1 Dec 2017

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 1 December 2017

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Year 1-3 School Sports Day

The first of our sports days was a great success. Students participated enthusiastically in a range of athletic and novelty events. A new event was added to the programme this year, the Year 3, 400 metre race which proved popular with many of the students. It was great to see so many parents/grandparents/carers attending to support their child/ren on the day.

A big thank you to Mr Craig for his organisation of the event and to our Year 6 House Captains for helping to run the activities. A special thank you to our year 1-3 students for their participation, energy and enthusiasm!

A reminder that the Year 4-6 Sports Day is being held on Friday 8 December.

It is hard to beat HKUST for a picturesque sporting venue!


Parent Happenings

It has been a busy and exciting week for Parent Happenings this week. On Monday our Year 1 students shared their learning journeys based on their inquiries into plants, under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Sharing the planet’. A prepared class presentation was followed by students proudly showing parents their portfolios, and skills at many different activities that were set up throughout the shared area.

This has been an exciting unit for the students, who had a Field Trip to the Garden Centre near Sai Kung and also had an expert gardener, Mr Paul Melsom visit the school to share his expertise. We look forward to hearing from parents about any action that their child is taking at home because of the learning arising from this unit of inquiry. Thank you to the Year 1 team, the students have grown a tremendous amount under your guidance!  

Year 2 students have entertained their parents, Year 4 buddies and staff throughout the week with their creative and very impressive viewing and presenting skills in their storytelling performances. The students have explored how stories communicate culture, ideas and values in different ways. It was evident in all the performances how students’ communication skills, collaborative skills and range of other skills have grown in this unit of inquiry. It was exciting to see how confidently and enthusiastically all students performed.

Congratulations and thank you to the Year 2 team, Miss Doo, Mr Brodersen, Mr Hayes, Ms Chan, Mrs Barwell and Mrs Harris for facilitating the learning so successfully.

Last Wednesday, parents and Year 5 buddies were treated to an amazing exhibition of Year 3 art work. Students shared their eye catching art and poetry created as a result of their inquiry into how art can inspire people to express their feelings and ideas under the theme ‘How we express ourselves’. The emotions of calm, fear, happiness, love and anger were represented in the style of various artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Vincent Van Gogh, Piet Mondrian and Claude Monet. Poetry was written to describe the emotions and music was matched to evoke further feelings. As viewers, students were thinkers when they analysed artists work to understand their styles and skills. Their self management skills were reflected in their work and they were able to develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness. During the happening students shared with confidence and great pride. We were sad to see their wonderful pieces of creativity leave the classrooms. Thank you to the Year 3 team and Mr Brodersen for providing the students with wonderful learning opportunities throughout the unit.

Well done to all students! Thank you to all parents for your support of students with their learning. It was great to see so many of you attend these events.

CWBS Winter Music Spectacular and Sai Kung Christmas Carols

Mr Brodersen, Ms Lam, Miss Gleave, Ms Cooke and approximately 130 students have been busy practising for our annual Winter Music Spectacular which will be held on Tuesday 12 December, starting at 6:30pm. The concert is a showcase of the work that students have been doing in school and during clubs, and will include some Christmas songs to celebrate the festive season. The theme this year for the concert is “Naughty or Nice” where students will be contrasting serious with silly,  “Feast of Fools” style. Come for laughs, good music, and some silly Christmas carols.

All parents and families are most welcome to attend. Students who are participating in the concert should arrive at 6pm dressed in school uniform. The concert will be followed at 7.15pm by Christmas drinks/hot chocolate and mince pies provided by the PTA.

If you would like to hear an evening of Christmas Carols, our students will be performing in Sai Kung, on Saturday 9th December, from 6:00 – 9:00pm at the Sai Kung Waterfront Pavillion. The senior choir will be performing at approximately 6:20pm. Good luck to all our performers!

Chengdu Panda Road School Visit

18 students, 5 parents and 4 teachers from Panda Road School, Chengdu, will be visiting CWBS on Monday and Tuesday next week (4th and 5th December). On Monday host families from Year 6 will be welcoming their visitors in the afternoon for an art session and a home visit. The students from Panda Road school will also be joining some classes on Tuesday.

The visit is part of the annual school exchange that takes place with CWBS and Panda Road. 18 of our Year 5 students visited Chengdu in April. Our association with this school started nine years ago, following an earthquake that devastated the Chengdu area. At the time, the CWBS community supported those affected. The connection has developed overtime and is now focused on building international mindedness through cultural learning and language acquisition.

Year 1 Chinese Class Placements

The Chinese teachers are currently assessing Year 1 students for placements into groupings for the start of Term 2. As the students have only been in school for one term, it takes time for the teachers to get a clear picture of every students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities. At the start of Term 2, students will be trialled in 4 differentiated groupings based on their language ability. Parents will then be notified in week 3 of Term 2 who their child’s Chinese teacher will be for the rest of the year. Between each grouping, their will be an overlap of learning outcomes as often there are similar levels. More information will be provided to Year 1 parents early in Term 2. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child’s Chinese teacher or vice principal Brendan Kean at brendan.kean@cwbs.edu.hk.

Hay Nien School Exchange

On November 13, a group of Year 5 students were involved in a school exchange to Hay Nien Primary School.

