13 Dec 2018

CWBS Newsletter – Thursday 13 December

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Principal’s News

Year 4-6 sports day

The year 4-6 sports carnival held on Wednesday 5th December was a great success, just like the year 1-3 carnival 2 weeks earlier.  We were very pleased to be able to use the wonderful facilities at HKUST and it is hard to imagine a more idyllic venue for a school sports carnival.  We were very lucky with the weather which was cool and overcast, so ideal for athletics. It was very pleasing to see so many students participating and trying their best in the running events and circuit activities.   It was also fantastic that so many parents made a real effort to join us on the day.   Thanks to our Education Assistants and Admin staff who helped to run events and of course a big thank you to Mr Andrew Craig, our PE teacher for organizing both the sports days.

Theatre Group Performance – ‘It’s a Kids Life’

The theatre group who have been meeting as an extra curricular group after school in term 1 staged their final performance of ‘It’s a kids life’ on Monday 3rd December for parents and again the next day with 2 shows for all students across the whole school.  It was a very entertaining show with students impressing everyone in the audiences with their acting, drama and singing talents.    Congratulations to all students in the cast and to Ms Jackson, Ms Sun, Ms Chan and other staff who were involved in staging the performances.

Year 5 Market Day

Year 5 students held a very successful Market Day on Friday 30th November as the culmination of their ‘How we organize ourselves’ unit of inquiry.  Students worked together to create, promote and sell a product at a stall on Market Day.  Students in years 3 & 4 visited the market and purchased many of the different products that were offered for sale.  All together $8,000 was raised as profit, which was donated to Impact Hong Kong.

Year 1 Chinese Class Placements

The Chinese teachers are currently assessing Year 1 students for placements into groupings for the start of Term 2. As the students have only been in school for one term, it takes time for the teachers to get a clear picture of every students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening capabilities. At the start of Term 2, students will be trialled in 4 differentiated groupings based on their language ability. Parents will then be notified in week 3 of Term 2 who their child’s Chinese teacher will be for the rest of the year. Between each grouping, there will be an overlap of learning outcomes as often there are similar levels. More information will be provided to Year 1 parents early in Term 2. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your child’s Chinese teacher or vice principal Lisa Harris at lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk.

Student Reports

Mid year achievement and progress reports for all students are now available on the Parent Gateway.  As well as reporting various learning outcomes that have been taught, the reports also include written comments from the class teacher on English, Mathematics and Inquiry.  Outcomes and a general descriptive comment are also included by specialist teachers of Chinese, Music and PE.  Please log in to access your child’s report or contact the school office if you need any assistance.

Funky Fitness on Friday returns to CWBS

Yes, its back every Friday morning on the playground before school from 8.00am -8.15am.  All students who wish to participate are welcome to join in on the playground outside the music room!  A big thank you to the dedicated bunch of Year 6 students who lead Funky Fitness and who have organized all the music and dance routines .

Winter Music Concert & Christmas Concert

Congratulations to all our music group students for their impressive performances at the Winter Music Concert on Tuesday evening.  Everyone in the audience was most impressed with the musical skills on display, particularly given that the various music clubs have only been running for 8 weeks during the term.  Our new hall is a great venue for this concert with its acoustics, sound and lighting systems and staging that really creates a wonderful sense of a real theatre for both the performers and the audience.   A big thank you to Mr Ryan Brodersen our music teacher for all his extra time and effort in working with the senior choir, Chinese drumming, xylophone and creative movement groups.

Our Years 1-3 Christmas concert was also a big success with the Junior Choir giving a great performance.  Students in Years 1-2 also led the carol singing, joined by other students across the school.

Special thanks also to Ms Heidi Cooke and Ms Harriet Holiday for their work with the junior choir and to Ms Natasha Yuan for helping with senior choir,  Ms Jennifer Doo for assisting with chinese drumming, Ms Helen Read for supporting creative movement and of course, Ms Carmen Lam our music Education Assistant.

Staff Appreciation lunch

A big thank you to Olivia Morley and her team of helpers who coordinated this event on Tuesday.  It is a tangible thank you gesture that is very much appreciated by all staff, so a big thank you to all parents and families who contributed a dish/food to the lunch.

Christmas/New Year holiday break

I hope all families have a very enjoyable Christmas/New Year holiday break!

