Relational Practice


Positive Behaviour at School


At Clearwater Bay School we believe that the work we do in establishing positive relationships encourages positive behaviour at school. We have a comprehensive Social & Emotional Learning programme based on the ‘Friendly Schools Plus’ programme.

Teachers and students develop classroom ‘Essential Agreements’ together at the beginning of the school year, including our school core values of ‘do your best’, ‘take care’ and ‘make a difference’.

Our primary focus is upon enabling our students to be responsible for their own actions by making positive choices. As a school community, we use the language of choice with children and recognise the need to encourage children to ‘choose’ the correct behaviour.

Circle Time

‘Circle Time’ is a structured framework which is used with classes in many different ways.  It takes place regularly throughout the week, varying in length and content depending on the purpose and age of the children. When used regularly, circle time enhances:

  • Relationships
  • Self awareness, knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of others
  • Emotional literacy
  • Collaborative decision making, conflict resolution and problem solving.

Circle time at Clearwater Bay School helps to further develop a sense of belonging and connectedness.

Restorative Practice

When things go wrong, restorative practice aims to rebuild relationships. Following a process of reflect, repair & reconnect, staff are trained to manage inappropriate behaviour by following restorative practices.

Teachers and students meet together during a ‘restorative chat’ to reflect on what went wrong and the consequences of the behaviour on others. Through dialogue and mutual understanding, relationships are repaired and those involved are able to reconnect and move forward together.