25 May 2018

PTA Newsletter – Friday 25 May

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PTA News 

Events in June

4th   June PTA Committee Meeting    5:15pm

26th June Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly & Bowling

27th June Year 6 Leavers’ Party    5-7:30pm

27th June Staff Appreciation Lunch


Sausage Sizzle
There were 22 volunteers who worked hard at the Sausage Sizzle last Friday, 18th May despite the hot weather. They helped bbq and delivered around 630 sausages and burgers to the staff and students’ classrooms. Huge thank you to all of them! This event successfully raised $4980 and we could not have done it without the help and support of everyone involved including the teachers and the EAs who assisted in the collection of payments.


Y2 & Y3 Social
It will be a music making Social for Y2 & Y3 later today from 6-7:30pm with “The Tubes” programme, using sets of colour-coded, tuned percussion tubes made in the USA called Boomwhackers. Children are encouraged to come dressed in bright, rainbow coloured clothes or bright hair. Many thanks to Kate Baldwin, Hollie Arnulphy and Bertha Lo for organising this event.

PTA Fees
To those who are searching for the email that was sent regarding the PTA fees, please check your inbox last 29th April. It was sent by service@paypal.com.hk with the payment instructions.

Christmas tree donation
The PTA is looking for any USED, tall, good condition/quality Christmas trees to be displayed on the Christmas concert stage and outside the front office in December. If you would like to donate one, please contact the PTA.

School Fair
The PTA’s most important fundraising event, the School Fair, will take place on Saturday, 3rd November. If there are any volunteers or any ideas, suggestions, please contact the Fair Coordinator,Tara Delaney, at tarad@netvigator.com directly or contact the PTA.

School Back Packs

Due to quality issues, the school back packs will be sold at the greatly reduced price of $100 per bag from Monday, 4th June. The PTA apologises for the quality issues experienced with these bags.  Unfortunately, we were not able to reach agreement with the supplier to resolve the issues by replacing the pocket zips and now have a stock of bags that we cannot sell at retail price. If you purchase a bag for $100 please be aware that the PTA cannot offer any exchanges or refunds.

For everyone who bought a bag at the original price, we are offering a back pack free of charge on or before 1st June. Please note, this offer expires on Friday, 1st June.

Josefine Mosse is resigning from her position as the PTA Chairperson this June. On behalf of the PTA, we would like to thank Josefine for her contribution and support to the PTA for almost 3 years. There will be an AGM in September wherein an election will take place. If anyone is interested in undertaking the role as the Chairperson, please let the PTA know.



During Book Week the Heifer Read to Feed program was activated with a ‘Drop Everything and Read’  Over the next 6 weeks students will be reading and raising money through other activities ie: Bake and Craft Sales to help the villages in Liangshan, Sichuan, China.

A whole school Bake and Craft Sale is being arranged for Thursday 31st May snack time.  Students can bring in small amounts of money $20 to buy homemade crafts and nut free bakery items.  All items will be $5 and $10 – Angela Barwell, librarian

On June 6th the student council will be holding a Pyjama day to raise money for Impact HK. Impact HK is an organisation which strives to support the homeless in Hong Kong with kindness and empower them for change.To support this organisation we ask you to donate $20 and wear your favourite Pyjamas to school. Thank you for your support. – Mikayla Black, 2M Teacher


PTA & Uniform Shop Opening Hours

PTA office is open weekdays from 8:00am – 2:45pm except Wednesdays closed. The uniform shop opens on Mondays from 8am – 4pm.  Parents are always welcome in the PTA Office, we have stationery items and second hand uniform for sale, tea and coffee as well so please pop in anytime you are in school.





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