10 Nov 2017

PTA Newsletter – Friday 10 November 2017

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Save Our Seas Fair

Our spectacular Save Our Seas Fair last Saturday, 4th November was a huge success with 25 Commercial Vendors, 5 Food Stalls and 99 Silent Auction prizes and many games! We are delighted to report that the estimated funds raised at the fair were $300,000, making it by far the most successful fundraising event run by the school. Our gratitude to goes to every single parent, student and teacher who offered their time, creativity and effort.

Thank You

On behalf of the PTA, we send you all our heartfelt thanks especially to the following:

Principal – to Chris Hamilton for giving full support and guidance to our fair as always

Soak the Teacher – to Ryan, Luke, Andrew, Ross, Rachel M, Lisa, Jo, Rachel B, Jennifer, Chris Pan and of course, Kathy, Brendan and Chris Hamilton for being such great sports getting soaked –it raised $6,040

Guess the Teacher – to Mikayla, Harriet, Ross, Andrew, Ward, Matt, Alyson, Lisa, Kay and Brendan for lovely baby photos

BBQ Stall – To David and to all who staff volunteered for running the barbecue which raised $21,686

Arts and Crafts – Kathy, Lisa and Dee for allowing us to use some paintbrushes, smocks and palettes from the art room

Stalls – to all the Y1-Y3 teachers- Heidi, Harriet, Deena, Robyn, Alyson, Rachel, Rebecca, Mikayla, Barbara, Sue, David, Emma for allowing usage and access in their classrooms again this year

Tokens and prepaid tickets – To all teachers and EA’s for assisting us in sending the tokens, payments and forms to the students’ diaries. This effort raised $79,000!!!

Entertainment– to Ryan and Martyn Minns for managing the entertainment again this year.

Computers and printing – to Matt Hayes and Grace Chance for letting us use the resource room and Bonnie for helping us print leaflets.

Posters and books – Thank you Angela Barwell for donating books and inspiring students to make wonderful posters.

Tara Delaney – Fair Coordinator and Silent Auction, and a formidable amount of time and energy.

PTA Committee – for running stalls, the PTA table, and assistance with accounting.

Hollie Arnulphy and Kate Baldwin for management and support for the vendors

Isabella Tong – for accounting.

Alex Hofford and Bertha Lo– for the Beach Clean Up and brilliant decorations

Rebekka Gardarsdottir – for managing the gate entrances and all other volunteers

Richard Scotford ,Oliver Hemming, Ben Dawson, for outstanding Dad contributions.

Van Lam – for sourcing materials

Belinda Szeto, for her unwavering support of the PTA.

Our amazing Class Contacts who have organised games/ stalls and rounded up volunteers. We could not have done this without you!

Sura KimPolly PoonMawgan BattMeg SnelgroveRebeccaGresham
Fiona WightmanWen HuangRae LeeMaggie ZhangAdele Brunner
Linsey IrvineInderjeet KaurKaren GibsonSrijita GhoshLouise King
Siuling BrownKash QuereshiMaggie CheungEva LoitertonKatie O’Hara
Yanju TuBertha LoRachel FergusonOlivia MorleyMaru Blanca
Joey WongKym TollerIrene RongSusan Rhee
Angel TamAnna LiGarima NirajnandSharan Amar
Shelley ChengLuisa AndrewSarah BrittonImmy Ryan


Silent Auction

To those of you who won the fabulous Silent Auction Prizes and have not paid or collected them, please contact the PTA.

Class Winners

As promised, there will be a pizza lunch provided to the classes who raised the most money, organised the most volunteers, and additional prizes this year for creativity, effort and participation.

The winning classes are:

6M Most Volunteers – Kids Café

3W Most Creative – for the Giant Turtle Game

2M Most Effort – for getting students and parents involved in making fantastic decorations

6R  Most Student Participation – who ran the cookie and cake decorating stall

5G  Most Money Raised – Silent Auction which helped raise $70,000

The PTA and the teachers of the winning classes will plan when the pizza lunch will happen.

Events in November & December

27th November         PTA Committee Meeting            5.15PM  Staff Room

1st  December           Book & Bake Sale                      1-3pm    Outside PTA office

12th December         Staff Appreciation Lunch             Lunchtime

Olivia Morley will be coordinating the Staff Appreciation lunch this year. The staff work hard all year for our children and this is an opportunity to say thank you. Parents can offer to provide a dish, which is brought in on the day and served to staff at lunchtime. If you would like to be involved or provide a dish then please contact the PTA office.

PTA Volunteers

If parents have a spare hour and would like to help, the PTA would welcome volunteers to sort through lost property and second hand uniform. Just call in to the PTA office if you can spare an hour.

Box of Hope

CWBS is proudly supporting Box of Hope charity again. The collection deadline has been extended until Thursday, 16th November so you still have plenty of time to support this cause – they deliver the boxes to  underprivileged children as Christmas gifts in many countries including Hong Kong Many thanks to those who already sent their Box Of Hope, and Adele Brunner who kindly offered to collect the boxes.

Lunch Orders

The December Tastee Gourmet lunch order forms have been given out through the students diaries and can also be uploaded from their website and to be returned to the PTA office by the 21st November.

Our other hot lunch provider, The New Luncher, is looking for one or two parent volunteers to hand out lunches to classes. The volunteers will either get free lunch for them or their children. Please let the PTA know if you are interested.

Lost Property

Lost property is accumulating already.  Remind students to check the lost property boxes outside the PTA office, check all items are clearly labelled and show your children where the name labels are placed on their clothing.

We sell laundry markers in the PTA office for $11. Blank Sheet sell labels for clothing and bottles/boxes and offer a very good discount (30%) to CWBS parents. View products and prices at www.blanksheet.com.hk.

PTA & Uniform Shop Opening Hours

This term the PTA office will be open every day from 8:00am – 2:45pm and the uniform shop will open on Mondays from 8am – 4pm. Parents are always welcome in the PTA Office so please pop in anytime you are in school.





For more details, please visit: http://jessetkd.supra.com.hk/cwbs



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