21 Sep 2018

PTA Newsletter – Friday 21 September

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Thank you to Josefine Mosse and the 2017-2018 PTA Committee, who generously gave their time to plan fundraising and social events for the benefit of our school community.  They had a very successful year, with great attendance at social events and raised more than enough to pay for the outdoor climbing frame and other equipment for school.

A warm welcome to the new committee who were elected at the AGM on Wednesday evening:

Tara Delaney – Chairman

Maria Blanca – Honorary Treasurer

Kate Baldwin, Hollie Arnulphy, Olivia Morley, Rebecca Gresham, Julie Stockdale, Barnes Lam, Alex Ellison, Peter Danielsson, Rebecca O’Brien, Sandy Verkade, Olga Minakova, Rachel Ip and Theresa Thornton are parent representatives.

Staff representatives are Kathy Derrick, Jacki Craggs and Mikayla Black along with Chris Hamilton.

We have parents and staff representing different age groups, which will ensure the needs of each are taken into consideration when decisions are made.  Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM, ensuring the committee could be voted in!


2018 Fair – Think Green

Preparation for the fair is now underway in earnest and class tasks were allocated last week.  Class contacts should have been in touch to introduce themselves by email and let you know the task for your class. A list of the tasks is shown below. Please take a look and offer some help to your class contacts. There will be a pizza lunch for the students of the two classes that perform best and make the greatest effort with the class task!

We’d like to get the students involved in fair preparation and will soon be asking for decorations – details will be in our next newsletter.  For classes running games, talk to your children and see if they have any good ideas to contribute. We are delighted that the Eco Warriors have volunteered to design a logo for the fair, in keeping with the Think Green theme, and look forward to seeing the finished product in a couple of weeks.

The silent auction was extremely successful last year, raising just under $75,000.  If you can donate a prize for auction please contact the PTA office.

We are hoping to run some entertainment in the hall during the fair and need someone to coordinate it.  If this task appeals to you please get in touch. We will also need small prizes for games, donations for the kids’ cafe and cake/cookie decoration, second-hand books and goods in saleable condition to name a few.  The PTA office will be accepting donations of non-food items AFTER the half-term break.

Our next newsletter will have more details about the fair and what you can do to help.  In the meantime, if you want to get involved or have some ideas, please let us know.


Class Contacts

3M, 5R and 6S still do not have any class contacts.  Fair tasks have been allocated to 3M and 5R already. A task will be given to 6S once the fair organisers have reviewed the activities that will take place.

1S, 3S, 4R, 5B, 5K and 6A all need a second class contact.



Thank you to Iris Kloth for her very generous donation of prizes which meant our bingo winners had something to take home at the end of the evening.  Thank you to the volunteers who helped out ensuring the evening ran smoothly and was fun for everyone.

We have a set of bingo cards and plastic discs which we no longer need.  If anyone would like them, please pick them up from the PTA Office.


Pie Day

Pie Day will take place on 12th October.  We order good quality pies and sausage rolls from Tai Tai Pies and deliver them ready to eat, along with a slice of banana cake, to the classrooms for lunch.  One pie or one sausage roll is enough per student and the cost (including the cake) will be $40. If you order a pie for your child, please send in cutlery as it will make it easier for the children to eat.  Sausage rolls do not require cutlery.

Look out for the online order form towards the end of the month and register before sending in payment.  If you have not registered, your payment will be returned to you. If you have more than one child, please pay for all your children with one cheque or one cash payment.  We will also be offering PayPal as a payment method for this event.


Hot Lunches

The New Luncher will be providing Hong Kong Style / Chinese based recipe from October onwards in their Asian Menus, as requested by many parents last school term.  The New Luncher was able to donate food to a charity called Youth Outreach in Sai Wan Ho following school closure on Tuesday, ensuring that some food items prepared in readiness for Tuesday lunches did not go to waste (insert photo if you wish – its on Google drive!)

Please remember to cancel lunches with Tastee Gourmet and New Luncher by 8:45am if your child is sick and you would like a credit for the meal.


PTA Events in October & November

12th October, Lunch –  Pie day. The registration form will be sent by email and put on Facebook about two weeks before.

26th October, 6:00 – 7:45pm – Year 5 and Year 6 Disco

3rd November, 1:00- 5:00pm – Think Green School Fair


Hard as Nayls Charity Race

Registrations for the 2018 Hard As Nayls races are now open. Races will take place on the weekend of 29th and 30th September. The first day involves a parent and child trail run over either 4km or 8km, which will then be followed by a BBQ and after race party with music and entertainment. The 16km and 50km races will take place on Sunday 30th September and full details on the races and registrations can be found: https://www.hardasnayls.org/ 





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