3 Nov 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 3 November 2017

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Principal’s News

School Fair

Teachers and students are getting very excited about our annual school fair tomorrow! As always, this is a day of excitement for everyone with a range of performances, activities and food to cater for all interests. The theme this year is ‘Save our Seas!’. The students (and parents) are encouraged to dress up in any nautical/ocean theme (pirates, mermaids, sailors are very welcome). Certificates will be presented to students on stage for best dressed for the day. Also, once again, the teachers will take charge of the BBQ so come by to purchase a burger or sausage and say hello to your child’s teacher.

All money raised will be going towards the purchase of the new climbing frame in the playground (more information about the new playground equipment to come in the next newsletter). So please come along with your family for a great day out. The fair starts at 1:00pm with a 5:00pm finish.

Chinese Story Telling at Lunchtimes

Over the past year, we have had a group of committed parents reading Chinese books to students every Friday with great success. This year, they are passing over the responsibility to the older students who will be given the opportunity to read to students in Years 1-3. Last Friday was the first time and was done so with great enthusiasm. The older students relished the opportunity to read and the younger students really enjoyed the stories. We are hoping that this will continue to be a popular school event along with the mother tongue reading at lunchtimes on a Friday.


Funky Fitness Friday

This year, we have a group of Year 6 students who have taken on the responsibility of delivering Funky Fitness every Friday.  After a few weeks, the Year 6 students have found their groove and are leading our Year 1-3 students through a range of very active and fun dance moves. The crowd has been growing each week with the Year 6 students showing our younger students how enjoyable fitness can be. We are hoping this will continue every Friday on the ground floor playground throughout the year.


School Camp

We are getting close to school camps which will take place for Years 4 – 6 and preparations are well under way. The schedule is:

Year 6: 13 – 17 November at Outward Bound

Year 5: 15 – 17 November at Treasure Island

Year 4: 13 – 15 November at Bradbury Camp (4L & 4C)

Year 4: 20 – 22 November at Bradbury Camp (4T & 4W)

Teachers and students are busily preparing for camp at school. As a parent, you can help by making sure your child packs their own camp bag (and more importantly, can repack their bag), read the checklist of what is needed and talk to them about their emotions (most likely a mixture of nerves and excitement). School camp is a wonderful experience for all students that create fantastic memories. We see it as an integral part of the curriculum as it provides many opportunities to develop life skills including leadership, cooperation, resilience and much more. For Year 6 parents, if you have not completed the form to tell us where you will pick your child up, please click on this link to do so.

If you have not already sent in your payment and/or documentation, please do so as soon as possible.

Wesley School Drama Production Visit

Over the past few years, we have been fortunate to have Wesley College students from Melbourne, Australia perform their drama production as a part of their tour of Hong Kong.

As we currently do not have a hall to host the performance due to renovations, the performance will take place in the HKUST theatre. There will be one performance for Years 1-3 and then Years 4-6 on Friday 10 November. Students will be walked to and from HKUST with Years 4-6 before break and Years 1-3 after break. All roads will have teachers monitoring and students will stay on the footpaths to get there. This performance from High School students has always been of very high quality and we looking forward to this great opportunity again for our students.

PYP Information Session

Thank you to the parents who came to our annual PYP information session on Wednesday 25 October. Hopefully for the parents who attended, they came away with a further understanding of the PYP and how we approach teaching and learning as an IB World School. If you would like further information on the teaching and learning at CWBS, please contact our curriculum coordinators, Lisa Harris (lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk) or Rachel Muldoon (rachel.muldoon@cwbs.edu.hk).

‘International Mindedness’ Coffee Morning

Want to know what ‘International Mindedness’ means and how it is incorporated in the curriculum at school? Then come along to a coffee morning on Wednesday 8 November at 8:45am where we will unpack the idea of what is International Mindedness. Click on the link to register your interest.

ESF Professional Development Day

The ESF professional development day on 20 October on student well being was an interesting day with Professor Lea Waters from University of Melbourne presenting to all ESF staff. She provided an outline of importance of what is important in student well being and it was encouraging to have what we believe and have implemented at CWBS affirmed by Professor Waters. Teachers also had the opportunity to attend other sessions run by ESF teachers to see what practices are in place at other ESF schools. Although student well being has been a priority for the school over the last few years through Friendly Schools programme, circle time, restorative practice, playground zoning and our relation practice policy, there were new ideas offered that we can further investigate to continually look at improving how we support and develop student well being at CWBS.

