14 Sep 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Thursday 14 September 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Carers,

House Captains

Congratulations to our new Year 6 house captains and vice captains.

Dilong (Red):  C = Peony Lee & Jaden Kim.  VC = Ark Anand & Anushka Gupta

Jialong (Blue):  C = Rou Zhao, Ishaan Sharma.  VC = Kyra Haigh-Smith, Elvyn Yip

Shenlong (Green): C – Thomas King, Cynthia Mu.  VC = Julie Lee, George Newhouse

Yinlong (Yellow): C = Teya Nainani, Jivesh Sharma.  VC = Claudia Brunner, Toby Bailey

We look forward to our House Captains and Vice Captains being responsible leaders in the school this year and strong role models for younger students across all year levels.

Students Portfolios

As mentioned at the Parent Information Nights we have introduced a new format for our student portfolios this year based on the digital platform ‘Seesaw’. This new platform is easy to use and contains a range of tools enabling students to easily create, document and upload their learning. The platform has two main parts, a portfolio folder for annotated pieces of work that demonstrate learning of specified outcomes and a journal that allows students to share their learning on a more informal, spontaneous level. We will be launching the portfolios and going ‘live’ after the mid term break. An email with all details will be sent to parents after the mid term break.

Parent Information Night – Specialist Programs

It was good to see so many parents, especially those new to the school, come along to our information evening last week to find out more about the various specialist programs on offer at CWBS. As well as meeting staff, presentations were given about the Chinese, PE, Music, Individual Needs, Information Technology and Library programs. Thanks to all our specialist teachers, especially those who presented. A copy of the slides used in the presentation (as well as the year level presentations from the other two information nights) have all been uploaded to the parent hub page on the website. This is a password protected page (a reminder email was sent to parents during the week with the password).

ISA Assessment

Over the next two weeks, Year 4 – 6 students will take the International Standardised Assessment (ISA). Almost 80,000 students took the ISA assessment in 2016/17 across 80 different countries. This paper-based assessment provides a snapshot for parents and teachers on how students are performing in a range of mathematical and literacy areas. Along with teacher observations and student work, these assessments assist teachers in best supporting student learning. The assessment will take place on:

Tuesday 19 September – Reading (Y4 & Y6) & writing (exposition)

Wednesday 20 September – Reading (Y5)

Monday 25 September – Mathematical literacy & writing (narrative)

Parents will be provided with an individualised report outlining their child’s progress in mathematics, reading and writing in Term 2.

3 Way Conferences

It is hard to believe but our 3 way conferences are coming up immediately after the mid term break!  (Yes the half term has flown by, though the break is earlier this year than usual!). These conferences will be taking place on separate days for each year level starting towards the end of the first week after the break and running through into the second week after the break. An email with all the details and the gateway sign up procedures will be sent to all parents early next week!

School Community Support

Thank you to all members of our school community for the financial and personal support provided to Ms Menzi Dacuycuy in her recent loss. Altogether some $ 19,647 was donated.

Playground Pick Up After School

A reminder of our after school pick up arrangements which are designed to ensure that all students are safe and can find their bus line or  the parent/helper who is collecting them. Please do not walk across the playground as we want to keep this area clear of traffic and confusion so that students can easily find their bus line or parent/helper in the right collection place. Please note if you are collecting a year one child outside the year one area but also have children in years 2-6 please arrange for them to meet you outside the year 1 classrooms. If you do need to go back to the office or undercover area please go out the university gate and use the footpath. Similarly parents who collect students in years 2-6 under the sail are asked to exit through the main gate and not go across the playground to exit the university gate. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

After School Clubs/Activities

Just a reminder that parents or helpers waiting or collecting students from after school clubs and activities should wait in the downstairs playground on the seating or in the under cover area.  Please do not go into classrooms, wait in corridors or go up on the roof.

Also please note that students who have an activity starting after 2.45pm must be picked up from school and supervised by an adult from 2.35pm until the starting time of the activity.

Kind Regards,

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Friday 15 September

CPD Day- No School for Students

Tuesday 19 September

PTA Annual General Meeting 6.30pm

Tuesday 26 September

Year 1 Parent Literacy & Numeracy Night 6.30-7.30pm 

Monday 1 October- Friday 5 October

Mid Term Break- School Closed

Tuesday 10 October

Year 4-6 Camp Meetings

Ivory Trade at Bills Committee Meeting at LegCo

Year 6 Students Share Their Views on the Ivory Trade at Bills Committee Meeting at LegCo.

