24 Nov 2017

PTA Newsletter – Friday 24 November 2017

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Save Our Seas Fair Update

We are delighted to report that due to the hard work and dedication of all involved, we have successfully raised a grand total profit of $335,413 – our best ever result! We are proud to announce that we can now process the full payment of the climbing frame which is $335,000. Huge thank you once again to all the class contacts, teachers, staff, parents, students, most especially to Tara Delaney, Fair Coordinator and Vice Chairperson, who endeavoured to ensure that the fair was a successful one! The Silent Auction which Tara organised, raised a total of $74,295!

If your child is missing their masterpiece on canvas from the school fair we have a large collection of beautiful paintings that need to be collected. Send your child into the PTA Office to collect their canvas from School Fair Art Jam.

Events in December & January

1 December  Book and Bake sale                                        12-3pm

9 December Sai Kung Community Christmas Concert     6-9pm

12 December Staff Appreciation Lunch                               Lunch time

12 December Winter Music Spectacular                              6.30pm

26 January Year 5 & 6 Social                                                6-7.30pm

29 January PTA Committee Meeting                                    5.15pm

Book & Bake Sale

If you can volunteer some time to bake some cakes or set up the book stall, for next Friday’s Book and Bake sale we would be very grateful. You can contact Olivia Morley directly at morley.olivia@outlook.com for more details. Nut free cakes and savouries, single cupcakes, biscuits and cookies are very popular as well as whole cakes. Volunteers are welcome from 11am to set up the book stall. The book sale will start at 12pm, so the children can buy books at their lunchtime.All books are $10 if you wish to give your child some money to bring in that day. The bake sale will start at 2.15 pm. The last book and bake sale in September raised over $13,000, so we hope to enjoy another successful event.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

We are very thankful to Olivia Morley who offered to coordinate the Staff Appreciation lunch this year. The staff work hard all year for our children and this is an opportunity to say thank you to all of them. To those who have already offered to bring in a dish, thank you!  We still need more food for the lunch so please get in touch with Olivia at morley.olivia@outlook.com if you can bring something in. This is an easy way to get involved, even if you work full-time. Salads, quiches, lasagne/baked pasta, curry, roasted meats and fish are always popular, as are cheese, cakes and desserts.

Music Concerts

Feeling festive this Christmas season? CWBS will have some music events in December that you are invited to attend. The first performance will be by the Senior Choir at the Sai Kung Community Christmas Concert on Saturday 9 December at the Sai Kung Waterfront Pavillion. There will be many performances and carols from the community starting from 6:00 onward until around 9:00. The Senior Choir will be performing around 6:30 to sing some carols and a couple songs from the winter concert.

The other music event will be the Winter Music Spectacular on Tuesday 12 December at 6:30pm which will feature the recorder club, xylophone club, chinese drumming club, senior choir, and junior choir. The kids have met once a week after school to prepare music for the theme of “Naughty or Nice.”

Ryan Brodersen

Music Teacher

UNICEF Bangladesh

Many thanks to mum Dieke, who collaborated with Unicef Bangladesh and CWBS to organise a collection of children’s clothes and shoes. We have an area outside the PTA office where we are taking donations, and they will to be shipped and given directly to Rohingya child refugees in Bangladesh before Christmas. The last day for the collection is 28 November (Tuesday).

Lost Property

There is so much lost property accumulating. It is well worth sending your child to check for their items in lost property, rather than having to buy items new. Please come and check the boxes outside the PTA office and label your children’s belongings clearly. If you can volunteer any time to sort through lost property to try and reunite items with students we would really appreciate it.

PTA & Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Please take note that the PTA office is closed every Wednesdays and open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 8am – 2.45pm. The uniform shop opens every Mondays from 8am – 4pm. Many thanks to Kerensa Heywood for providing new shelving units to sort second hand uniform items into. Parents are always welcome in the PTA Office, we have stationery items and second hand uniform for sale and tea and coffee, so please pop in anytime you are in school.





For more details, please visit: http://jessetkd.supra.com.hk/cwbs



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