29 Mar 2019

PTA Newsletter – Friday 29 March

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Thank you to all the families and volunteers who came to the  bingo night  a couple of weeks ago.  A fun night was had by all!  Thanks also to everyone who helped with the PTA Book and Bake sale last Friday.  It was well worth the effort as just over $10,000 was raised for the Year 6 leavers’ celebrations to be held next term.

Pie Day today made a profit of $7500 with about 450 students and staff members ordering pies and sausage rolls.  Income from this event will be spent on new picnic tables for the school playground.

The PTA is keen to provide events that appeal to parents and students, as well as raising funds for the school.  Suggestions and constructive feedback is always welcome!


Recycling and Lost Property


We find a lot of uniform that is either incorrectly labelled (with an older sibling’s name or a former student’s), making it difficult to track down the owner.  The PTA office sells laundry marker pens for $11 which are great for writing names on clothing and inside shoes.  If items have a name on them, we can return them to the student.  At the end of term, any unlabelled uniform will be put on the PTA sale rack.

Parents are welcome to use the recycling bins in the corner of the school car park by the path up to the university.  As well as paper, plastic and metal, there are bins for clothing and glass.  Alternatively, there is a recycling drive every month in Sai Kung.


PTA Events in Term 3

17th May – Year 3 & 4 Social 6 – 7:30pm

24th May – Sausage Sizzle Lunch

31st May – Year One Social 6-7.30pm

25th June – Year 6 Bowling 11am – 2pm

26th June – Staff Appreciation Lunch

26th June – Year 6 Party at Hebe Haven Yacht Club 5 – 7:30pm


If you are willing to be a lead volunteer for the Year 3 & 4 Social on the 17th of May, or the Sausage Sizzle on the 24th of May, please let the PTA know.

Organisation for the Year 6 events is well under way.  Full details will be sent to parents after the Easter break.

Registration in advance is necessary for all PTA events.  We send out a link to a Google form for event registration through various channels: by email from the school office, in the PTA newsletter and we post the link on our Facebook Group.  Posters are displayed around school for the students’ benefit and the class contacts often assist by emailing or sending the link to their class via Whatsapp.

When you send in payment for your child, please do not clip money into your child’s school diary.  It should be in an envelope addressed to the PTA and labelled with your child’s name, class and event.  If you simply clip the cash into the diary, your child’s EA then has to label it for you.  We have also had many parents send in envelopes only labelled with the event name and no student name or class!  Please help us and the wonderful EAs who help us with payment collection, by labelling as requested.


PTA Office

Opening Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8 am to 2:45 pm. Closed on Wednesdays.

The PTA sells a variety of items, including book bags, stationery, lined whiteboards for handwriting practice, recorders, hair ties, second hand uniform, tennis balls, and second hand books. We also stock cards and wrapping paper.


Message from the Nurse


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