The students took part in lessons including Music, Mandarin, PE and Maths. Having a buddy to help guide them through the day allowed our students to make connections with the students from Hay Nien. The time spent at Hay Nien gave our students a chance to experience school in a different setting, allowing them to make comparisons and observe school life from a different perspective. Our students commented on the classroom set up, play time experiences and the way that lessons were taught. Our students fully engaged in the lessons; created art works, sang along in Music lessons, participated in PE and Maths lessons, all the while practising their Mandarin.

Students from Hay Nien also took the opportunity to take part in lessons at CWBS, joining in on the daily happenings of the classroom. Both groups enjoyed their time in the different settings. We are looking forward to continuing this valuable learning opportunity in the future.


Dear Amazing CWBS PTA,

Thank you for organising the fair to raise money for our new climbing frame. With our buddies, we have had a fantastic time playing on it. We really appreciate all your hard work. Thank you so much. 

Year 6

Kathy Derrick

Vice Principal

Diary Dates

Monday 4 December – Wednesday 6 December

Chengdu Visit

Wednesday 6 December

Year 6 Crossroad Trip

Friday 8 December

Year 4-6 Sports Day

Tuesday 12 December

Winter Music Spectacular

Staff Appreciation Lunch

Wednesday 13 December

Year 4-6 Class Christmas Parties

Thursday 14 December

Year 1-3 Class Christmas Parties

Friday 15 December

End of Term 1- School ends at 12 noon

News From Library


Please note that the closing date for Hong Kong Writers Award submissions of Fiction, Non Fiction, Poetry or Cover Art has been extended to Friday 8 December. Please google share your entries with Mrs Lisa Harris or by email  lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk

Feeding Hong Kong Charity

Feeding Hong Kong is a charity that helps the poor people of Hong Kong to access quality food throughout the year. Every day in Hong Kong, we throw away 3,400 tonnes of food waste and there are still 1 million people who struggle to have 3 meals a day. At CWBS, we are going to help collect food for this charity to give more people access to food at Christmas time.

We are hosting a food drive from Tuesday 28 November- Wednesday 13 December.The students are encouraged to bring food. Every morning there will be 4 boxes in yellow, green, blue and red at the school gate. Students will put in food according to their house colour. We would like food that lasts for a few weeks, for example rice, noodles, cooking oil and canned goods.

Please be reminded that students are not forced to bring in food but it is encouraged. After the Christmas holiday, we will annouce which house has brought in the most food. If you want to know more about Feeding Hong Kong, please visit https://www.feedinghk.org/

By Teya Nainani (6R) and Jivesh Sharma (6J)

Student’s Stories

The Art Exhibition

Yesterday all of Year 3 had an Exhibition.  Lots of different people came to the Exhibition. There were lots of different art. Some art was oil pastels, others were watercolours and some art was normal paint.  Everyone had a code for the music and everyone had a poem and a name for their art. Lots of Year 3’s did Georgia O’Keeffe. Some did Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. We moved the doors open to 3BH so that parents could go through and see other work. It was like a gallery walk. We got lots of comments and each Year 5 class came and saw our work. My artwork was called the Four Sunrises. There was a close up of the painting and parents liked them.

By Jett Loiterton (3J)

Japanese Mother Tongue Class

On 13-15 October & 18-22 October, Autumn festival EN x Nichi was held at PMQ, Central HK to provided a platform to introduce and exchange Japanese cuisine and its unique food culture.

The students of  “The Japanese Mother tongue language support class” which runs every alternative FRI after school adventured out to experience this unique festival as the extended field trip.

Volunteer parents organized to dress up their children in transitional Japanese robes and everyone enjoyed  soul foods in breezy weather which finally arrived in Hong Kong!

Students’ Achievements

On Sunday 19 November, a few CWBS children entered an adventure race called TeamFear in Discovery Bay. The race is to raise money for the charity Outreach. Each team had three people in it and every year the course changes and we don’t know what the route is until we start the race! This year, it was 9km long and we had to run, cycle, wade through the sea, run along the beach, slide down a slippery, soapy slope, trail run, coasteer, jump off a junk, swim and scramble up a gorge and complete some puzzles. It takes real teamwork and you have to stay with your team throughout the race. Although it is hard, it is great fun.

Those who participated were U9s: Poppy Worthington (4C), Mikah Haigh-Smith (4W), Brianna Searle (4C), winning 1st place. U10s: Oliver fisher (5B), Bennett Nittke (5B), Leo Kloth (5B), Amelia Pedersen (5B) Fenella Millem (5M), Lili Koerber (5B), Anya Eldon (5B). U11s: Claudia Brunner (6M), Sadie Casey (6M), Emily Fisher (6M).

By Emily Fisher (6M), Sadie Casey (6M) and Claudia Brunner (6M)


On 12 November, Crispin Chow (3BH) participated in the Hong Kong Taekwondo Poomase Speed Kicking Tournament 2017. He achieved a great success by coming 1st in Double Turning Kick (Junior Group) and Jump Side Kick (Junior Group). He also came 2nd in Single Turning Kick (Junior Group). Well done, Crispin!


Keiden Hsu (6R) won the 2nd prize in the 4th Hong Kong Youth Piano Competition. Good job, Keiden!

Khrish Butani (5J) and Rishi Butani (3BH) won trophies in their Taekwando tournament. In the Poomsae (pattern) section, Rishi won 1st runner up and Khrish won 2nd runner up. Well done!





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