Best wishes

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Monday 7 January                           First day of Term 2

Tues 8 & Thurs 10 January            Start of Y ear 1 interviews for 2019/20

Weds 9 January                                Year 3 trip to History Museum

Weds 9 January                                Year 5 trip to Science Museum

Friday 18 January                             Year 6 trip to KJS – Agents of Change

Monday 21 January                         PTA meeting 5.15pm

Wednesday 23 January                  School Council meeting 4.45pm

Friday 25 January                             Year 3 & 4 social 6.00-7.30pm

Saturday 26 January                       ESF Fun Run

Mon 28 Jan– Fri 1 Feb                    Green Week

Message From The CWBS Office

This is a reminder to all parents about arriving late, picking up a child early and notifying the school of a student’s absence.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives at school after 8:30am, they must come to the office to sign in.

Early Pick Up

If you are picking up your child early, whether it’s for an appointment, family event or from the nurse, parents are required to go to the front office to sign their child out.

These procedures are in place to ensure that students’ attendance records are accurate and up to date.  Records often need to be cross checked for school bus, after school activities, and in emergency situations.


If your child is sick or attending other matters which will make them absent for the day, it is important that the parents inform the school by email ( info@cwbs.edu.hk ) or phone (2358 3221). Parents need to provide the reason for being absent (sick, family, tournament etc) and if the child is sick please let us know the symptoms. The school is required to notify the Health Department should we notice a pattern of certain illness.

Message From The PTA Office

The PTA would like to say a huge thank you to all the families who contributed so generously to the staff appreciation lunch on Tuesday.Special thanks to Olivia Morley, Tessa Benady, Kym Toller, Natasha Pedersen, Sandy Verkade and Amy Shroff.

Green News

Green Week is coming your way!
As a school we always celebrate our commitment to the planet by having a week of environmentally inspired activities. The 2019 Green week will be from January 28 – February 1st (please note we have moved it to a week later than in the diary) The eco-warriors have decided to keep some activities from previous years and add a few more. Further details will follow in the new year but here are some things that will be happening:
-Fruity Friday
-Nature picnic
-Trashion show
-Nude food day
You might like to think about your ‘trashion’ outfit over the holidays and recycle some of the packaging you get at Christmas time.
Could we also remind all families to think of the environment over the break, to recycle where possible and to enjoy time out in nature.
Best wishes
The Eco-warriors

Computer Science Week

Last week, we celebrated ‘Computer Science Education Week’ at Clearwater Bay School with all students taking part in Hour of Code activities! 

Our Y1 students continued learning about algorithms and programming by using Scratch Jr, while students in Y2-6 experienced activities using block-based coding and Python!

The popular ‘Santa Tracker’ website is also back for another year. Links to all these activities can be found on Cahoot.

Guest Speaker

We were very lucky here at CWBS to receive a visit from Charlie Walker, British adventurer, explorer and motivational speaker.  Charlie spoke about his motivation, drive and curiosity. For us, it was a whirlwind journey around 3 continents, for Mr Walker it was a 43,000 mile trip reaching the furthest cape in each of Europe, Asia and Africa before returning home. On this journey he traversed 60 countries, encountering extremes of weather, remoteness and physical exhaustion during the four and a half years he was away.

Student Achievements

Jocelyn Hung (1C) has won a few awards in solo verse speaking competition:
 1) 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Class:  N1 Age 5-7 Open Class English Solo Verse Speaking (Boys & Girls)
Date: Nov 27, 2018
Place: 2nd place
2) 10th PA Cup – The Hong Kong Recitation Talent Competition 2018
Class: K3 English Verse
Date: Nov 4, 2018
Place: Champion
3) The 11th China Youth (HK) Talent Competition 2018
Event: K3 Elite Challenge Cup(宋立揚盃)
The judgement is  based on performances in 3 dialogues – Cantonese verse speaking, English verse speaking & Mandarin public speech
Date: Oct 28, 2018
Place: 1st place
Olivia Barton Y6 dances in The Mainland European, Middle East and Asia Irish Dance.
Championships last weekend.  This was to try and qualify for the World Championships being held in USA at Easter time.
U/10 is the first qualifying age group and she won 2 x 2nd solo places and was 3rd in the U/10 Championship overall.  As top 5 go through Olivia qualifies and will dance in USA next year.
Her team dance U/12 girls 8-hand ceilidh won 1st Place so they are now European champions.



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