13 Oct 2017

PTA Newsletter – Friday 13 October 2017

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PTA News

We are fast approaching our biggest fundraising event of the year, the School Fair on Saturday 4th of November. Please be aware the title has been changed to (SOS) ‘Save our Seas”. Tara Delaney, Vice Chairperson of the PTA is the leading coordinator for this event, so please contact the PTA team if you have donations, ideas, or time you can give to make this event a successful one. Your class contacts will inform you about the individual activities your child’s class has been allocated.

School Fair Donations

Please keep bringing in your good quality second hand books, toys and games, bric-a-brac and clothes  so we can sell them at the fair for ‘White Elephant’. We are in need of Ocean themed costumes for the Photo Booth as well. You can drop your donations at the PTA office by the end of October.

Pie Day

Today’s  Pie Day was huge success with so many parents sparing some time to help prepare and deliver the delicious Tai Tai pies and sausage rolls to our students classrooms. Many thanks to all of you for supporting this event.

Class Contacts

On behalf of all the PTA Members, we would like to thank the Class Contacts who volunteer to help and make our events successful! Our Class Contacts play a vital role communicating with their class parents regarding our events and fundraising. The PTA could not do it without them.

1C Sura Kim and Fiona Wightman, 1G Linsey Irvine, 1S Siuling Woolcott-Brown and YanjunTu, 1W Joey Wong and Angel Tam, 2A Shelly Chen and Polly Poon, 2B Wen Huang 2C, Inderjeet Kaur and Kash Qureshi, 2M Bertha Lo and Kim Toller, 3J Anna Li and Luisa Andrew, 3M Rae Lee and Mawgan Batt. 3W Karen Gibson, 4C Maggie Cheung and Rachel Ferguson, 4L Irene Rong and Garima Nanda. 4T Sarah Britton. 4W Megan Snelgrove. 5B Maggie Zhang, Srijita Ghosh. 5G Eva Loiterton and Tara Delaney 5M Olivia Morley and Susan Rhee 6C Sharma Aman,6J Immy Ryan and Rebecca Gresham, 6M Adele Brunner and Louise King, 6R Katie O’Hara and Maria Blanca.

We are still in need of 2 parent volunteers for 3BH and 5J. Please let the PTA know if you would like to volunteer.

Beach Clean Ups

One of our parents, Alex Hofford, has kindly offered to host a ‘Beach Clean Up’, volunteers will then ‘upcycle’ what’s found to create artwork at the ‘Save our Seas ‘School Fair.

WHERE: Clearwater Bay Equestrian Centre. Please be aware that parking is limited.

WHEN: 10am, 28 October, Saturday

FOR:  Using the rubbish/ fishing nets from the beach for fair decoration

Anyone interested please contact Alex Hofford mobile 96357214 email alexhofford@gmail.com

Hot Lunches

The November menu of The New Luncher is now ready for selection at www.thenewluncher.hk. Our other Hot Lunch provider, Tastee Gourmet’s menu can also now be ordered online or from printed forms which have been sent out in the student’s school diaries.

Events in October & November

Monday 16th October  5.15pm                          PTA Committee Meeting

Saturday 28th October  10am                           Beach Clean Up

Saturday 4th November  1-5pm                        Save Our Seas School Fair

Monday 27th November 5.15pm                       PTA Committee Meeting

Lost Property

Lost property is accumulating already.  Remind students to check the lost property boxes outside the PTA office, check all items are clearly labelled and show your children where the name labels are placed on their clothing.

We sell laundry markers in the PTA office for $11. Blank Sheet sell labels for clothing and bottles/boxes and offer a very good discount (30%) to CWBS parents. View products and prices at www.blanksheet.com.hk.

PTA & Uniform Shop Opening Hours

This term the PTA office will be open every day from 8:00am – 2:45pm and the uniform shop will open on Mondays from 8am – 4pm.  Parents are always welcome in the PTA Office so please pop in anytime you are in school.




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