29 May 2020

PTA Newsletter – Friday 29 May

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The PTA is really happy to see the CWBS community gradually coming back together after the extraordinary period we have all just endured. We hope you are well, and the children are getting used to coming to school again and seeing their friends and teachers. You have all been missed. The school is working really hard to make sure that the children are safe, and we are grateful to everyone for being principled and respectful about the health and safety measures. Please ensure you have sent your children with a spare mask each day they are in school, and be vigilant about checking your child’s temperature and recording this information on the chart provided before they attend.

The PTA will be open on Mondays and Thursdays until the end of term. We can greet you at the office by appointment only Monday or Thursday between 8.45am and 3pm. You will need to book an appointment by emailing us on cwbspta@cwbs.edu.hk

Due to the extended school closure and social distancing rules, all PTA events for the rest of the term will be cancelled.


School uniform

 We have a lot of second hand uniforms that we are selling at HK$20 a piece. The school is happy for students to wear the ‘old’ school uniform for another academic year yet, so there is plenty of affordable kit to choose from.

Aston Wilson our old uniform supplier in Mong Kok still has some items available, please contact them directly Tel 2523 2517.

“Try on” samples for the new uniform have arrived, please make an appointment to come in by emailing us on cwbspta@cwbs.edu.hk for Monday or Thursday.


Hot Lunches

No hot lunches will be served for the remainder of the term. Please continue sending your children in with a healthy snack and lunch from home. We will resume lunch provision for the students as soon as we can.

Zebratasty are happy to offer a full refund for February’s meals,  parents can e-mail schoolmeal@zebratasty.com   if they do not hear from parents, they will use the unused funds for August 2020 meals.



The school buses are run independently, therefore we have no control over fees and refunds, we have asked the bus companies to communicate directly with parents with regards to these matters.If you find that you are having difficulties with any bus provider, contact us by email or phone, and we will do our best to help and find a solution.


Lost property

The PTA sells laundry marker pens and these are by far the easiest was to label clothing.  If you want to buy labels, there are a number of companies operating in Hong Kong and locally, there is a company called Very Very Sticky, selling all types of labels – https://veryverysticky.com/.


Charitable links.

As you may know, the student council opted this year to make our annual donation of proceeds from the school fair  to the WWF in Hong Kong. Here are some details of educational programmes they are running in Hong Kong in the summer.

Connect2Nature Academy summer programme  is on the WWF website and ready for online booking. It will be held at three unique outdoor “classrooms”. Please click the link on the left and refer to details for each event.


For more information, Click Here

For more information, Click Here


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