22 May 2020

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 22 May

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Principal’s News

Welcome back to school

We are all looking forward to students returning to school next week.  To help students prepare for coming back to school we have put together the following video.  This will help them to be ready for some of the new arrangements and changes we have had to make at school to meet EDB and CHP health and safety requirements.   It would be great if you could watch this with your child, reassuring them and discussing and answering any questions they have.

Return to School Video – Click Here

Student masks – Reusable Mask – CuMask+

The Government will provide free reusable face masks to all our students.  We will send this mask home with students on their first day back at school next week.  If the student wears the reusable mask at school, please make sure you name/ label it to prevent the loss of the mask.

Please visit https://www.qmask.gov.hk/  for important information about the CuMask+.


Disposable surgical masks for children

We have had some parents asking where they can buy child sized masks.   You may wish to investigate the following links.





New school uniform supplier and ordering arrangements

The contract with our previous uniform supplier has ended and we have joined the ESF online supplier.  There is now no longer a physical uniform shop at school.  All ordering is done online through the website, at this link:  www.schooluniform.hk   Items ordered will be delivered to your home by courier within 3-5 days.

The new supplier has provided samples in each size that are held at the PTA office as a ‘try on’ set.  Given that we have been advised that the sizes may not exactly match those of the previous supplier,  parents are advised to make a booking with the PTA Office to come in and try on any new uniform items before ordering. The PTA will provide further information about this very soon.   Please note, not all the winter items are currently in stock, some will not be available till next year as winter approaches.

Please be reassured that this not a change of uniform, just of supplier.  Our uniform is basically staying the same, though with some items changing and some other minor stylistic adjustments.   As a result there is no need to purchase a ‘new’ uniform and there is no need for a  ‘changeover’ period. Using what you have now is fine, as is passing uniform on to siblings and using second hand uniform items.


CWBS Yearbook



The 2019/20 yearbook is now available for order! Each book costs HK$50.

Order your copy by filling in the form via this link –  https://forms.gle/i5fpu84KzDkHntDG8. Payment can be submitted when students return to school next week. Please submit cash or cheque  (payable to ‘Clearwater Bay School’ ), in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class to the class teacher or school office. After payment is confirmed, the yearbook will be distributed to students in mid-June.


Learning conferences

The usual student led conferences that we delayed from the end of Term 2 are now being held in the week commencing 8th June.   Due to the current health and social distancing restrictions we will be conducting these learning conferences online by Zoom.   Teachers will be working with students over the next 2 weeks to ensure students are ready for the conferences by being able to share their learning over the period that distance learning has been in place.  

Learning conferences will be conducted over two days in the week commencing  June 8th, on the distancing learning days when students are not at school. This will either be Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday depending on  whether your child’s class is A/B on the schedule.   Please note that on these two days whilst online learning will still be provided, teachers will obviously not be available to conduct the daily check ins/outs.

Parents will be able to book a timeslot on the Parent Gateway with details about this coming next week. Learning conferences will be of up to 15 minutes duration with 5 minutes allocated between conferences to manage the sign in/out  IT requirements.  Please note that parents with students who are receiving additional support and who are on an Individual Learning Plan (IEP) will be able to book a double slot so that the IEP can also be reviewed and set for the beginning of next year. Individual Needs teachers will be in contact with families of these students to arrange bookings.


Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Monday 25th May                   School resumes for years 4-6 A classes

Tuesday 26th May                  School resumes for Years 4-6 B classes

Wednesday 27th May             School resumes for Years 1-3 A classes

Thursday 28th May                 School resumes for Years 1-3 B classes



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