Extra Curricular Activities

Teacher Led Activites

Throughout the year teaching staff lead a number of different after school clubs that allow children the opportunity to develop a range of skills.  All activities can be registered through Gateway, the date for the start of registration will be communicated through email and newsletter. There may be some transportation or facility fees charged for these extra curricular activities.

ESF Education Services

ESF Sports and ESF Language & Learning provide a rich range of after-school activities for students which supports personal growth.The ESF Sports programmes bring professional coaching to students across all ages and abilities, from starting a sport to competitive play. ESF Language & Learning programmes provide students with a range of interactive approaches to learning language.

Website: www.esf.org.hk
Email: language@esf.org.hk or sports@esf.org.hk
Phone: 2711 1280

For French lessons, please contact Mr. Benoit Bardin at benoit.bardin@esfcentre.edu.hk

For Japanese lessons, please contact  Ms Hisako Sugami at hisako.sugami@esfcentre.edu.hk

Other Clubs

A range of other clubs are also offered through outside providers.

Name Phone Email Website
Babel Filming Workshop info@babel.com.hk www.babel.com.hk
Ballroom Bees info@ballroombees.com www.ballroombees.com
Jesse Taekwondo 9467 7787 jesse@supra.com.hk www.supra.com.hk/jessetkd
Mahoney’s Maths 9328 1310 mmahoney@netvigator.com
Mini Sport https://www.minisport.hk/
Robinson’s English 9365 6441 rgrob@netvigator.com
Stage Right (Drama) 9225 8924 info@stagerighthk.com www.stagerighthk.com
The Living Room Music (Guitar lesson) 9512 1279 info@thelivingroom.hk www.thelivingroom.hk

Hiring Facilities

The school facilities are available to hire by both individuals or outside agencies, and the school offers the opportunity to advertise activities in our e-newsletter. Please refer to the following link for details:

CWBS Facilities and Letting Policy

For further information, or to make a booking, please contact the school office directly on 23583221.