Vision & Mission


“A learning community working together to develop internationally minded students who act to make a better world” 


We will achieve this through our 3 Core Values

Do your best
Show respect
Make a difference


In doing all this, we aim to be learners who are:
Knowledgeable – we seek and share ideas, information and experiences to understand the changing world
Caring – we are friendly, kind and thoughtful towards everyone and everything
Principled – we are responsible, respectful, honest and fair
Balanced – we understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for ourselves and others
Open-Minded – we listen very carefully to other peoples’ ideas and try hard to understand them
Risk-Takers – we believe in ourselves and have the courage and confidence to try new things and face new challenges
Inquirers – we are enthusiastic explorers who find things out, ask questions and make connections
Thinkers – we think in lots of different ways to ask questions, solve problems and make decisions
Communicators – we listen and talk to others, sharing clearly our ideas and feelings
Reflective – we think, do and review