23 Mar 2018

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 23 March

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Principal’s News

Dear parents,

Year 6 exhibition

The highlight of this week was undoubtedly the Year 6 Exhibition held on Wednesday evening.  This was a fantastic event with students showcasing their learning and the action they have taken to advocate for their issue linked to one of the 17 global goals.  Congratulations to all our Year 6 students and to the teachers and EAs for all their hard work supporting students.   Please see the separate article and photos in this newsletter


Principal for a Day

On Friday 9th March CWBS had a co-principal for the day as Riccine Lin from 5G stepped up into the role. This is one of the silent auction prizes from our School Fair.  Principal Lin had a very active day, undertaking before school playground duty, speaking at the Year 3 assembly in the morning and then visiting some classes to check how students were progressing with their learning.   As a special treat she allowed students to watch a short video excerpt in the new hall at lunchtime and then addressed the students in Years 1-3 at the Year 2 assembly in the afternoon.

Student led conferences

Student led conferences are on next week on Monday afternoon 26th March from 3.00-6.00pm and throughout the day on Tuesday 27th until 4.00pm.  These conferences are an opportunity to come and share your child’s learning and progress in both classroom and specialist subjects throughout the year.  As well as the 15 minute conference your child will be able to show you a range of learning activities they have undertaken across the year.  Please allow an extra half hour or so for these showcase activities.

A final reminder also that except for the time your child has their student led conference, the school is actually closed for other lessons on Tuesday.

Year 2 transport trip

Year 2 staged their very successful transport trip across Hong Kong last Thursday 15th March to culminate their ‘How We Organize Ourselves’ Unit of Inquiry.  Students had a great day putting all their transport plans into action as they successfully navigated themselves around Hong Kong. A big thank you to all the parents who came along to support each of the groups of students on the trip. The trip could certainly not take place without this tremendous level of parent support.


PTA bingo

The PTA staged the first Family Bingo night for this year in our new hall on Friday evening.  This was a big success and an enjoyable evening was had by all families who attended.  Many students also left with prizes from ‘Bingo’.  Thanks to Tara Delaney and May Bevan for organizing and ‘calling’ the bingo game and to the several other parents who helped out on the night.   The next Family Bingo night is scheduled for next term on Friday 4th May.

ESF 50th Community Fun Day

Last Saturday saw the final event in the ESF 50th celebrations with a community fun day at KGV.  Congratulations to our Year 2 students who performed a Chinese song and dance and a big thank you to Ms Tina Tian for all her work in preparing and rehearsing students.

School Council

Ms Laura Tyson, one of our parent representatives on the School Council has recently resigned due to new work commitments.  I would like to thank Laura very much for her time and commitment to the School Council over the last couple of years.

As a result, we now have a vacancy for a parent representative on the School Council.  We are therefore seeking nominations to fill this parent representative vacancy on Council.  Nominations on the official form available from the CWBS office should be lodged at the office by Tuesday 17th April 2018.   Please contact me if you want further information or wish to discuss the role and what is involved.

Chris Hamilton

Diary Dates

Mon 26 Marc                        Student led conferences 3.00-6.00pm

Tues 27 March                         Student led conferences 8.30am-4.00pm – No classes 

Thurs 29 March                       Last day of Term 2 –   School closes at 12.00 noon.

Monday 16 April                      First day of Term 3.

Friday 20 April                         Year 4-6 Assembly (Year 5 hosting)

Sun 22 – Weds 25 April          Year 5 trip to Chengdu

Mon 23 April                             PTA meeting 5.15pm

Learning Technology

Have you created a Family Media Agreement yet?

We have created a downloadable ‘Family Media Agreement’ template for parents and students to use at home. Some of our older students will be using these at school. To download the agreement, please click the link below…

Family Media Agreement

If you have created an agreement, and you’d be willing to share with school – please email to matt.hayes@cwbs.edu.hk 

CWBS Movie Competition

We know that our students love to make movies, so we are holding a short movie competition for individual or groups of students! Each movie should be made by the students and must be no longer than 5 minutes. Students can find more details about the competition on Cahoot. The closing date for the competition will be 16th April, so there is plenty of time to create a movie masterpiece!


