8 Dec 2017

PTA Newsletter – Friday 8 December 2017

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PTA News

With the $335,000 which the PTA raised from the Save our Seas fair, we have recently paid for the new school climbing frame. All the students really enjoy playing on it. Our heartfelt thank you once again to all involved for making this fair a huge success. We could not have done it without all of you.

Last Friday, parents donated many books and cakes for the Book and Bake Sale. We raised $13,900 which will fund future PTA projects for students and parents. Many thanks to Olivia Morley for organising this and all parents and donors for making it a fun day for both students and parents alike.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

We are very thankful to Olivia Morley who has offered to coordinate the Staff Appreciation lunch this year. The staff work hard all year for our children and this is an opportunity to say thank you to all of them. Thank you to those who have already offered to bring in a dish. We still need more food for the lunch so please get in touch with Olivia at morley.olivia@outlook.com if you can bring something in. This is an easy way to get involved, even if you work full-time. Salads, quiches, lasagne/baked pasta, curry, roasted meats and fish are always popular, as are cheese, cakes and desserts.

Winter Music Spectacular

CWBS will have two music events in December that you are invited to attend. The first performance will be by the Senior Choir at the Sai Kung Community Christmas Concert on Saturday 9 December at the Sai Kung Waterfront Pavillion. There will be many performances and carols from the community starting from 6:00 onward until around 9:00. The Senior Choir will be performing around 6:30 to sing some carols and a couple songs from the winter concert.

The other music event will be the Winter Music Spectacular on Tuesday 12 December at 6:30pm which will feature the recorder club, xylophone club, chinese drumming club, senior choir, and junior choir. The students have met once a week after school to prepare music for the theme of “Naughty or Nice.”

After the Winter Music Spectacular, there will be donation boxes around as the PTA is aiming to raise $5000 for Operation Santa Claus. This is an annual charity campaign which supports the needy in Hong Kong and beyond, inspiring hope, and funding life-enhancing transformations through different projects.

Events in December, January & February

12 December   Staff Appreciation Lunch       Lunch time

12 December    Winter Music spectacular     6.30pm

26 January       Year 5 & 6 Social                    6-7.30pm

29 January        PTA Committee Meeting       5.15pm

2 February       Year 3 & 4 Social                    6-7.30pm

9 February        Sausage Sizzle                     Lunch time

News From Medical Room


The Department of Health is offering both the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) and also the Hepatitis B immunisations to our Year 6 students on Thursday 18 January 2018. Forms were sent home earlier this week and must be submitted on or before Friday 15 December 2017.

Please contact nurse@student.cwbs.edu.hk if you have any queries or have not yet received your forms.

School Buses

If your child goes on a bus, please talk to them before the start of term about the rules and expectations for whilst they are on the bus. Please encourage them to behave in a respectful way and listen to the bus staff. Support the bus staff by reminding your children to remain seated and wear their seatbelt at all times for their safety.  Please also remember to inform bus staff if your child is sick or will not be on the bus for any reason and write a note in the school diary for any changes to going home arrangements.

Lost Property

There is a lot of lost property, including many unnamed water bottles, hats and snack boxes. On Thursday, anything unclaimed and unnamed will be recycled. If your child has lost something, please ask them to carefully check the white boxes and unnamed items outside of the PTA office by Wednesday, 13 December.

Please review all items of clothing, hats, lunch boxes, snack boxes and water bottles over the holidays and renew the labels including full name and class before returning to school in January.  If you purchase second hand uniform, make sure the name of the previous owner is properly removed.  Properly labelled items are sorted and returned to the classes. Please explain to your children that they should not borrow items from the lost property boxes as this causes problems for the owner when they come to look for their items.

PTA & Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Second term, the PTA office will open weekdays from 8:00am – 2:45pm except Wednesdays closed. The uniform shop opens on Mondays from 8am – 4pm.  Parents are always welcome in the PTA Office, we have stationery items and second hand uniform for sale, tea and coffee as well so please pop in anytime you are in school.



Ms. Lan Hee Hong is a fully qualified teacher and also a cake designer.  For more information, please see the attached Term 2 2017-2018 Baking Schedule and enrolment form.  To enrol, please contact Ms. Hong at flourhk@hotmail.com or www.facebook.com/flourhk
Watch the Junior Bakers in action:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfYdVLIfRJQ




For more details, please visit: http://jessetkd.supra.com.hk/cwbs



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