17 May 2019

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 17 May

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Principal’s News

Dear Parents

PYP 10 Year Celebration

CWBS officially became a PYP school on 15 May 2009. On Wednesday 15 May 2019, we were proud to celebrate this ten year milestone by inviting parents to join us for a learning walk around our classrooms and learning environments. Parents enjoyed the opportunity to explore the school and watch learning in action. After reflecting on the morning’s observations, parents enjoyed a morning tea with staff. Many thanks to those who were able to give their time to help us celebrate. We had fun sharing our learning journey with you. The journey continues….

At the completion parents were asked to reflect on their learning walk.

A reflection from one of our parents on our 10 Year PYP Celebration.

“Thank you for the wonderful morning snapshot of the learning at CWBS. It was such a treat to have access to see learning in action. The bingo game was very much discovery learning for parents. Great activity! It is evident that the children are learning so much in a variety of ways and settings. Our group discussion centered on balance – our school provides rigorous academic learning along with an understanding for kids to also have fun and downtime. The children are happy and busy doing relevant engagements, but not stressed out. The community at CWBS is supportive and caring. We are very lucky to have our children be at such a wonderful school. Thank you teachers, administrators, and all the staff for making this school amazing!”


Year 5 trip to Hay Nien Baptist Primary School

Our Year 5 students and teachers journeyed to Hay Nien Baptist Primary School on Friday 3 May. Expanding on the small scale exchange that has been undertaken in previous years, our students had the opportunity to show their leadership and communication skills at the Hay Nien Primary School Reading Fair. They led a range of English literacy activities with Year 1-6 Hay Nien students. Our students coordinated a variety of literacy games, read picture books to groups of students and led book discussions. We are very proud of how our Year 5 students conducted themselves throughout the visit, rising to the leadership challenge. 


The HKPSSA Cricket Tournament

On Wednesday May 9, The Clearwater Bay School Cricket Team went to the Kowloon Cricket Club to participate in the annual HKPSSA Cricket Tournament. The boys performed really well, playing hard and encouraging each other all day. It was great to see such terrific sportsmanship throughout the whole afternoon.


New Imagination Playground Equipment

Thrones, battleships, marble runs and seesaws are just some of the many wonderful creations our children are making with the Imagination Playground equipment that has been purchased by the PTA, with funds from the school fair. A big thank you to the PTA for the wonderful new addition to the three playground areas. The new equipment will help develop our children’s creativity, social, self management, communication and thinking skills.


Staff professional development

On Monday May 6, Rebecca Dogan, paediatric psychologist and behavioral consultant, shared her knowledge and expertise with staff regarding classroom management of behaviours with learners who have a attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Rebecca explained an overview of what ADHD and ASD mean and indicators that go with each disorder. Rebecca shared a wealth of practical strategies that staff can implement in classrooms, many of which will suit all learners. The feedback from all was very positive.


Suspension of University South gate hourly car park

Please note that the car park near the south gate of the university will suspended from 30 May for construction of the new Shaw Auditorium. Please be aware that there will be limited parking available during drop off and pick up times.


Update from Mr Hamilton

Just a quick update from Chris who is home from hospital and making steady progress with his recovery from double hip surgery. He says he enjoyed hearing about Book Week, and the Parent Learning Walk, and seeing all the photos. He’s looking forward to being back in early June.


Kathy Derrick 

Vice Principal (Years 4 – 6)

Diary Dates

Friday 24 May                         PTA Sausage Sizzle

                                              Yr 4-6 Assembly -Y6 hosting 1:45pm

Thursday 30 May                Parent Workshop Learner Agency 8:45am

Friday 31 May                     Y1 Transition day at CWBS 8.45am

                                                Y6 Transition day

                                                Y1-Y3 Assembly – Y3 hosting 1:45pm

                                                 Y1 Social PTA  – 6:00pm

Friday 14 June                       Family Bingo PTA – 6:30pm

Library News

Book Week 2019 Highlights

Despite the wet weather last week CWBS thoroughly enjoyed all the activities of Book Week, which included the Bilingual Story Bazaar, Battle of the Books – students v teachers competition, book author visitor Ellen Leou, and a book swap. Luckily the rain stopped just in time for the Book Character Parade, which was a highlight for many students and parents.

