13 Dec 2019

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 13 December

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Principal’s News

Dear parents

Christmas concert

Our whole school Christmas concert on Thursday morning was a big success.   Performances from students in Year 1 and Year 2 choral, the junior and senior choirs, the Chinese drummers and orchestra were enjoyed by students, staff and parents in the audience. Congratulations and well done to all performers.  It was great to see so many students showing their singing and musical talents.  A big thank you to the staff involved in training and rehearsing the various groups including Ms Cooke & Ms Holliday (Junior choir), Ms Kwok, Mr Dong & Ms Kwan (Senior Choir) Ms Kwok & Ms Doo (Chinese drumming) and Ms Kwok and Ms Kwan (Orchestra group and Year 1 & 2 Choral).


Year 5 camp report:

Zoe and Lorraine: We are year 5 students from 5R and recently visited Treasure Island.

Lorraine: We are very happy to share our camp experience with you.

Zoe: We went to Treasure Island and did lots of fun things!

When we heard about camp we were both very excited and also nervous. When we arrived at camp we were introduced to our instructors. Our class was split in half so there were 15 people in a group. The instructors were very welcoming and funny to be with.

Treasure Island has a boss that needs to order the food and teach and train the instructors on what to do so then they can teach us the right things to do.  Camp was unexplainably fun exciting, tiring, exhausting and a few other feelings. The feeling you only know if you’ve been on camp.  It caused madness because some people didn’t get what they wanted, it caused tiredness because we woke up early sometimes and went to bed late and finally it caused people to get exhausted from the day’s activities. Camp made us braver and I started to believe in myself some more. We made more friends and camp made us realize that trying new things is not so bad after all.  It made us very happy and we got tougher by the end!

OH, and surfing a well known activity of Treasure Island. Of course, by the sea ,what could we do? Raft building, surfing and land activities too! You have to be fairly well prepared/ packed to complete all your activities and fun challenges in order to have a fun and safe time/experience at camp! At the end you will be stronger than you think!

By  Zoë Schneider (5R) and Lorraine Chan (5R)


Year 2 learning journeys

Last week Year 2 students held their learning journey for their recent inquiry into How We Express Ourselves. Throughout this unit students inquired into how stories are told in a variety of ways, the similarities and differences in stories, their cultural differences, and the ways stories can be performed.  Each class wrote their own stories and then performed them demonstrating their performance skills such as using gait, miming, enunciation and expression. Students chose to share their stories through mime, puppetry, acting or musical interpretation. They performed in small groups for their parents with great excitement and considerable confidence. Parents were then also able to share in some of the learning engagements that students undertook during the unit to develop their social skills, communication skills and maker skills. 


Year 1 Chinese Class Placements

The Chinese teachers are currently assessing Year 1 students for placements into groupings for the start of Term 2. As the students have only been in school for one term, it takes time for the teachers to get a clear picture of every students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities. At the start of Term 2, students will be trialled in 4 differentiated groupings based on their language ability. Parents will then be notified in week 3 of Term 2 who their child’s Chinese teacher will be for the rest of the year. Between each grouping, there will be an overlap of learning outcomes as often there are similar levels. More information will be provided to Year 1 parents early in Term 2. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child’s Chinese teacher or  Lisa Harris at lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk.


Year 6 girls Netball

Junior Netball League

The Junior Netball League is for kids who like to play netball, with both boys and girls able to participate. There are over 72 teams that participate in this tournament every year. Tournaments are played at different places in Hong Kong, there are the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. The CWBS team did their all but sadly came runners up in the finals.

HKPSSA Netball Championships

The Girls in the Netball club recently participated in a tournament at Harrow International school. This was on the 7th of December 2019. The Girls had to play 5 matches that were 10 minutes each. The team won 3 matches out of the 5 and ended up 6th out of 16 teams. We tried our best and had lots of fun!

Emma Raper (6H) and Mikah Haigh-Smith (6H)


Girls Football

During this term the girls football team participated in the HKPSSA Girls football championships and the Kowloon Girls and Boys Football Tournament.  At our first tournament at King’s Park, we played 7 games in total, all with quite close scores. Our strong defense included Alicia Wong, Alex Lee, and Rossie Li. Ina Lam and Rachel Xing played well together to get the ball up the field in midfield but unfortunately they could not manage to score a goal. Maya Ghidaoui and Shellie Wat both played well to support the team in forward. Gabriella Tjabringa was our goalie for the day and saved many goals but unfortunately we lost 1-0 in our last game against Statin Junior School.

On Tuesday 3 December, Ms Hamilton and a team of eight eager soccer players, represented CWBS in a Football tournament held at the Kowloon Cricket Club. From all accounts the girls played brilliantly, showing great skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. CWBS played for the Shield but once again lost 1-0 to Beacon Hill as well as to Shatin Junior School to receive 4th place within this division. Thank you to everyone who helped out in anyway and a big thank you to Ms Hamilton. Congratulations girls!

Team members for the HKPSSA Kowloon Football Championships:

Goalie: Gabriella Tjabringa (6M) and Johanna Middlemiss (6H) 

Defence: Alicia Wong (6H), Lola Weston (6B) and Alex Lee (6M)

Midfield: Eunis Man (6H), Joyce Wang (6H)

Striker: Maya Ghidaoui (6B)

Coach: Ms Hamilton

We have really improved our skills and had lots of fun playing football together this year.

Written by Maya Ghidaoui (6B) and Gabriella Tjabringa (6M)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Term 1 is always a long term with students (and staff)  getting tired and sometimes sick towards the end. Whilst Term 1 this year has been very successful with many highlights, it has also at times, been very challenging with all the disruption in Hong Kong impacting on school and families. I am sure everyone is looking forward to the Christmas holiday break.  My best wishes to all families for an enjoyable and restful Christmas holiday break.


Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Fri 13 Dec                          Last day of term 1.  Full day school ends at 2.35pm

Mon 6 Jan                          First day of term 2.

Thurs 9 Jan                        Year 6 visit to Crossroads

Mon 13 Jan                         Year 6 Agents of Change excursion

Mon 13 Jan                          PTA meeting 5.15pm

Tues 14 Jan                         School Council meeting 4.45pm

Tues 14 Jan                         Year 6 transition day for Year 7

Weds 15 Jan                        Year 5 Market day

Fri 17 Jan                             Year 6 immunisations

Fri 17 jan                              Year 4-6 Assembly (year 4 hosting)

Fri 17 Jan                             Year 3 & 4 PTA social 6.00-7.30pm

CWBS Boys Football

On Friday the 29th of November, the CWBS boys football team took part in the ESF Football Championships. The standard of football on show was very high and our students worked very hard to improve in each game. Pleasingly, the team won the Shield, beating Kennedy School 1-0 in the semi finals and Peak School 2-0 in the final. A very well deserved reward for their efforts throughout the tournament. 

Student Achievements 

On Sunday 1st December Poppy Worthington (6M) and Brianna Searle (6M) took part in the HK Triathlon Association Aquathlon Series Race 5 at Repulse Bay. This race included a 250M sea swim followed by a 2.5km run. Both girls did extremely well with Poppy placing 1st and Brianna 2nd. They also came 1st in the schools team section of the race. Well done girls! 
Jocelyn Hung (2J) participated the 71th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2019). She got the second place in both English Solo Prose Speaking Open Ages 5-6 (Boy & Girls) and Cantonese Solo Verse Speaking Non-open Primary 1&2 (Girls).


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