27 Sep 2019

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 27 September

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Principal’s News

Mid Autumn Festival – making mooncakes

Students in Year 5 celebrated the Mid Autumn Festival recently by making mooncakes in class.  This was a very practical, enjoyable (and tasty!) way to bring culture and language together.   A big thank you to the 7 parents volunteers who organised and conducted this activity to support the Chinese program. 

Parent coffee morning – ‘How to deal with children’s anxiety’

Dr Mark Gandolfi, (PhD, MSc, MS, BSc) and Anson Lam, our school counsellor, hosted a talk at CWBS on Wednesday morning. Dr Mark works closely with Anson, and also runs a centre for stress management. In addition, he is a consultant counsellor who works closely with many ESF schools.

Approximately 50 parents and several staff members attended the session, which focused on how to deal with children’s anxiety. As a school we are aware that we are currently working with students, and also with parents, in a climate of uncertainty with the recent events taking place in Hong Kong. This is causing some anxiety across our learning community. The information presented by Dr Mark, and tools/strategies shared during the session will help children (and adults) cope with anxiety. The tools are practical and also transferable to many situations.

The feedback from those who attended was very positive:

  • Thank you Dr Mark for this really valuable lecture. Really appreciate CWBS organising such an event. Timely! I learnt a lot and will practise.
  • Thank you so much for your talk, for providing some powerful tools to take care of our kids in the situation. Many thanks.
  • It’s really helpful for my feelings. Thank you so much!!
  • Wonderful presentation. Very helpful, a lot of take-aways! Thanks for much for organising this.

CPD days – School & ESF

We recently held a school CPD day on Friday 13th September on Bilingual and Multilingual Learners.  Given that English is the medium of instruction at CWBS we particularly focussed on those students who are learning English as a second or additional language.   Teachers were able to investigate and become familiar with a range of practical teaching strategies to support the learning of BML and EAL learners. 

The ESF CPD day is being held next Monday 30th September. Teachers will be at Renaissance College and have the opportunity to select and attend a wide range of workshops being conducted by colleagues across ESF who are sharing their practice.  We have a number of staff presenting workshops including: Eric Shadbolt ‘Philosophy for children: building independence and thinking skills through circle time‘, Jo Cadman & Jackie Craggs ‘Approaches to Learning: building students capability to ask questions to enhance research skills’,  Mikayla Black & Alyson Hamilton ‘ICT in the PYP’, and Wendy Egan & Ryan Brodersen ‘You are the lyrics to my song’. Our education Assistants will be at Sha Tin College and will also be able to choose from a wide range of workshops to attend.


Student Council & Ecowarriors

Congratulations to those students in Years 3-6 who have recently been elected as Student Council members or Eco Warriors representing their class.  As well as meeting to discuss ideas, make suggestions and plan actions for this year, they have recently hosted our first whole school/half school assemblies.  These are held each term with 2 classes from years 1-6 attending one week (half the school) and the other two classes attending the following week (the other half of the school).   

The student councillors and eco warriors enjoyed sharing their personal targets and visions for the year moving forward. The students demonstrated their leadership qualities by speaking about some of the key areas that we need to work together as a school community to achieve. There is lots to look forward to in the next few weeks and all the students are excited to take action and make a change. The student councillors and eco warriors had a blast ending assembly by leading the rest of the school with a song and some fun dancing! 

Our Student Council members are:

Keira Murphy 3B, Arihan Garg 3B, Luca Nocita 3C, Praneel Mukherjee 3C, Mahi Kaul 3M, Ki Ki Yuen 3M, Zimraan Hai 3N, Sally Chen 3N, Ryan Ghidaoui 4E, Kavya Panjwani 4E, Sammi Lee 4G,  Changhao Yu 4G, Flynn Wilkinson 4H, Emily Barker 4H, Syo Mao 4R, Sophie Gover 4R, St John Deakin 5J, Jay Saxena 5J, Koza Tugcu 5K, Maika Au 5K, Daniel So 5L, Taarini Nagachandra 5L, Isabel Esmail 5R, Abhijay Srivastava 5R, Saffron Sobek 6B, Khiron Kundamal 6B, Lucy Seirinakis 6H, Alasdair Lafferty 6H, Izzy Glover 6M, Howard Lai 6M, Liz Pratt 6S, Chi Chi Yuen 6S.

Our Eco Warriors are:

Joseph Lee 3B, max Baddeley 3C, Max Wells 3M, Elissa Menassa 3N, Iryna  4E, Megan Ip 4G, Nick Dyer 4H, Rex Yau 4R, Atharva Bisht 5J, Sophia Pan 5K, Alex Fisher 5L, Zoe Schneider 5R, Maya Ghidaoui 6B, Alicia Wong 6H, Siya Kambli 6M, Nandana Jeevan 6S.


Chris Hamilton

Diary Dates

Monday 30 Sep                 ESF CPD day.  School closed. No school for students

Tuesday 1 Oct                    Public holiday.  School Closed. No School for students.

Wednesday 2 Oct             Camp meetings Year 4 at 5.30-6.15pm, 

                                                  Years 5 & 6 at 6.15-7.00pm

Friday 4 Oct                        Years 4-6 Assembly  (Year 6 hosting)

Friday 4 Oct                        PTA Book and bake sale

Mon 7 – Fri -11                   Oct Mid term break

Monday14 Oct                   School resumes after mid term break

Tuesday 15 Oct                 3 way conferences – Year 2 & 5

Wednesday 16 Oct          3 way conferences – Years 4 & 6

Thursday 17 Oct              3 way conferences – Years 1 & 3

Friday 18 Oct                     Years 1-3 Assembly (Year 2 hosting)

ESF Kindergarten Y1 and K1 2020 Admissions 

Please be reminded that the application period for ESF Clearwater Bay School Y1 2020/21, children born in 2015, as well as ESF Abacus Kindergarten K1 2020/21, children born in 2017, closes on Monday 30th September 2019. Online applications can be submitted via the admissions page at esf.edu.hk 
CWBS Office 

Uniform Shop News 

Message from the CWBS Office 

This is a reminder to all parents about arriving late, picking up a child early and notifying the school of a student’s absence.

Late Arrival

If your child arrives at school after 8:25am, they must come to the office to sign in.

Early Pick Up

If you are picking up your child early, whether it’s for an appointment, family event or from the nurse, parents are required to go to the front office to sign their child out.

These procedures are in place to ensure that students’ attendance records are accurate and up to date.  Records often need to be cross checked for school bus, after school activities, and in emergency situations.


If your child is sick or attending other matters which will make them absent for the day, it is important that the parents inform the school by email ( info@cwbs.edu.hk ) or phone (2358 3221). Parents need to provide the reason for being absent (sick, family, tournament etc) and if the child is sick please let us know the symptoms. The school is required to notify the Health Department should we notice a pattern of certain illness.

Student Achievements 

Shaurya Sethi (4G) and his Soccer team APSS(Asia Pacific Soccer Schools) squad, won the cup in HKJFL (Hong Kong Junior Football League) tournament last Saturday, 21 September. and the next day,22 nd Sep. they won the cup in Kitchee tournament.



For more information, click here 





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