19 Jun 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 19 June

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Principal’s News

Farewell CWBS

This is my final newsletter and last few days at CWBS!   Whilst leaving is certainly a sad time, I can look back with much pleasure and satisfaction on the last 8 and a half years at CWBS and in Hong Kong.  As a school community we have worked hard to transform the school into what it is today…a very active, learning community that is focussed on student’s learning and wellbeing.   We have wonderful students (your children), a very dedicated and professional group of staff and engaged and supportive parents………all the ingredients of a great school!

It has been an honour and a pleasure to be principal of such a wonderful school and to get to know you and your children and work with you over the last 8.5  years.  I know the school will continue to develop and go forward in new and exciting directions. 

A big thank you and best wishes for the future.  



Principal for a day

Every year one of the prizes available through the silent auction at the school fair is the highly sought after ‘Principal for a Day’  This year Maxim Hill in 6H was our Principal for a Day and he was in charge last Monday 15 June.  Here is what he had to say about his experience in the top job!

Hi my name is Mr.Hill and this is my first time being principal.  It has been so much fun being a principal for the day!  I really loved how everybody would say “hi” to me and welcomed   me into their class. I also loved seeing the Year 1 to Year 6 teachers in the whole school! Being a principal is hard work! I’ll tell you that. I would love to take this opportunity again and maybe one day I will be sitting in Mr.Hamilton’s chair!  

Thank you Clearwater Bay for this amazing opportunity and Mr.Hamilton.


Principal Hill….welcoming students           Principal  Hill…..hard at work in his office at the start of

                                                                                        the school day


End of Year reports

End of year written reports will be released through Cahoot next  Monday 22nd June.  The report covers Terms 2 and 3  will report on student learning, achievement and progress during the period of distance learning.   The report includes assessment of a range of learning outcomes as well as teacher comments for English, Maths, Unit of Inquiry and a General Comment to conclude.


Year 6 PYP Exhibition

Last week our year six students successfully completed their PYP Exhibition. Through a unique combination of distance learning and face to face learning, the students demonstrated their understanding of the central idea ‘We can each make a difference to the world through community action’. Throughout the many weeks of Exhibition the students have explored and documented their understanding of an issue of personal significance. Students were then able to share their learning with their families during the Learning Conferences and with CWBS students during classroom visits. We are truly impressed with the depth of understanding shown by our year six students and their commitment to taking action to improve the world. 

Click on the following link to enjoy the action highlights from the 2020 CWBS Year 6 Exhibition. (Padlet password is cwbs)

Year six students enjoyed sharing their exhibition journey with Year 4 and Year 5 students. It was a great way for our younger students to see what’s ahead of them when they reach Year 6. Well done to our Year 6 students!


Next year……….???

Arrangements for the beginning of the new school year in August will depend on the coronavirus situation over the coming weeks and whether further easing of the current health, safety and social distancing restrictions occurs.  At this time, there are no updates or further information from either EDB or ESF about the arrangements for the start of next year.  We are therefore, planning two scenarios….returning to school all day, everyday for all students or continuing as we are now with an alternate A / B schedule.

CWBS will be in contact with all parents by email in early August to update you and outline the arrangements for starting school on Wednesday 12th August. 

My best wishes to all families for the future


Chris Hamilton


CWBS Green Journey 

As we embark on our summer holidays we would like to encourage you to think ‘green’ if you are buying items over the holidays for the return to school in August. We know that a new school year often means the purchase of new school items but we hope that many of our students will be able to reuse many of their current items if they are still in good condition. We can reduce a great deal of our waste by reusing what we already have.

If you are purchasing new items please have a think about whether you can choose a more sustainable option.

Snack and lunchtime:  Aluminium water bottles and metal or silicone snack and lunch boxes are a good alternative to plastic.

School uniforms:  The PTA has many secondhand school uniform items available for sale at discounted price rather than buying new.

School bags: Please only replace your school bag if you really need to. Perhaps it could last one more year.

Stationery for Year 4- 6: Try to use what you already have in your home or what is left over from last year.  Live Zero in Sai Kung and Plastic Free HK stock highlighter pencils and crayon whiteboard markers. Both of these items use no plastic and last so much longer.

Thank you for helping CWBS to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly place for our students. We look forward to sharing more environmentally conscious initiatives throughout next year.

Mrs Cadman and the Eco Warriors


Student Achievements

Emily Ip (5K) has won the Badminton Champion of “2020 LiveLighter Kingsway Tournament “ U15 Girl Single in Perth, Australia.

My Badminton Dream

Badminton is my favourite sport. For me, it is not just a sport, it is my everything!

I started learning how to play badminton when I was only 5 years old. Back then, I only played badminton for fun. But, when I got older, I started to really enjoy playing badminton. It felt like just the sport for me. I really liked playing badminton because it just made me happy and excited. So, I started formal practice for every single day, even on the holidays. Even though it was very enjoyable, it also took a lot of skills and was very challenging. I needed to practise everyday, so my skills could get better and better. So I might have a chance at winning a competition. When I competed in competitions, I lost every time. But, still I didn’t give up. I practised harder than I had ever did before. So, one very special day, it was my time to shine. I won my very first match! I was super happy, there were no words to describe it. I kept practising and practising and won more titles.

In the future, I hope I can represent Hong Kong and compete in international tournaments. I hope I can get good results. But, my dream is to win the Olympic gold medal. I would do anything to achieve this dream. My passion for badminton is very strong. And I will never give up, no matter what.

I want everyone in this world to know that achieving your dreams is very possible. 

Believe and Dream Big!


Cyrus Fu (6B) has won the First Place with marks of 91 in The Youth & Children Music Competition 2020(Singing), organized by The University of Hong Kong Music Alumni Association. Besides singing, Cyrus is also into violin performances and he has clinched the title of champion with marks of 89 in Hong Kong Charity Music Festival Competition 2020(Violin) recently. Cyrus is very enthusiastic towards music and it is indispensable in his life. Moreover, he obtained distinctions in his Grade 5 violin and Grade 5 singing examinations in ABRSM. Cyrus said he is very proud of himself for participating in not one but three competitions with excellent results during the COVID-19 pandemic challenge. Last but not least, Cyrus and his sister Chloe made a singing video to send positive messages to our families and friends in this difficult period of time and was really well-received by our community. In around two weeks, Cyrus will be graduating from CWBS. Saying goodbye is always hard, especially Cyrus has spent 3 happy and fruitful years here. He said, “Being here in CWBS is a milestone of my journey and I will miss the teachers and friends dearly”.



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