24 Aug 2018

PTA Newsletter – Friday 24 August

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Class Contacts

We are still looking for class contacts, we require two contacts per class, to assist the PTA with events and volunteers.  It is important to have class contacts for each class, as it will be difficult to coordinate events such as the very popular socials, family bingo, pie days, sausage sizzles, and also the school fair which is our biggest fundraiser event. Your child’s class will miss out on these events if nobody steps forward.  Please talk to PTA staff if you would like to find out more about the role. Congratulations to 2J, 1R and 1C who already have two contacts! Every other class needs at least one more and most classes need two more.


There will be a Class contacts Meeting at 8.30am on the 12th September in the Multipurpose Room for all people interested in becoming a class contact. Good coffee, and breakfast treats will be served.

Billing of PTA fees for the current school year has now been completed. Payment is due no later than Friday 31st August, after which a late payment fee of $100 will be charged.  A PayPal reminder will be sent today by email.

Invoices have been sent to the primary contact’s email address from your Gateway account. We are unable to send the invoice to more than one person at the time of billing.

If you have any questions about payment of PTA fees please contact PTA staff before the payment deadline.  Fees must be settled in order for students to participate in PTA events.



Notice is hereby given that the Clearwater Bay School Parent Teacher Association Limited Annual General Meeting (AGM) is called for Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 6:00pm in the Multipurpose Room   All Parents and Teachers are invited to attend this open meeting of the PTA, where the Committee will give a brief account of activities over the last year, plans for this year and the parent representatives will be elected to the Executive Committee.  We need a quorum for the vote to be valid so please attend if you can.  Refreshments will be served.

Nominations must be made on the Nomination Form (see link below) which is also available from the PTA Office and should be lodged with the PTA administrators at the PTA Office by 2:30pm on Wednesday 12th September, 2018. Nomination forms should be lodged in person during PTA office hours, by mail or by email to be received by this time and date.   Acknowledgement of nominations will be sent from the PTA by email.

If more than one nomination is received for the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Honorary Treasurer or if more than 13 nominations are received for the position of Parent Member, then a vote will be conducted at the meeting.  If this occurs, only PTA members are eligible to vote and only one vote is permitted per family for each position. Any position for which a nomination has not been received prior to the meeting, may also be filled from the floor at the AGM.

If you would like to join the committee, please click here to download the nomination form. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vGZ5VX39aFXWZiC5B31_m07pwIMSbqSCqDzRZnUFQ-s/edit?usp=sharing


Uniform Shop Opening Hours

The uniform shop will open on Mondays from 8am – 4pm.

Hot Lunches

Please remember to submit your Tastee Gourmet order forms by lunchtime on the stated deadline date.  Tastee staff collect the forms at lunchtime when they are in school for the lunch delivery.

The New Luncher requests all parents who order from them to log into their account and update their child’s class, otherwise delivery of the lunch may be late.  Please remember to check your order every month as the New Luncher’s system will create an order based on the preferences specified on your account.


Lost Property

Lost property is accumulating already.  Please remind students to check the lost property boxes outside the PTA office. Please make sure all items are clearly labelled and show your children where the name label is on their clothing.

We sell laundry markers in the PTA office for $11. Blank Sheet sell labels for clothing and bottles/boxes and offer a very good discount (30%) to CWBS parents.  View products and prices at www.blanksheet.com.hk.

2018 Fair – Think Green

Preparations for the 2018 CWBS Fair on 3rd November are underway and the theme this year is ‘Sustainability’. If you have any good ideas for local projects or businesses that could support our efforts to put on a fantastic fair that cares about its carbon footprint, please get in touch with the PTA.

Class tasks for the fair will be allocated at the Class Contacts’ Meeting on 12th September at 8.30am in the Multipurpose Room. If you have a great idea for a game or if you would like to choose a particular task for your class, please come to the meeting or liaise with your class contact.


PTA Events in August & September

31st August – PTA Fees due for the current school year.

12th September – Deadline for nominations for PTA Committee, to be submitted to PTA office no later than 2:30pm.

14th September, 6:30-7:45pm – Family Bingo, a fun evening for parents and students of CWBS (sorry, no siblings who are not CWBS students).  The registration form will be sent by email about 10 days before the event.

19th September, 6:00-6:30pm – PTA Annual General Meeting, all parents welcome.

21st September, Lunch – Sausage sizzle. The registration form will be sent by email about two weeks before.


Raising Happy and Resilient Young People – Parent Sessions

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg will be delivering two sessions on adolescent well-being, providing a fantastic opportunity for parents to hear from one of the world’s experts on the topic. The talks are suitable for parents of Year 5-6 students and above or for those who want to prepare early.

Please sign up using the links below. Cost is HK$200 per person.

Renaissance College, 3rd September, 6:30-8pm – http://bit.ly/ESF_Parents03    

West Island School, 4th September, 6:30-8pm – http://bit.ly/ESF_Parents04


Tim Conroy-Stocker

Student Support / SEN adviser (Secondary)

English Schools Foundation


Hard as Nayls Charity Race

Registrations for the 2018 Hard As Nayls races are now open. Races will take place on the weekend of 29th and 30th September. The first day involves a parent and child trail run over either 4km or 8km, which will then be followed by a BBQ and after race party with music and entertainment. The 16km and 50km races will take place on Saturday 29th September and full details on the races and registrations can be found: https://www.hardasnayls.org/



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