26 Oct 2018

PTA Newsletter – Friday 26 October

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CWBS School Fair 2018

‘Think Green’

Saturday 3rd November, 1-5pm

Come and have a fun filled day at the fair with your family.

This year, it’s all about sustainability!  Please bring your own shopping bags, water bottles, cutlery, plates, etc. if you can.  Our food vendors will have some biodegradable plates and cutlery as well.

All funds raised will pay for new playground equipment—wonderful large building blocks for the main playground and roof, and a percentage will also go to local charities chosen by the Student Council.

All the usual favourites will be there: Teachers’ BBQ, Kids’ Café, Book Shop, Silent Auction, White Elephant, Art Jam, Cookie Decorating, Arts & Crafts and fantastic games in the car park.  In addition there will be two shows in the Hall from Rumple to entertain the kids as well as lots of performances from students on the stage in the playground.

The Silent Auction has many amazing prizes from the locality, and goes live on Sunday. Please have a look https://www.32auctions.com/CWBS2018 and start bidding! Instructions are on the site but you will also be sent an email on Monday with more information and instructions.



Game prizes—small items that will appeal to children of all ages, e.g. little action figures, bouncy balls, etc.

Silent Auction prizes—for adults and children.  In the past we have had skateboards, cashmere clothing, handbags, spa vouchers, party venues and entertainment, holiday villa stays, toys, lego, children’s activities, etc.  This raises a fantastic amount of money so please donate if you can.

Kids’ Café—sweet and savoury baked goods (no raw food and no nuts please).

White Elephant—second hand goods in saleable condition.  Please clearly label for White Elephant.

Book Shop-children’s books and adult fiction (no travel books, magazines, recipe books or help books).

Teachers’ BBQ—trays of cooked onions that can be served with the hotdogs (drop off on the day).

Donations for the fair can be dropped off at the PTA office during school hours.  Please label items clearly so we know what to do with them, as there will be parent volunteers in school all week sorting out the donations.

Food for the Kids’ Café, cookie and cupcake decorating and onions for the Teachers’ BBQ can be dropped off after school on Friday 2nd November between 4-6pm or the morning of the fair between 9-11:30am.  If dropping off the afternoon before please package appropriately.

There will be a $50 entry fee per person, payable in advance up until Wednesday 31st October, or on the gate on the day. The link to click for advance entry payment is here https://goo.gl/forms/df5ZLEEH3zq4C0Gt2

Babes in arms are free of charge.  Children will receive a game card.

Cash will be accepted in all areas of the fair.  Tokens can be used for additional game cards, Kids’ Café, Arts & Crafts, Art Jam, Soft Drinks Stall, Cookie Decorating, White Elephant and Book Shop.

The shows in the Hall will take place at 2pm and 3pm.  The first is a fun, interactive magic show and the second is an amazing circus act.  Tickets are $40 per child. You can pre book your tickets for these shows here: https://goo.gl/forms/df5ZLEEH3zq4C0Gt2 Tickets can be ordered in advance up to Wednesday 31st October, or purchased on the day.

Please look out for messages from your class contacts and help them out by responding!  We look forward to seeing you on there.



Delicious Food at CWBS Think Green Fair

There will be some wonderful food options at the fair.  Please come with an appetite and bring your own plates, containers and cutlery if you can to help us cut down on waste! The ever popular Teachers’ BBQ will be serving up hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers and will be located near the fence and the main gate as usual! The Kids’ Cafe in the Year One Area will offer a selection of home made cakes, cookies and savouries.

This year the Food Court (in the undercover area) will have new locally based vendors including:

The Village Malaysian and Indian Restaurant who will serve a delicious selection of curries and samosas (including chicken tikka, vegan samosas, chicken curry and vegetable curry with rice or roti).

Sai Kung favourite Momentai with their signature Poke (rice) bowls and salad bowls. Fresh and healthy with good quality ingredients and a blend of flavours.

Asopie, are offering a superfood, açaí berry, wild-harvested and naturally organic from the heart of the Amazon rainforest of Suriname. They will be  serving delicious açaí and granola bowls and acai chocolate mousse for a healthy sweet treat!


The Think Green CWBS Fair Market Place!

Bring your bag and your money to stock up at the marketplace which will be located in the playground. This year we are delighted to have a record number of vendors at the school fair to bring you a fantastic shopping experience. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on Christmas presents before the rush and get some eco-friendly items for your home. This year the vendors are keeping our Think Green theme in mind and trying to reduce waste or increase sustainability wherever possible. Have a look below to see who will be there.







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