18 Jan 2019

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 18 January

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Principal’s News

Dear parents and carers,

School Council

Mr Gregory Lo, our current School Council Chairperson will step down from the CWBS School Council after the January meeting next week as his six year term has finished.  Members of School Council are able to serve a maximum of two x 3 year terms and Gregory has completed six years as a community representative, chairing the Council over the last two years.  I would like to sincerely thank him on behalf of the whole school community for his significant contribution to the school and its governance over the last six years. Gregory has also served as a member of the ESF Board over the last two years and has contributed to ESF governance and strategic direction.  

Misty Adoniou  

Professor Misty Adoniou from the University of Canberra in Australia will be at CWBS again next week to work with staff on teaching students to spell.  Misty has worked with us over the last two years, primarily on teaching grammar as a part of student’s writing development. This year she will work with each year level team to enhance language planning, particularly the development of spelling.  She will also conduct a parent information session on Tuesday evening 22nd January from 6.30-7.30pm. All parents are invited, so do come along to find out about how children learn to spell through a word study approach and how you can support their learning at home. If you wish to attend please RSVP on the google form at


Chinese New Year   assembly

As usual we will be holding a whole school assembly to celebrate Chinese New Year on Friday 1st February. This will start at 9.00am on the main playground and will feature a range of student performances.  Parents are most welcome to join us.

New Education Assistants

Welcome to Ms April Tin and Mr Chin Wing Chan our two new Education assistants who joined us this term.  Ms Tan is working in 4R replacing Ms Orn Mead and Mr Chan is working in 2W replacing Ms Jinah Han.

Parent Volunteers

Just some reminders for parents who come into school as volunteers to assist in class learning programs.  As well as filling in and submitting the Volunteer Self Declaration Form it is important to read the Parent Volunteer Policy as this includes very important information about keeping students safe at school.   It is a requirement that all parent volunteers and visitors sign in and out at the front office for each session and wear a visitors badge whilst in the school. The policy makes it very clear that confidentiality of any information about students is very important and that photos are not to be taken without permission and should not be posted on social media.   Your assistance as a parent volunteer is very welcome and your adherence to the policy would also be greatly appreciated. The policy is attached here for you reference.

Parent Volunteer Policy:


Parent Volunteer Declaration Form:


If you wish to discuss any of the issues raised in the policy please come and see me at the office.

Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Diary Dates

Monday 21 Jan – PTA Meeting 5.15pm

Tuesday 22 Jan – Parent Information night with Professor Misty Adoniou – Spelling – A word study approach.  6.30pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday – Friday 22-25 Jan Year 2 Learning Journeys at 8.45-10.00am  2J (Tues), 2B (Weds), 2D (Thurs), & 2W (Fri)

Wednesday 23 Jan – School Council meeting 4.45pm

Friday 25 Jan – PTA Year 3 & 4 Social 6.00-7.30pm

Wednesday 30 Jan – Parent coffee morning ‘ISA’ explained (International Schools Assessment)  8.45-9.30am

Friday 1 Feb – Chinese New Year Assembly 9.00-10.00am Main playground.

Message From The CWBS Office

This is a reminder to all parents about arriving late, picking up a child early and notifying the school of a student’s absence.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives at school after 8:30am, they must come to the office to sign in.

Early Pick Up

If you are picking up your child early, whether it’s for an appointment, family event or from the nurse, parents are required to go to the front office to sign their child out.

These procedures are in place to ensure that students’ attendance records are accurate and up to date.  Records often need to be cross checked for school bus, after school activities, and in emergency situations.


If your child is sick or attending other matters which will make them absent for the day, it is important that the parents inform the school by email ( info@cwbs.edu.hk ) or phone (2358 3221). Parents need to provide the reason for being absent (sick, family, tournament etc) and if the child is sick please let us know the symptoms. The school is required to notify the Health Department should we notice a pattern of certain illness.

Message From The Nurse

Library News

It is a new term and we are really excited to start our mother tongue club for the spring. We look forward to hearing from any wonderful parent volunteers who would like to attend on Friday lunchtimes to share a book or stories in their mother tongue. Please email Mrs Barwell (angela.barwell@cwbs.edu.hk) with their preferred Friday.

Unwanted Christmas/ Birthday cards

In line with Green Week and our commitment to sustainability here at CWBS if there are any students who have unwanted Christmas or Birthday cards that they would like to donate for art and craft there will be a drop in box in the library. We look forward to receiving and repurposing them.

Green News

Christmas Concert

At the end of term one, many CWBS students performed at the Christmas Concert or the Winter Music Spectacular. The children were risk-takers to perform for hundreds of people and worked very well to put on the performance. You can find a recording of the concerts on Cahoot



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