frost and decorate Christmas cupcakes (snowman / poinsettia / holly leaf).  Parent & child pair take home 6 decorated cupcakes in a festive box with the recipe. Suitable for children age 5+.  For more information, please contact Ms. Hong at 9386 5696 or by email: flourhk@hotmail.com 


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