20 Sep 2019

PTA Newsletter – Friday 20 September

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PTA News

Well done to the parent members who gave their time on Monday to attend the PTA  AGM where a new committe was duly elected. We are really happy to announce Hollie Arnuply as our new Chairperson and  Julie Stockdale as Vice Chairperson. We are very pleased to welcome new members to our committee this year and many thanks to Jennie Peterson Tony Wang,Shareen Hellen, Kate Pang, Hely Kwan and Betty Cassandro for joining . We would like to thank Rachel Ip, Kate Baldwin, Peter Danielsonn, Olga Minakova, Maru Bianca, Rebecca Gresham and Sandy Verkade for their continued support and membership of the committee.Special thanks to Kerensa Heywood and Kathy Derrick for leading on proceedings.


Book and Bake Sale 

We will be running a book and Bake Sale for the students on Friday 4th October. All books and cakes are $10. Books only are sold at lunchtime, then books and baked items at the end of the school day at  2.35pm. Please allow your children to bring some money into school on this day.  We request donations of good quality second hand children’s books, and baked items for this event to be a success. Nut free individual cakes, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, biscuits and flapjacks are ideal. If there are any avid bakers out there, we welcome you! If you can spare some time on the morning of the 4th October to set up the book store in the undercover area, and run the bake sale at the end of the school day,please get in touch with the PTA.


2019 Fair – Amazing Rainforest. 2nd November 12-4pm

Planning and preparation is well under way for the fair. Kerensa Heywood is coordinating the event. If class contacts need any help or are unsure of the task their class has been allocated for the fair, they should contact Julie Stockdale. All families are asked to take part and get involved in the fair to make sure that the event is a great success. Our newly elected committee Chair, Hollie Arnulphy is organising vendors. We would like the children to start making decorations for the fair that will be displayed around the school site  on the day. We would like the students to make rainforest creatures and birds or

foliage made out of recycled materials. Below are the links to two images of a chameleon and toucan which will be our logos for the event to get the children started. Student artworks can be brought to the PTA office.If you can provide

any cardboard boxes and newspapers to the PTA for the design and making of the fair noticeboard in the undercover area, we would be grateful.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v-IO2ht22NWdTSyA3bMOpyS6etTorZ55 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m7tPBjJ33PGsWKbHnJVCze8QUriYa-Fn\


PTA Events October and November 

4th October Book and Bake Sale  lunch time and home time.

2nd November, School Fair 12-4pm

29th November Year 5 & 6 Social 6-7.30pm


PTA Shop 

We stock stationery items for Years 4 – 6, recorders, lined white boards, hair ties, tennis balls, and book bags and nit combs.  Our stationery is very reasonably priced (the same or cheaper than local shops) and we have the green and pink biros required in Years 5 & 6, which are hard to find elsewhere.  We now also stock A5 recycled paper note books required in Year 4.

Please purchase from the PTA as all profits go back to the school.  In the past, the PTA, with the help of parents, has raised money for books, playground and sports equipment, the climbing wall and garden.


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