Cahoot VLE

Cahoot VLE

007The Learning Technology programme at Clearwater Bay School is designed to prepare students for a world where technology literacy and associated skills are vital. We recognise that we are preparing students for a world which will be different from the one we live in today, and from the one which we as parents and educators grew up in. We believe that through the appropriate use of technology, students develop skills and approaches to learning which enable them to demonstrate the levels of technology literacy necessary for the future.

Cahoot is the name for Clearwater Bay School’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which is an online area designed to support learning at home and at school. It is powered by two different pieces of software: Moodle and Google Apps for Education. Students need to use a username and password to access Cahoot. Parents should use their child’s password to access parent pages of Cahoot and review what children are learning.

If you are having problems logging into your child’s Cahoot account, you can follow the video or download the Parents Guide to Cahoot here for more help!


Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education allows students to create documents, graphics, maps and presentations, collaborate with others and join together with their class in Google Classroom. Student portfolios are also created and managed within Google Sites.


Helping your child with technology

At Clearwater Bay School, students learn about creating, investigating, organising, collaborating, and managing their use of technology, as well becoming responsible digital citizens. Children must learn to use technology safely, appropriately and with discretion.

We guide and support students to explore their use of technology in a safe environment, preparing them for their future role as digital citizens. Parent’s can help at home by working with their child to help them log on to Cahoot and their Google Drive, monitoring their usage of technology and helping them explore their creativity. Children should not have unsupervised access to technology, and parent’s should be cautious about allowing their children to sign up to social networks such as Facebook under the age of 13.


When your child leaves Clearwater Bay School

When your child leaves Clearwater Bay School, they will be unable to access their Google Drive and Portfolio. You can help them to download and save their documents and copy their portfolio by following the instructions available to download below…