19 Oct 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Thursday 19 October 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Teacher CPD day on 20th October

All ESF primary school teachers will be at a Professional Development Day held at Renaissance College on Friday 20th October. The focus of the CPD will be on positive student well being with Professor Lea Waters from Melbourne University, Professor Waters’ work on student well being is world renowned having worked across Asia, USA, United Kingdom and Canada. Lea Waters has written the well known book ‘The Strength Switch’ and has presented at numerous conferences across the world. Her work will compliment much of the student well being programmes and resources already in place at CWBS. Staff will also be able to choose to attend a wide range of workshops based on their own professional interest. Thank you and well done to the CWBS staff who will lead workshops for other ESF staff, including, Chris Hamilton, Kathy Derrick, David Mead, Mikayla Black, Stephanie Kroeker and myself. It should be a great day of professional learning for our teachers.

3 Way Conferences

3 Way Conferences have all been completed for each year level. The feedback from teachers, parents and students was very positive. We hope you had the opportunity to find out how your child is progressing at school and are aware of both areas of strength and areas of development. The goal setting that students have been involved in that were shared at the 3 way conferences will be used to support their progress at school. By involving you as the parent in that process, you are given the opportunity to support your child at home.

PYP Parent Information Night

A flyer was sent out to parents earlier this week for a PYP information night next Wednesday 25th October. All parents are invited to find out more about the PYP at CWBS and how the programme supports student learning. The session will start at 6:30pm in the multipurpose room. Click here if you wish to sign up for the information session.

ESF 50th Anniversary Run

This Sunday is ESF 50th Anniversary run to be held in Central. We have almost 40 students and their families across the school participating and many teachers including Tina Tian, Luke Jones, Harriet Gleeve, Mikayla Black, Heidi Jones and myself. There is a 10km, 3km and 1km running event as well as a carnival taking place with lots of games in which students can participate. Tina Tian’s Year 4 Chinese class will also be performing on stage at 11:30am. It should be a great event and we look forward to seeing many families attend the event. Good luck to all of the runners!

Note: Your child should have come home today with their racing pack. If you have not received it, please come to the front office on Friday to pick it up. It will not be available for pick up on race day.

School Camp Meetings

On Tuesday, 10 October, the school hosted camp meetings for parents in Year 4 – 6. The organisers from Treasure Island (Year 5), Outward Bound (Year 6) and Year 4 teachers gave an overview of each camp for parents to provide an understanding of what the students can expect. Everyone is getting very excited about camp. Please make sure you have provided all the necessary information for the camp your child is attending. Giving your child an opportunity to pack/unpack a bag/suit case is an essential skill to learn before school camp!

Diwali Artwork

Together, Year 4 students today have participated in creating a rangoli artwork in the playground. With the support of our regular supply teacher Ms Meena Chainrai, the students have done a brilliant job using chalk to add colour to the artwork. The artwork should last a few more days at school, please come along to have a look at it before the weather gets the better of it. Happy Diwali to everyone!

Brendan Kean

Vice Principal

Diary Dates

Friday 20 October

ESF CPD Day- School Closed for Students

Monday 23 October

Year 5 (5J) Hotel Icon Trip

Wednesday 25 October

PYP Information Night 6.30-7.30pm

Year 5 (5M) Hotel Icon Trip

Monday 30 October

Year 5 (5B) Hotel Icon Trip

Wednesday 1 November

Year 5 (5G) Hotel Icon Trip

Thursday 2 November 

Year 6 (6M) Hotel Icon Trip

Monday 6 November

Year 6 (6C) Hotel Icon Trip

Tuesday 7 November

Year 1 2018/19 Prospective Parents Meeting 6.30-7.30pm

Year 1 Trip to Garden Centre

Wednesday 8 November

School Council Meeting 4.45pm

Year 6 (6R) Hotel Icon Trip

Thursday 9 November 

Year 6 (6J) Hotel Icon Trip

News From The Medical Room


The Department of Health is offering the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) immunisation to our Year 1 students on 1 December 2017. Forms will be sent home on 27 October 2017. Please note this date is for Year 1 only, immunisations will be offered to Year 6 students in the new calendar year.


Please be aware that Clearwater Bay is a “nut free school”. We have quite a few students who are severely allergic to peanuts and tree nuts, therefore we ask you to please be considerate to these children and do not send foods containing nuts or nut products to school.

Foods mostly that contain peanuts or tree nuts include: Peanut butter, Nutella (or like spreads), Cereal bars, Cakes, biscuits, dressings, satay sauces, and some Chinese, Thai or Indonesian dishes.

Please read packet labels carefully as recipes do change or may be hidden as nut oils, ground nuts, earth nuts or/and monkey nuts.


News From Library

Mother Tongue Story Reading Sessions

Thank you to all those that have signed up to read stories on Friday during lunch in their Mother Tongue. We will contact you during the week of your story reading.

We are delighted that we have the following languages represented; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish and Gujarati.

Story Reading starts at 12:20pm and runs until 1pm.  We are encouraging students to read with their parents this year.

If you have some time on a Friday  and you would like to read in your mother tongue at our story reading sessions then these times are still available;

Friday 1 December

Friday 2 February

Friday 9 February

Friday 9 March

Please contact Mrs Harris or Mrs Barwell via email to let us know.