Read some additional articles and comments regarding book week, written by our students at the end of the newsletter.


Heifer Read to Feed 2019





During Book Week the Heifer Read to Feed program was activated with a ‘Drop Everything and Read’. Over the next 6 weeks students will be reading and raising money through other activities ie: bake, craft and second hand sales to help the villages in Longhua County, Hebei Province, China.

All students will be receiving donation letters and information over the next week.

A whole school ‘Bake, Craft and Second Hand Sale’ will be arranged in the next few weeks.


Student articles and reflections from Book Week:

Sam and Marcel visit CWBS

On our Book Week Monday, Sam and Marcel visited our school. We started with a warm-up song, and soon added dance moves. We started making a beat with our bodies while we challenged ourselves to miss some beats in the 4 beats. At last, we came to a familiar song and everybody sang enthusiastically while some of us even did a little dance! Happy moments flew past, soon it was time to leave, we all weren’t satisfied with the short session. This event made Book Week a happier and more fun experience for everyone!

Amy Wen (6S)


Book week reflections

Joshua FUNG This Book Week was really fun. The parade was fun because the parents were taking photos of us while complimenting on them. Best part!

Fergus LAMBE This Book Week was really fun it is probably was the best book week in the school. On Monday we had Sam and Marcel who rocked out and sang with us. We sang Magi of Books.

Hailie NG I really enjoyed Book Week, I did lot’s of fun things with my friends. The best thing, I thought, was dressing up. I dressed up as a dog and my friends dressed up as different things also. Hannah dressed up as a bunny, Chloe dressed up as Alice in the wonderland bunny, Jodi dressed up as a vampire, Tiffany dressed up as Alice from Alice in the wonderland, Eunis dressed up as Spider Man’s girlfriend and Grishma dressed up as a magician.

Damian NIEUWLAND I loved Book Week it was great.On Monday we had a rock out with Marcel and Sam that was great. On Tuesday we had a tie with the Battle of the Books with the teachers. On Thursday I was lucky enough to get Two Dog Man Boss (one of my favourite series). And finally on Friday we had the awesome book parade.

Jodi LEE I think the book parade was a lot of fun. I was a vampire, from My Sister The Vampire and my buddy was a fairy. I saw a lot of different characters. I liked the book swap the best because I got a lot of books.

A Mysterious Creature 

A mysterious creature passed through our school playground leaving an enormous nest, seven eggs and a trail of destruction!

The children had to investigate the incident over the week! Here are some of the pieces created in response to the provocation.

Zadie King 5R

The Cockatrice girl fled at the sight of Kronos. She wasn’t fiendish like her mother and despised Kronos. The Cockatrice girl also known as Ophelia could hear a demigod crying in pain behind her, she wished she could’ve helped him but there was no time. She held her brothers and sisters which were currently in the form of eggs in her arms. She promised to her mother she’d get them to safety, after all she was the oldest out of her siblings. A deep cackle roared in her ears, Kronos was getting closer to her. She didn’t want to be a part of his treacherous war. The sight of a school made Ophelia stop sweating, without thinking she dashed into the school and shut the front gates. She laid down her siblings on the grass, hidden. “Goodbye,” Ophelia said in a soft croaky tone. There was a loud thumping sound coming from outside. Ophelia said one last goodbye and vanished into the shadows.

Jasper Cheung 5J (Excerpt)

Above the sinister woods at twilight, a scaled creature flew unheard, casting no moonlit shadow. The beast would take a quick yellow-eyed glance across the forest floor, scanning it’s bearings. 

Finally, something had caught it’s wary eyes.  A quick surreptitious rustling coming from outside a burrow. The winged monster dove down, careful not to snag it’s weather beaten wings on any nearby branches. It landed in the woods and took several careful steps towards the burrow, quiet as a mouse. 

The beast made sure that the strong breeze did not blow from behind. If it did, the prey would catch the hunter’s scent and scurry away back into its underground home, safe from most dangers that would come it’s way. 