On Wednesday the 6 September, four Year 6 Students attended a Bills Committee meeting about the topic of elephant ivory at LegCo and took action by sharing their views on the ivory trade in Hong Kong.  These brave and dedicated students advocated for the future of the elephants through their passionate and knowledgeable speeches. They presented in front of many adults and LegCo members, but they remained undaunted and expressed their opinions clearly and succinctly. An essential element of the PYP is ACTION and this opportunity allowed for these students to make a stand and take action about an issue that they are so passionate about.

The Hong Kong government have committed to a gradual phasing out of the ivory trade with all trading to stop by 2021. Our year 6 students felt that this was not soon enough and backed the government in their bid to not offer any compensation to the ivory traders.

Also in attendance at the Bills Committee was Chris Leadismo, a ranger from Kenya who works with Save the Elephants. He gave a very emotional speech which explained the danger he puts himself in everyday as he tries to stop poachers from killing elephants for their tusks. The following day, all of the year six students were lucky enough to meet Chris Leadismo in person when he came in to CWBS to present his speech to them.

Our four elephant heroes are Hayley Chen 6J, Sofia Hession 6R, Thomas Wu 6R and Rou Zhao 6C.  You can watch their amazing elephant speeches by following this link.


Below are some comments from the students themselves along with some photos of their visit to LegCo and Chris Leadismo’s visit to CWBS.

  • Why did you decide to share your opinions about the ivory trade?

Rou: I am really passionate about elephants and I feel that if we could stop this, people in the next generation can know about them. I wanted to point out that elephants are living creatures like humans.

Sofia: I am very passionate about saving the elephants and I think elephants should be treated like us humans.

Thomas: I think it is unnecessary to slaughter elephants for their ivory because ivory doesn’t have any use and it does not improve your life.

  • What did it feel like to take action in this way?

Rou: I felt proud because I knew I had helped elephants and given them a longer chance to live.

Sofia: I felt amazed that I did this because I never imagined I would be presenting at LegCo.

Hayley: I felt like a hero because I was standing up for the elephants and I was stopping ivory traders killing elephants.

  • What message do you want to share with the CWBS community?

Thomas: Please do not support the ivory trade.  Tell your families why we should not buy ivory.

Hayley: Please ban the ivory trade because it’s not only elephants that are dying, it is the park rangers in Africa who are dying as they try to protect them.

Mission Possible- Stationery Drive

Missione Possibile – Stationery drive

Children helping children

This October, 5 students from CWBS will be going to Cambodia to work in the Missione Possibile Primary School that has been set up there. These students are organising a stationery drive to help make sure that the school has all the resources it needs to start their school year.

We would like to collect the following items from each year band:

Years 1 and 2Erasers and sharpeners
Years 3 and 4Rulers – 30cm
Years 5 and 6Blue and Red pens

Please note that we are looking for brand new, standard items which are practical and cost effective rather than fancy branded items with characters eg. Smiggle, Star Wars, Lego, Typo etc

The collection boxes will be located in the school office area and the deadline for collection is Tuesday 26 September.  Please donate as many items as you can to help resource the school.

Thank you very much for your support.

Mikah 4W, Elissa 5B, Charlotte 6R, Dhani 6R and Kyra 6J



ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon


Dear Parents,

ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon & Community Carnival

2017 marks 50 years of ESF’s service to Hong Kong.

As part of our celebration, ESF is proud to organise the ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon, which will be the major community engagement opportunity in our series of 50th anniversary celebration events.

The event also promotes the integration of ​raising ​general awareness ​to children with physical ​disabilities and different medical needs. As the largest English-medium international education provider in Hong Kong, we envision that the event ​will spread and promote the ​healthy attitudes of ​physical exercise through our network​.

Event:                          ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon

Date:                            October 22, 2017 (Sunday) from 8am – 3pm

Venue:                         Lung Wo Road, Central

Participant:                  ESF students, families, staff, alumni and friends

Registration fee:          $180 (Individual) / $300 (Family run of 2 person) / $400 (Family run of 3 person)

Community Carnival:   Up to 20 game booths will be located at Edinburgh Place with the support of ESF schools and supporting organisations. Numerous performances by ESF students will be part of the entertainment at the Carnival as well.

FREE to join the carnival.

Registration method:

Online: http://marathon.esf.edu.hk (Deadline: 15 September 2017)

Paper: Please fill-in the paper form with payment (in cheque, attention to: English Schools Foundation) and submit to ESF Centre at 25/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong. (Deadline: 1 September 2017).

For enquiries, please contact the Event Secretariat at (852) 2117 1650 or esf@sportsoho.com.

Science Club Material Wanted

We are looking for unused airline comfort kits, as they contain many articles which will be useful in Science investigations such as eye masks. If you have any of these unused kits could you please send them to Mrs Brock-Hollinshead. For any questions, please contact Mrs Brock-Hollinshead:


Thank You!





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