28 Sep 2018

CWBS Newsletter – Friday 28 September

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Principal’s News

Dear parents and carers

International Schools Assessments (ISA)

Students in Year 4-6 this week undertook ISA assessments.  These are standardized tests conducted in all ESF schools in Reading, Writing (Narrative and Exposition) and Mathematical literacy.   Parents will receive a report of their child’s individual achievement on these assessments later this term or early next term.   The school also receives aggregated year level data that helps us to monitor overall performance and identify trends to be addressed in teaching and learning.


Mid Autumn Festival – making mooncakes

Students in Year 5 Chinese classes had a wonderful time making mooncakes last week in the lead up to the mid Autumn festival.  A very big thank you to our very dedicated parent volunteers, Iris Wu, Sabrina Yu, Xin Yan Wang and Josie Yuan without whom this activity would not have been possible.

CWBS student action helps to stop shark finning

Congratulations to all our students (past and present) who have been involved in taking action to help address the issue of ‘shark finning’ over recent years.  The participation of students from CWBS at protests held outside Maxims restaurants certainly helped to raise the profile of this issue in Hong Kong and worldwide.  Maxims have recently announced that they will now cease to serve shark fin dishes, either on their official or ‘under the table’ menus from January 1, 2020.

 PTA Annual Meeting – details of committee

The Annual General Meeting of the PTA was held on Wednesday 19th September.  A good attendance ensured a quorum was present and a new committee was elected for this year, led by Tara Delaney who takes over as President.

Other committee members include:

Vice President: vacant                   Maria Blanca:  Treasurer

Hollie Arnulphy                       Kate Baldwin               Peter Danielsson

Alexander Ellison                    Rebecca Gresham      Rachel Ip

Barnes Lam                             Olga Minakova            Olivia Morley

Rebecca O’Brien                     Julie Stockdale             Teresa Thornton

Sandy Verkade


Ms Jackie Craggs, Ms Mikayla Black and Ms Kathy Derrick are continuing as the teacher representatives on the PTA again this year.


Camp meetings Years 4-6 – Parent Information sessions

We will be holding information meetings for parents about the upcoming Year 4, 5 and 6 school camps.  These sessions are being held next Tuesday evening, 2nd October at the times and venues listed in the diary dates.   The information sessions outline all details about the camps and provide an opportunity for parents to ask any questions they have.   The Year 4 session is conducted by our Year 4 team whilst the Year 5 and Year 6 sessions are conducted by Treasure Island and Outward Bound staff.   This year all camps are in the same week from 12th – 16th November.


3 way student/teacher/parent conferences

If you have not already done so, don’t forget to sign up for a 3 way conference, scheduled for the week before the mid term break, commencing Monday 8th of October.  This year we have scheduled two year levels on the same day to try and reduce the number of days that some parents will need to come up to school.  The 3 way conferences provide a great opportunity to find out about your child’s current learning and achievement and the targets that have been set for this year.

Full details and instructions about the sign up procedures on Gateway for the 3 way conferences were sent to you by email.  However, please do contact the office if you need further assistance.


Chris Hamilton


Diary Dates

Friday 28 September                                      Year 1 – 3 Assembly (Year 3 hosting)

Monday 1 October                                          Public Holiday

Tuesday 2 October                                          Camp meetings Year 4 at 5.45pm (MP room), Year 5 at 6.30pm (hall) and Year 6 also at 6.30pm (MP room)

Wednesday 3 October                                   Year 5 excursion to Coca Cola factory

Thursday 4 October                                        Year 4 Learning Journey at 8.45am – 10.00am

Monday 8 October                                          3 way conferences Year 4 & Yea 6

Tuesday 9 October                                          3 Way conferences Year 2 and Year 5

Wednesday 10 October                                 3 Way conferences Year 1 and Year 3

Monday 15th – Friday 19th October           Mid term break – school closed.

Monday 22nd October                                    School CPD day – School closed

Tuesday 23 October                                        School resumes after the mid term break.

Medical News

Student Wellbeing



The wellbeing of students has been a school priority and focus over the last few years. In that time, we have developed and implemented a range of strategies and programs to enhance students social and emotional development. A new initiative this year to help monitor and track the effectiveness of our programs is the AWE Wellbeing Assessment. This is a short (5-10mins) online questionnaire that all students in years 4 – 13 across all ESF schools are undertaking. It is a global measurement of wellbeing that looks at school wellbeing, resilience and health.

Results from the survey will assist us to monitor what we are currently doing and target areas for future development.

Music News

At CWBS assemblies, students have the opportunity to perform on a musical instrument while students are entering the hall. If your child takes private lessons and would like to perform, please email your class teacher to be added to the list. The student may be asked to audition in front of Mr. Brodersen, and please be aware that there are limited spaces.
Ryan Brodersen 
Music Teacher




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