It was now close enough to see the prey. The prey was a small, plump, juicy, white rabbit that bounded around the clearing, sniffing the night air. Dumbfounded and flabbergasted at how easy this hunt would be, the scaled demon knew it was time. The winged hunter raced forward towards the prey and in one swift strike of it’s deadly blade-like claws, the rabbit lay dead at the creature’s clawed feet. 

Normally, it would eat the prey immediately or hide it away.  But that night was not a normal one.  It was far from being bland and ordinary.  There was to be a hatching.  Baby dragons were to enter this world and they would need food …

Year 5 field trip to Hay Nien Baptist Primary School  

Year 5 students share their reflections on their visit to Hay Nien Baptist Primary School

We had to either read to 6-8 year olds, run a game booth or share our recommended books. My favourite thing to do was to run the game booth.  We even had someone come to our stall 4 times! I personally like CWBS better because of the way that they teach. Their reception was a wide space and it felt very different. I enjoyed going to visit the local school and finding out how different it was. We used our social and communication skills to help the local students with their English.

Nadia Snelgrove (5R)


At Hay Nien Primary, I learned that the students were not allowed to run in the corridors at any time. I felt lucky at CWBS because it was less strict, and I like to work with others more than alone. I used my communication skills at Hay Nien school because they could only understand some words, so I had to find another way because we were not allowed to speak Cantonese there. I enjoyed helping out at the game booths more than reading in the hall. Overall, I enjoyed the whole time at Hay Nien school. I think it will be a great experience for a lot of people.

Hannah Lo (5R)

A Poem by Dylan Elmes 5K

Inside Me

There is a volcano inside me,

ready to erupt

There is a wolf inside me,

running wild

There is a book inside me,

keeping me calm.

There is a notepad inside me,

storing my ideas

There is a star inside me,

filling me with light.

There is a campfire inside me,

warming my soul,

There is an inventor inside me,

powering my creativeness.

Student Achievements 

Kasper Wu (5J)  won 4 medals in the 2019 ISI Glacier Open & Basic Challenge on 25th and 27th April:

First Place in Stoking Alpha SOLO (Ages 9-10)

First Place in SOLO Compulsories Alpha (Ages 9-10)

Second Place in Surprise Alpha (Ages 9-10)

Second Place in Alpha Programme (Age 8-10)

Here are some words from Kasper:

“I have practiced hard, but I never forget to enjoy in the competition! I was so happy to win 2 First place medals and 2 Second Place medals this year. I will be proud of myself and skate at my best in the next figure skating competition in Thailand.”


On 12th May Poppy Worthington (5B) and Brianna Searle (5K) competed in the Hong Kong Triathlon Schools Aquathon Race at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. The race is open to anyone who would like to enter and represent their school. There were approximately 76 girls racing in Poppy’s and Brianna’s age group category. The girls swam and ran and both worked very hard and did a wonderful job. Poppy came 1st in the individual competition and both girls came 2nd overall representing Clearwater Bay School in the team schools competition. Well done!


Screening of LIKE 

Tuesday, 28 May 2019 18:00 – 19:30 (China Time)

Renaissance College
5 Hang Ming Street, Ma On Shan
Hong Kong
Map and Directions

ESF will host the special screening of LIKE. The event will feature a viewing of the film, followed by an informative panel discussion, led by the director/ producer of the film, CEO and Co-Founder of IndieFlix – Scilla Andreen, Dr Emily Wong – an Affiliate Associate Professor at the University of Washington and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor at HKU; and Tim Conroy-Stocker – an educational psychologist. 
LIKE is an IndieFlix Original documentary that explores the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain. The goal of the film is to inform, educate, and inspire people of all ages to self-regulate. Social media is a tool and social platforms are a place to connect, share, and care… but is that what’s really happening?

By understanding the effects of technology and social media on the brain, on our lives and on our civilization, we can learn how to navigate it more safely together.

HK$100 per person (registration will be closed on Monday, 27 May 2019)

This film is better suited for children of 10 years old or above. Seats are limited. Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis.

Click Here to learn more


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