Gala Dinner

Brendan Kean

Vice Principal

Diary Dates

Saturday 4 November

School Fair 1.00-5.00pm

Monday 6 November

6C Hotel Icon Trip 8.45-11.45am

Tuesday 7 November 

Year 1 Perspective Parent Information Night 6.30-7.30pm

Wednesday 8 November

6R Hotel Icon Trip

Thursday 9 November

6J Hotel Icon Trip

Friday 10 November 

Wesley College Performance to Whole School

Monday 13 November – Friday 17 November

Year 6 Outward Bound Trip

Monday 13 November – Wednesday 15 November

Year 4 Bradbury Trip (4C&4L)

Wednesday 15 November – Friday 17 November

Year 5 Treasure Island Trip

Monday 20 November – Wednesday 22 November 

Year 4 Bradbury Trip (4T&4W)

Friday 24 November 

Year 1-3 Sports Day

Friday 8 December

Year 4-6 Sports Day

Box of Hope

CWBS is proudly supporting Box of Hope charity again this year. The charity collects gift boxes and distributes them to underprivileged children in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia.

Each box must contain the following items: Bar of soap, toothbrush + toothpaste, notepad + pen/pencil, hygiene item (eg. face cloth), fun (eg. card games, puzzles), active (eg. ball, skipping ropes), and something to love (eg. toy).

Please wrap the lid and the box separately and secure it with a rubber band for staff to easily open each box to check the items before they are being sent off. Make sure each box has the label below attached to it. If you are not able to print the label below at home, we have copies available at the school office and PTA office.

Please drop off your box at the PTA office from 6 – 10 November. 

For more information on how the boxes should be prepared and wrapped, please visit Box of Hope website 

Thank you for your support!

Assessment at CWBS

Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning at CWBS and the most important purpose for assessment is to provide feedback on student learning.

If we are asked why we assess, the answer would be “to guide instruction.” We believe the ultimate purpose of assessment is to guide our planning and instruction so that we can support and enhance student learning, rather than to simply generate a grade. We believe that the teaching/learning cycle starts with assessment, rather than teaching, because if you don’t know what students already know and can do, you don’t know where to start teaching.

Teachers use pre-assessments to plan effective learning experiences that allow all ability levels to learn and succeed. Regular collaboration within the school community allows teachers to design, discuss, and reflect to ensure challenging and significant learning occurs. Planning a well-designed learning experience can also be a vehicle for planning formative and summative assessments. We assess all areas of our curriculum with summative assessments (final assessments). Formative assessments are used throughout the units to shape and guide the next stage of student learning.

Students are involved in assessment as they reflect on learning to grow and evolve as life-long learners, setting goals and next steps in their learning. We actively teach our students to be confident at self assessment in both academic and behavioral areas.

There are many possible and valid ways for an individual student to show understanding. We honor and validate multiple and often creative forms of assessment. Assessment data is important for teachers and all stakeholders such as students, parents, administration, and the community. We regularly communicate assessment through various reporting formats; 3 way conferences, written reports, student led conferences, portfolios, learning journeys, assemblies, Exhibition and parent/teacher meetings.

More information about  assessment at CWBS, please refer to the Assessment and Reporting Policy .

Parent Technology Survey

Thank you to all parents who filled in the Parent Technology Survey. We received over 230 responses, and the responses have been shared amongst the staff. These results will help to inform future planning and development of our Technology guidelines at CWBS.

A summary of the results is as follows…

  • The majority of parents were concerned about the time their children spend online and the time they spend looking at a screen.
  • Many parents were concerned about eye strain and eye health.
  • Just over 55% of parents had set up some kind of filtering or monitoring system on their computer.
  • Almost 20% of families have no rules for the use of technology at home.
  • 10% of children use social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Almost 80% of parents were not familiar with the old CWBS ‘SMART’ rules or the new ‘Be Internet Awesome’ programme.
  • 30% of parents do not feel confident about supporting their child using technology.

We are planning to hold small parent meetings this year and a school information evening early in 2018 to share our technology policy and guidelines. If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch.

Matt Hayes

Learning Technology Coach

Understanding and Supporting Minds That Learn Differently


Dear Parents,

Two local SEN advocacy groups,  FOCUS and the Dyslexia Association Hong Kong, are arranging a rare opportunity to access internationally renowned experts on Dyslexia and ADHD.

Dr. Thomas Brown and Dr. Lindsay Peer are offering parent and teacher workshops on Nov. 18th 2017 at Kowloon Junior School.

Please see the links below for registration details and additional information about the speakers.

Parent Track

Morning Session 1:  8.45 – 10.15

Winning with Dyslexia: Understanding your child and the impact of dyslexia upon their emotions, living and learning

Dr. Peer will look at dyslexia from a home/school perspective so that adults striving to provide support can better understand the link to academic struggles, lowered self-esteem, anxiety and lack of motivation. She will also explore the strengths which can emerge in the right supportive environment.