For more information about how we use technology at Clearwater Bay School, please check the updated website pages under ‘Learning at CWBS’.

Green News

As you can see from the above poster, tomorrow is Earth Hour in Hong Kong. Please join in between the hours of 8.30 and 9.30pm.
As well as the other recycling opportunities at Clearwater Bay (Glass, plastics, metals, paper and clothes bins are all situated in the carpark) you can now recycle batteries. There is a red recycling box in the school office, please put both recyclable and non-recyclable batteries there.
Following the refurbishment of the artroom, the eco-warriors would like to know if there are any organisations in the local area who could make use of 8 of these chairs. Please contact me at justine.taylor@cwbs,edu.hk for further details.
Justine Taylor
Sustainability Coordinator.

Music News

Senior Choir
There is still space available in the Senior Choir for students in year 4, 5, and 6. If you like to sing and want to perform at the Summer Music Spectacular, contact the office to sign up. The club meets on Tuesdays from 2:45-3:45 in Term 3.
There are also a few spaces left in the Xylophone Club which will meet on Fridays from 2:45-3:45.
Mr. Brodersen

Library News

Mother Tongue Club

For Term 3 we invite parents again who wish to volunteer their time at lunchtime 12.20-1pm to read stories to students in their mother tongue to email Lisa Harris (lisa.harris@cwbs.edu.hk) and Angela Barwell (angela.barwell@cwbs.edu.hk) for the following dates:

20th April Friday (Lunchtime 12.20-1pm)

27th April  Friday  (Lunchtime 12.20-1pm)

4th May  Friday  (Lunchtime 12.20-1pm)

11th May  Monday  (Book Week Bilingual Story Bazaar   8.30am-10.30am

18th May  Friday  (Lunchtime 12.20-1pm)

25th May  Friday  (Lunchtime 12.20-1pm)

1st June   Friday  (Lunchtime 12.20-1pm)

We thank you for your participation to a weekly club which has grown from strength to strength and has empowered students to also read stories in their own mother tongue!

Author Visit   -Thursday 26th April

Jan Latta  (Author, Wildlife Photographer and International Speaker)


We are very excited to have Jan Latta visiting us next month.  Her books will be available to purchase – order forms will be sent home with the students after Easter.

Battle of the Books: 

Battle of the Books Club is linked to an annual reading competition where a group of students read a selected 20 books and battle other English speaking schools around Hong Kong in the quest to becoming the Champion school.  The following students have succeeded in making the Team for Clearwater Bay School. Congratulations and Good Luck!

Francesca Pompeo 5M

Leo Kloth 5B

Angela Shi 5B

Maya Yan 5B

Riccine Lin 5G

Maggie Pratt 5G

Cynthia Mu 6C

Rou Zhao 6C

Julie Lee 6C

Christine Chiou 6J

Jasmine Lock 6J

Summer Guo 6M

Book Week 7-11th May

Save the Dates:

Bi-lingual Story Bazaar  7th May

Book Swap 10th May

Heifer Read to Feed Campaign launched 10th May

Book Character Day 11th May

Year 6 Exhibition

This term our Year 6 students have been enthusiastically engaged in the ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry, for Exhibition. The Exhibition draws on all the units of inquiry our students have been part of, the attitudes and behaviors they have developed, as well as the skills students have developed over their entire schooling experience – a real cele

bration of learning.

The Exhibition involved the students in advocating for a Global Goal that they were personally connected to and passionate about through creative communication and various art forms. With the support of mentors, guest presenters and experts, the students were guided through their personal inquiries, collaborating to effectively communicate their message.

On Wednesday evening, the parents and families of the Year 6 students were presented with thought provoking and emotion filled speeches, a range of dramatic and musical items as well as engaging and interactive displays.

Many thanks to all involved; students, volunteers, parents, teachers and EAs.

Experimenting with dramatic art, the year 6 students discovered that this art form can provoke emotion through facial expression and movement. Year 6s worked with Mrs Jackson to explore ways drama can convey a message and advocate for their chosen Global Goal.