Lisa Harris – lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk

Angela Barwell – angela.barwell@cwbs.edu.hk

Hong Kong Young Writers 2017

We will be holding an information session for students who are interested of all ages in entering and then being nominated for the Hong Kong Young Writers Competition this year. As a school we can only nominate 10 entries.

Mrs Barwell and Mrs Harris will provide students with information about the rules of the competition eg: no support from adults and the types of entries that students can submit; poetry, non-fiction, fiction or cover art. They will bring home a letter with more information.

If your child/ren have a love for writing and/or art and would like to be involved then please encourage them to attend the session on Thursday 26 October at 12:20pm


Lisa Harris and Angela Barwell

Mission Possible- Stationery Drive

On the 30th of September, 2017, I joined the Missione Possible team to fly to Cambodia, NP, Roong village, to help the children at the school by bringing them stationary, balls, books, backpacks, arts and crafts and new school uniforms, all  which were donated for the start of their new school year.

As we handed out all of these things, I was so amazed to see their faces light up.

I never knew that children could ever be so happy to go to go to school.

I loved helping teach them in the classroom, and playing ball games in the playground was the best.  Even though we didn’t speak the same language, and they spoke very little English, we shared lots of smiles and fun together.

Being part of this mission was such an eye-opening experience for me to really see and understand how difficult these children’s daily lives are. To go to school some of them have to travel for up to 2 hours to get there, either on their bicycles or walk through very muddy, dirty and broken roads.  After school, some children still have to go to work in the rice fields.  Their families have little food and many of them are hungry and may only have 1 good meal a day if they are lucky.

They don’t even have running water.  All these things made me feel grateful to have clean drinking tap water, and a fridge full of food and for my lovely bedroom and comfortable bed and all my toys. I am so lucky.

We also went out into another village which had had a fire, and we saw how these people had to live.  It was heart-breaking to see their homes which all burnt down, and now they were living on rubbish and dirt, and they have nothing.

We also gave them some clothing and snacks, but I felt sad, and I wish that we could have done more for them.

Thank you Missione Possible for letting me be a part of this experience.  It is a trip that I will never forget, and always remember to be thankful for what I have, and try to help others where we can.

I would love to go back again soon to help them again.


Kyra Haigh-Smith (6J)

Football Tournament

Last Friday, the girls football team reached the semi-finals of the Beacon Hill 50th anniversary football tournament at Kings Park. The girls put in a remarkable performance to win three of their group games against Shatin school (4-0), Renaissance college (8-0) and Quarry Bay (3-0) which secured their passage to the Cup semi-final. Despite battling hard against a very good Kennedy team, the girls were beaten 1-0. However, they deserve enormous credit for their team play and stamina in what was a very hot day. A special mention must go to CWBS’s very own Mr George Li for training the girls so well in the previous year.

Looking forward, the girls have two tournaments coming up in quick succession. On the 25th October, they play again at Kings Park in the ICHK organised tournament before playing again on the 28th at the Peak school tournament. Fingers and toes crossed that the girls go one stage further in both those tournaments!

 On Friday 13th October, the CWBS football team participated in the ESF 50th Anniversary Football Tournament. It was our first tournament as a team and we were really excited! We were in Group A with 3 other teams; Peak School, Sha Tin B and Beacon Hill. Our first match was against Beacon Hill. Most of the match we were drawing 0-0 but then Alfie Carrell put in a nice through ball for Alfie Stevens to latch on to to put CWBS up 1-0 and to win the game. Our next game was against Sha Tin. This time it was Tristan’s turn to power in a shot to win the game 1-0. Unfortunately our third game against Peak School didn’t go to plan and we went down 2-0. However, we didn’t give up and we did manage to score to finish the game 2-1. Because of our 2 wins we went through to the Cup Quarter final where we played against RCHK. We played really well and managed to take the lead from a fantastic goal by Alfie Stevens. RCHK worked really hard and scored an equaliser which meant the game went to penalties. It just wasn’t our day and we lost however we came back to school feeling really proud of our 2 wins and looking forward to our next tournament next week!

By Thomas King (6M)

Music Participation at School Fair

Students in Year 2-6 who are interested in giving a performance at the school fair on Saturday, 4 November in the afternoon are invited to prepare and practice for an audition in front of Mr. Brodersen. Acts could be playing an instrument, singing, or dancing. There will be only a few performance spots, so students are encouraged to be well-prepared for the audition in the music room from 12:20-1:00 on Monday, 23 October.

Contact ryan.brodersen@cwbs.edu.hk for any questions.

Student’s Achievement

Erik Xu (6J), Adrian Cheung (6C), Gordon Ng (6C) from Year 6 participated in a HK wide competition to design an app that would make life easier. They designed an app that used sensors in flower pots to let people know when to water their plants. They got down to the last thirty in Hong Kong and participated in the grand final at City University.

Claire Zheng (1W) recently participated in the first ‘Hong Kong Pacific Piano Open Competition’ on October 2nd. She received a silver medal for her talents and efforts. Well done, Claire!

Florence Williams (5G) came 2nd in the VRC open water swimming race for her age group-9-10 year olds. Well done, Florence!








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