Morning Session 2:  10:30 – 12:00

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Brain’s Self-Management System

Drawing upon his research and private practice experiences Dr. Brown will present the latest understanding of how differences in executive functioning impact the ability to focus and manage emotions for those with AD/HD and Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD).  Dr. Brown will also detail paths those with ADHD can take to move on toward a more rewarding and productive academic and social life.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Professional Development

On Wednesday 2nd November our office staff and educational assistants took part in an in-school upskilling session regarding child protection and safeguarding. The session was led by Chris Hamilton, Kathy Derrick and Matt Hayes, and focused on the key aspects of our child protection policy (which can be found on our CWBS website), how we are working to keep our students safe online, and support structures available within our school and ESF.

Many thanks to all involved.

ESF The First 50 Years

To mark ESF’s half-century, we are publishing a commemorative book: ESF The First 50 Years. This volume will chronicle the ESF story, highlighting key events over the last 50 years. It will also celebrate the successes and contributions of our students and staff, both past and current.The book will be published in November 2017. Place your online order NOW at http://www.esf.edu.hk/50th-book/


The ESF 50th Anniversary Marathon

On 22nd of October, there was an ESF schools race that was celebrating the ESF 50th anniversary. It was open to all parents, students, staff and teachers who could either participate in the 10km, 3km and the 1km. I had a great time and it was really fun. I thought it was fantastic that the ESF community came together to do something healthy and enjoyable outdoors.

Some notable finishes were James Letters (4L) who came 3rd in the 3km race, Howard Lai (4C) who came 2nd in the 3km race, me, who came 1st in the 1km race, and also Mr. Kean who came 1st in the 10km run.

Apart from the race there was a Community Carnival held at Edinburgh Place, Central, open to the public.There were performances, game booths and fun-filled workshops organised by ESF schools and organizations.

Tian lao shi  田老师  and zheng lao shi 鄭老师  and the year 4s represented CWBS by doing a Chinese singing and dancing performance which was entertaining and brilliant.

By Claudia Brunner (6M)

Girls Peak School Football Tournament

On the 28th of October 7 girls from year six attended a friendly football tournament at Peak School. The players included were; Emily Fisher(6M) ,Claudia Brunner(6M), Sadie Casey(6M), Hannah Curran – Shepard(6R), Dhani Cadman(6R) ,Sofia Hession(6R), Rou Zhou (6C). We had an early start having to be at the Peak School at 8:45. It was freezing!

The first 2 games we won 4-0 and then 3-0. After that, we went straight into the finals against our biggest competitor Beacon Hill, but we lost out in a very close game (2-3) as Claudia helped us fight back strongly for. We received certificates and came second place overall. We all really enjoyed the tournament.

By Emily Fisher (6M) and Sadie Casey (6M)


Mixed Football Tournament at King’s Park

On the 25th of October both girls and boys entered a team representing CWBS at Kings Park. These are the following who played in the girls team; Emily Fisher(6M), Sadie Casey(6M), Claudia Brunner(6M), Sofia Hession(6R), Dhani Cadman(6R), Rou Zhou(6C), Maggie Pratt(5G), Riccine Lin(5G), Willa Benady(5B) in the boys team there were; Thomas King(6M), Alfie Carrell(6J), Toby Bailey(6J), Ricky Kim(6R), Matthew Hatter(6R), Alvin Lam(6C), Alfie Stevens(5B), Tristan Verkade(5G), Bennett Nittke(5B) and Miles Roseman(5M).

The girls did well again and finished in the same place as the last time, losing in the semi-finals for The Cup against Beacon Hill. The boys also did very well and made it to the final of The Shield but lost against Renaissance College in a close game.

By Sadie Casey (6M) and Emily Fisher (6M)

Netball Tournament

On the 1st of November, Claudia Brunner (6M), Sadie Casey (6M), Emily Fisher (6M), Ark Anand (6M), Marcus Leung (6C), Charcoal Wong (6J), Andrew Fan (6M), Hayleigh Gresham (6J), Kyra Haigh-Smith (6J) and I went to Kellet School for a mixed netball tournament. When we got to Kellet, we went to the cafeteria and ate our lunch quickly. At around 12:20 we went to the pitch to warm up for 5 minutes. When we finished warming up, we selected the captain. I was really surprised when Mrs Bryant announced that I was the captain. We watched the first match. After watching the first match in the tournament we played the second match against Beacon Hill School. We won our first match and as a captain I thought that we played really well as a team. The most exciting match we played was against Glenealy school, we were fighting for 3rd place. Sadly, we lost but I was really proud of the CWBS team it was a amazing experience. The thing I most enjoyed was playing and cooperating as a team. At the end we came 4th. I was really happy!

By Ian Chan (6R)



Pink Walk for Breast Health

A big thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored and helped in anyway with the Pink Walk for Breast Health on Sunday 22 October 2017.

It was a huge success and over $8000 was raised for the Breast Cancer Foundation.



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