The DMK Dance workshop empowered our students to express themselves and their ideas through movement and dance.

Edgar, Adele, Kyra meeting with their mentor, Ms Bryant, for support and direction.

Ami, Jiana and Nishita created an emotive freeze frame to communicate the message and focus of their chosen Global goal.


Abel and Ryan collaborating to create their creative piece to advocate for their chosen Global Goal.

Jayden, dressed for the part, is appealing to his audience to stop shark finning.

Adrian, Andrew and Ethan demonstrating their knowledge about Clean Water and Sanitation with a captive parent audience.

Utkarsh passionately explains the poverty issues in HK to Mr Mead.

Wing Sze demonstrates courage to stand and deliver her persuasive speech to her audience.

Principal for a Day

I am Riccine Lin from 5G, it was my pleasure to be the co-principal of the day on Friday 9th March. In the morning, I went outside to help out on the playground supervision before school, spoke to the parents at the end of the Year 3 parent happening in the new hall. Later I visited classrooms to talk to students about what they were learning. The most exciting part was that as a treat I could do something special. I chose to put on the Paddington movie in the hall during lunch. After lunch, I spoke to students and teachers at the Year 1-5 assembly. I was surprised how busy a principal would be and afterwards I was really worn out. I enjoyed making an announcement in the school office.

Riccine Lin


Last Saturday, we raised over $3,510 at the HKUST Garage Sale for Heifer. We spent around six hours selling homemade products such as yarn bracelets, chokers and keychains. We used our marketing skills from the ‘How we express ourselves’ and ‘How we organise ourselves’ units and used different pricing strategies to sell our products. We started finger knitting a few weeks before the the market, making our products at break times, lunch times and at home. We also sold old clothes, books and toys.   

We wanted to raise money to help less fortunate people in countries such as Cambodia and Mongolia. Since Heifer ‘Read to Feed’ is coming up, we are really happy to use our knowledge and skills to help make a difference.

Amelie, Coline, Francesca, Jessie, Raina, Rainie, Annabelle and Emma 5M.

Learner Profile Attributes Banner

The student council collaboratively brainstormed ideas of how students at CWBS demonstrate the learner profile attributes.

Come and have a read!!

You will find it in the undercover area next to the Program of Inquiry board.















Students’ Achievements

Congratulations to:

Peony Lee competed in five events (100m Medley, 50m Butterfly, 200m Free, 200 Medley and 100m Butterfly) in Hong Kong Age Group Short Courses Swimming Championship last weekend.  She won five gold medals and broke the Hong Kong Age Group ( 10 years and under) record on 50m Butterfly again with an incredible time of 30.67 seconds.  Peony got the highest score among all girls in her age group and was awarded an overall champion prize.


Cyrus Fu from 4C has joined the singing competitions of The 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. He won the 1st prize on Vocal Solo – Chinese Language Age 10 or under – Boys or Girls Treble Voice – Primary School ; And he also won the 2nd prize on Vocal Solo – Foreign Language Age 10 or under – Boys or Girls Treble Voice – Primary School.
Mason Wilkinson in 5B decided not to have presents for his 10th birthday but to collect money for charity instead. He chose to donate $700 to the Masarang Foundation and $700 to Catherine’s Puppies with the money given to him from friends. What a great example of action!
Cross Country Race: 

On Saturday March 10, CWBS had a small representative team of 17 students attend the Discovery College race. We had fantastic running conditions, although the day did warm up a bit for the older students. The competition was very tough with almost all international schools across Hong Kong represented on the day. However, the students put in a huge effort and should be very proud of their achievements. Some notable finishes included:

Florence Williams 1st in U10s
Poppy Worthington 2nd in U9s
Ella Loiterton 3rd in U9s
Poppy Worthington, Ella Loiterton, Brianna Searle, Chloe Chan and Ginny Yuen finished 2nd in the team category in U9s. A fantastic effort by these girls who were pleasantly surprised by their result!
Well done to all the runners on the day. We hope to build on this for running events in the future.








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